K-ent Industry Insiders Poll Mr. Sunshine as Best Drama and Hwayugi as Worst Drama of 2018

This is an interesting poll and I find myself agreeing with most of the selections with a few deviations. Joynews polled 200 Korean drama industry insiders to vote for their best and worst dramas of 2018, which admitted hasn’t ended yet with a few more high profile dramas to air. But the poll results more or less reflect the quality of things to date and it’s not surprising to see tvN hit period patriotic drama Mr. Sunshine topping the poll for Best Drama. Following to round out the top 5 list is Misty, 100 Days My Prince, My Ahjusshi, and Live.

On the opposite spectrum the drama voted worst for 2018 was Hwayugi (A Korean Odyssey) which I have to agree with as the first few episodes aired in 2017 were an awesome start but the remainder in 2018 was a straight shooter of narrative crap. The other four dramas voted as worst were Return with the leading lady switch debacle, the unwatchable The Undateables, Let’s Eat 3 ending abruptly with the male lead off to the military, and Time also with the narrative schism with a male lead who left the drama due to health reasons. Check out the full voted list below, and its worth noting that in the best drama category all the top vote getters are cable dramas and it’s not until 12th place does a big three drama in Where Stars Land gets on the list.

Best Dramas of 2018:

  1. Mr. Sunshine
  2. Misty
  3. 100 Days My Prince
  4. My Ahjusshi
  5. Live
  6. Why Secretary Kim
  7. The Guest
  8. Life
  9. Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food
  10. The Beauty Inside
  11. Mother
  12. Life on Mars
  13.  Where Stars Land (Fox Star Bride)

Worst Dramas of 2018:

  1. Hwayugi (A Korean Odyssey)
  2. Return
  3. The Undateables
  4. Let’s Eat 3
  5. Time
  6. The Great Seducer
  7. Are You Human Too
  8. Radio Romance
  9. A Poem a Day
  10. Sketch


K-ent Industry Insiders Poll Mr. Sunshine as Best Drama and Hwayugi as Worst Drama of 2018 — 43 Comments

  1. I agree with the top choice. Mr. Sunshine had the best produced Korean drama I have seen.

    Well Hwayugi is probably as bad as everyone thinks it is but I enjoyed it very much. Well, I like LSG and CSW but it was not just that, I’d have liked this one even if it starred actors I’m neutral to. My taste is not that good probably 🙂

  2. 100 Days My Prince ranked above My Ajusshi? Speechless…. Well, I am not Korean, not someone from the entertainment industry either, so my opinion does not matter.

  3. Hwayugi = worst drama. First time I agree with a poll of 200 🙂 The downfall of LSG continues… pairing up with Suzy again is such a bad choice.

      • you don’t get my point, his popularity is falling whether you can take it or not. I am not saying he is down to the bottom… not yet…. I like LSG, his acting is ok, but I won’t choose to watch his drama with Suzy.

      • @muse – what shows? Are you talking about variety shows? If you compare his drama ratings, it has been steadily dropping since Brilliant Legacy. What others loser – Name them?!! I won’t be offended if you can list all the names here. Don’t blanket talk like you always do.

    • lmao lets see how lsg downfall is when he beats your bias drama in ratings again so you can stay butthurt with your loser bias rofl

      • How would i know who your bias is….the fact lsg will own his ass like he does with all his movie and drama and come out top again even which his fail drama hwayugi still topped the time slot. Must hurt for you loser fangirl and your loser oppa. Also talking about blanket….did you even read the actual news in korean or are you talking crap out of your head as always….they only ranked hwayugi 1st was because of the accident and production issues. Lmao & still lsg drama topped the the time slot it was in. Must hurt for you loser and your loser oppa cause even when lsg drama production was bad but till ended beating your oppa drama lmao.

    • lmao lsg drama beat all his opponent drama in ratings during his drama air time. Lmao even his movie also topped the box office. Get butthurt loser like all your actors who lose to lsg in each of lsg drama in ratings. Cant wait for lsg drama to own your shit actor drama in ratings again. Lmao brilliant legacy was a long time ago and not every drama can replicate the same success. Lmao name me which actor who always had 40% ratings for his drama. Lmao butthurt fangirl cause lsg drama topped ratings for all the other drama in the same time slot and own her shit actor drama in ratings again and again rofl.

