tvN Holds Press Conference for Mon-Tues Drama Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter

The teasers for Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter are all so cute, bright and cheerful I wonder why the leads didn’t bring the same mood to the press conference held this week. Everyone was dressed so fuddy duddy especially lead actress Moon Chae Won. Her dress is a dizzying sack and her shoes must be burned I loath the V-cut so much. Kang Mina is younger and is going with red hair to brighten her visuals but otherwise her blue dress is rather nondescript as well. Male leads Yoon Hyun Min and Seo Ji Hoon look more in place as professors at an academic conference but for their distracting lipsticks, and collectively the four are much too somber for what is a woman searches for long-lost husband fantasy romance tale.


tvN Holds Press Conference for Mon-Tues Drama Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter — 17 Comments

    • I don’t recall MCW ever dresses to her age or with nice fashion sense. Yes, what’s wrong with her cordi, or does she even have one? I much prefer she stays in the cute hanbok as in the drama 🙂

  1. I’ll just keep her image from the drama. I’m looking forward to it. She looks lovely in hanbok with her hair down. I like MCW as she’s charming and a good actress.

  2. Why does she look so matronly? Almost dowdy plain Jane looking I’m inclined to think she wants to be viewed as simple sans make up but we all know she’s drop dead gorgeous and the hairstyle and dress aged her to great aunt status or maybe she’s still in character as the 600 year old fairy? I’m disappointed to see her at the press conference with a hideous dress on when I know for a fact she can glam up well. Why MCW????

  3. Gosh I guess when people want to be negative they only see negative things.

    MCW looks so good for her age. Her skin is so good. Did you see how little make up she has compared to all the others? This isn’t a movie red carpet walk. Is it a must that one must be glamourous?

    Her dress is pretty see through star patterned dress. If she chooses to go below knew instead of sky high above knee its her prerogative. Both females seemed to be dressed like their male counterparts. Conservatively. Maybe they all were directed to do so by the PD. Or in agreement. At least they looked co ordinated. It is YHM who actually looks underdressed with his sneakers vs the checked pants.

    • Gosh how do you define negative? It’s constructive feedback that I’ve given. Go read YEH posts and thats pure negative outright. I want MCW to be glammed up regardless where she is at. Don’t patronise me with your school mam rhetoric this is a drama blog where critiques are given and you trying to correct me is laughable.

  4. I agree Ginger Crunch is not malicious at all. She just ached forMCW when she knows she can look much better . Anyway I am looking forward to the drama. Want to cleanse out the depressing horror story of GUEST. ( Not that it’s a bad drama). Like dessert after heavy meal!

  5. Guess I’m the only one who likes the dress. Haha. I actually like these Granny dresses with heavy prints. The shoes though not so much.

  6. I’m her big fan and I hate what she is wearing. Perhaps, she wanted to project her character in the drama and I do get that kind of feeling of 699 yrs old granny lol. Anyways, fashion is never been her plus point. So, I’ll just ignore it and pretend I never see these pictures

  7. she will be much prettier with her hair down and better dress but she is still pretty with that dress and hair style too..hahaha..she is so beautiful..I like her past dramas too…

  8. Sometimes I wonder if stylists contact each other for premiere events, especially for dramas, because I’ve realized that actors wear color-coordinated outfits most of the times.

  9. MCW is a very beautiful woman but her fashion sense is bad.She is a repeat offender of fashion faux pas.We cant just blame her coordi all the time.I do think she picks her outfits herself.I remember when she used to do alot of magazine shoots in the past.She rocked the chic-casual, smart casual, outfits well, she was modelling for.

  10. Me again. I have a theory that maybe she dresses down and wants to look unflattering because of that stalker case she was involved in when a crazed fan made out she was his girlfriend and that incident would have really thrown our MCW emotionally and mentally. It happened last year and she took legal action and he was prosecuted. Well I’m blaming that idiot! Gosh have you seen her past photos? She is a visual Goddess.

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