    • lmao each and every lsg drama beat his opponent drama in ratings during his drama air time and so does his movies topped box office. Lmao loser fangirl is butthurt her oppa drama lost to lsg in drama in ratings. Lmao From BL to Hwayugi lsg drama always topped other drama in the same time slot. So get butthurt loser. Cant wait for lsg drama to own your oppa drama again.

      • sounds like you are quite infatuated with the butt. Keep your ass laughing and talking… LOL. I think with my head and laugh with my mouth. So we must be from a different planet 🙂

    • lmao as if you do dumbo…..could you even read the news in korean? Lmao your iq is 0 nor can you accept facts lmao lsg drama always topped ratings in his timeslot must hurt for you as you and your loser oppa can get a room and continue losing. Must taste good for you since you guys are used to losing lmao.

      • topping ratings in his timeslot does not mean anything. If I can read Korean I won’t be at this site. Your English sucks btw. Has LSG gotten any awards this year? He is not even being nominated. Dumbo is an elephant. Keep talking with your ass, Idiot!

      • Take a good look at yourself for the perfect definition of idiot. How does topping ratings in timeslot does not have any meaning when it proves that he is more relevant than other people and majority of people and general public tune in to watch him? Lmao he did not win awards cause hwayugi was not nominated in any cause of the accident that happened that paralysed a person that is why it has bad press and they made an example of it. Lmao watching too much kids tale since you can quote the cartoon. lmao who is the one talking with her ass when this loser fangirl and her loser oppa is triggered lsg drama with accidents and bad press still trumps her oppa drama in rating. That gotta hurt loser. In what way does my english sucks? Pretty sure i can obliterate your loser ass in dictation spelling or any kind of english competition. So go back to school kiddo with your kids tale lmao.

      • lmao also the irony a person who is not multilingual dares to call another idiot lmao. Making a fool out of yourself. Honestly this just validated the hypothesis your iq=0 lmao. Also funny how you try to shift your argument when it does not agree with you and all your crap gets refuted with pure facts lmao. Your idiocy shows from the 1st comment comparing a public broadcast to a cable tv. Lmao lsg still owns all the other actors drama in ratings like he always do. And its going to probably own them again with this new drama with highly acclaim director and writer with veteran cast which is on public broadcast this time and with most of the general public tuning in lmao. Sounds this triggered loser fangirl is butthurt her oppa was not chosen or even an option for this drama as the producers only wanted lsg for the role and waited on him. Lmao also how does lsg popularity is affected when he got offered alot of high profile drama roles including his new 1 lmao and he has the support of general public lmao. Stay triggered and butthurt loser with your loser oppa lmao.

      • Also go out and get a life instead of stalking and commenting crap on this website 24/7. Lmao go an get an education loser. Lmao triggered fangirl cant take it when she is shut down with facts lmao. Stay pressed like your loser oppa. It seems you can your oppa need all the luck you can get to save yourself from your pathetic lives lmao.

  4. I agree with the worst. I like some parts of Hwayugi but the story and some acting were bad.

    For Are You Human Too, I was disapointed by the turn that the story took. But the acting of Seo Kang Joon was great and the special effets too. It was the same for A Poem A Day, it started really well and then the story lost all its charm.

    For Radio Romance, The Great Seducer and Return the story and the acting were pretty bad.

    FOr the best dramas, I would remove from the list 100 Days My Prince and Why Secratary Kim because if they had a lot of buzz, the stories weren’t so great. And Beauty Inside and Fox Stars Bride because they’re not over, the worst can always happen :p

    • The acting in Radio Romance is good, both leads, the second male lead and the child actors. Why is Lovely Horribly not on the worst drama list?

      • I think it was one of the weakest role of Doo Joon, Kim So Hyun never convinced me she was an adult with some experience in her job. I didn’t feel any chemistry between them. The only one I really liked was Yoon Park.

      • The acting in Radio Romance was brilliant the story fell flat. Also she wasn’t experienced which is the point. She was an under confident script writer who only knew how to fetch guest and bring coffee. She received a lot of praise for her acting for a reason. They had reasonably good chemistry throughout. They have strong shippers which would never happen if they didn’t show good chemistry.

  5. For 100 Days My Prince to be ranked above My Ahjussi, it must be due to recency effect. It’s definitely not better than MA. Same case with Beauty Inside being ranked higher than Mother.
    To me, My Ahjussi and Mother are the best ones I’ve seen this year.

    *Just my opinion*

  6. Well Mr sunshine is not that great drama though. The cinematography was excellent and there were too many characters to distract from the monotony and shallowness of the characters and dialogue. It was not thought provoking but it was entertaining.
    Some of best dramas of the year are Live, My Mister, Prision Playbook, Should we kiss first, Guest, The mother.

  7. Looks like they forgot to include Lawless Lawyer &Voice in the poll.Definitely both are better than most of the best dramas listed.

    • “Beauty Inside” and “Where Stars Land” are incomplete dramas.I would put “Prison Playbook” and “Lawless Lawyer” instead.Or if they want to show some love to public broadcast dramas.They coupd have put “Money Flower”.Tsk Tsk…

      • Now that you mentioned Prison Playbook & Money Flower, I think the poll is not legit. I mean for sure not legit.

  8. I personally really liked Time and thought it was one of the better dramas this year.. but I guess I can see why some don’t like it.

  9. I doubt the legitimacy of this poll though.I saw “My Ahjussi” ranked worst too on was it number 12 on allkpop(this same poll).Not to mention how can “Mother” and “Life on Mars” be ranked lower than “Life” and Pretty Noona Who Buys Me food.The former had better script, better directed and had solid acting from all cast.The latter were hard carried by the acting of the actors but the script and directing was rubbish.

    Hwayugi was doomed from the beginning with all that editing mess and then the staff accident..and then the script went south..sad.But I still dont think it deserves to be number one on worst dramas.I would put “About Time” for lack of chemistry and poor acting instead of “Time” or “A poem A Day”.

    But well done to cable dramas though.They nailed it??.

  10. These things aren’t really real a drama dat ranks no.1 here could end up being no. 10 or d worst in some other ratings. I don’t believe these and diz has nothing to do with LSG. As far as I’m concerned he did a Gud job. So let’s just stop luking forward to an actors downfall. It’s bad. Thank you

    • I dont look forward to anyone’s downfall.But LSG really needs to be more thorough in his project choices if he wants more longetiviy in his acting career.Hong Sisters have been flopping since Master’s Sun.I doubt his reunion with Suzy will add anything to his acting resume except some buzz during the drama and thats it.Also he is known as triple treat but it could do him good if he doesnt accept every offer thrown at him.He overdid it last year and his comeback didnt have the impact it would have had if he had taken one or two projects at a time.

      • You realize who are the director and producer of vagabond? They are highly acclaim directors & writers & have excellent veteran cast with it. And this drama focus is probably not romance as well and has excellent plotline which is different from other norm boring cheesy kdrama. Lmao typical idiotic kfan thinking everything has to do with romance rofl.

  11. LIFE ON MARS, LIVE, Misty, Suits , lawless lawyer, the quest, are the best i’ve watched until now. I’m about to fall in love with Fluttering heart after watching ep 2. Worst dramas , i don’t like the word because it’s the work of a group of persons but i prefer to say boring Radio romance, Why secretary kim , because the debut was awesome but after it was boring.

  12. I can only comment about dramas I’ve watched. My Ajusshi should be ranked higher than 100 Days My Prince and even Misty both for its cohesive plot, skillful directing and its social impact on the viewers. I acknowledge the good chemistry of 100 Days My Prince leads but in terms of script, directing ,objectively speaking, it was less than satisfactory. Musical scoring could have been better.

    I agree that Prison Playbook should have been in the list of best dramas.

  13. As always. The more drama (in top 10) suits general audience taste and get’s buzz/hype the more couch critics behind their computers criticize it to making it seem like all that niche type of hype dramas like Life On Mars somehow superior to them. If Mr.Sunshine could’ve ever reach the same relevancy as DOTS or Goblin people would’ve been hating on it too lol Some I guess love to think they have perfect edgy taste. Some.

  14. I loved Are you Human too. The entire premise was proably too much for the Korean Audience. My favorite Drama didn’t even got a DVD release: I’m not a Robot.

    And I hated Mr. Sunshine with passion. Why this Drama created such a Hype is beneath me. Such a waste of good actors. But I understand that tastes are different.

    My Mister was a great drama. I was suprised that it was so popular since such gems often are ignored. Maybe it had enough Star Power to lure the people in at first.

  15. What? Where Stars Land sucks big time. I guess it was truly a bad year for kdramas if that sucky drama got into the best list. Why Secretary Kim is really below mediocre too, only carried by its main actors (visuals).

  16. 100 day my prince, fox bride are such shitty dramas. This list is so fake. Life was boring as hell with no plot and Return is the highest rated drama this year. Who made this list? I only agree with Lets Eat 3 being a bad drama because it really was.

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