First Look at Mark Chao and Zhang Zi Feng Filming the C-drama Adaptation of K-drama My Ahjusshi

When it was announced early last year that C-ent was remaking the critically acclaimed K-drama My Ahjusshi (My Mister) I was one of the many who asked “why?” since the OG was still relatively recent and also pretty much perfect. But what a difference context and situation changing makes, with the death of My Ahjusshi male lead Lee Seon Kyun the drama becomes a bittersweet watch and rife with even more emotional beyond just the story onscreen. So perhaps the C-version titled Loving Strangers can have it’s own reason to exit and space to breath a different enactment of the story on the small screen. Veteran leading man Mark Chao and awarding winning young movie and drama actress Zhang Zi Feng were spotted filming this week for the drama and comparing them to the OG leads is actually not all that jarring.

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Filming Commences for C-drama Adaptation of K-drama My Ahjusshi and Fans Wonder if This One Could Replace the Now Cancelled OG Drama Due to the Male Lead’s Scandal

So when this C-drama was announced months ago everyone was naturally like “WHY?!” because the original K-drama was considered perfect in every way. In what amounts to karmic timing, the drama Loving Strangers (C-title Thank You for Listening to Me) … Continue reading

Youku Reveals Teaser Poster for C-drama Loving Strangers with Mark Chao and Zhang Zi Feng Remaking K-drama My Ahjusshi

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K-netizens Marvel at Screenwriter Park Hae Young’s Diversity of Genres and Writing 5 Critically Acclaimed Dramas in a Row Starting From Old Miss Diary on Through My Liberation Notes

Famed K-drama screenwriter Kim Eun Sook may be the most consistently successful ratings hit and buzz queen, but a few other screenwriters have notched their own success. K-netizens this week are discussing screenwriter Park Hae Young thanks to her current … Continue reading

tvN Holds Vote on Favorite Network K-drama for its 15th Anniversary Including Hits Vincenzo, Crash Landing on You, Misaeng, Goblin, Answer Me 1988 and Many More Nominees

Well this is going to be interesting to see which drama wins, whether it’s quality or motivated by fan mobilization to get out the vote. tvN is partnering with TVing to run a vote (click here) for the audiences’ favorite … Continue reading

Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food Tops List of Most Talked About K-drama of 2018 Followed by My Ahjusshi and Mr. Sunshine

Korean polling site Good Data released on January 1 the results of the 2018 K-drama buzz meter, aka the most talked about K-dramas of the year. Coming in first is jTBC romance Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food (Something in … Continue reading

2018 is the Year Cable K-dramas Fully Surpassed Big Three in Top Ten Lists and Comparative Ratings

Success takes hard work and 2018 saw the first time that cable K-dramas fully dominated the landscape over Big Three network dramas, in both critical top 10 lists and comparative adjusted ratings. After nearly a decade of concerted effort to … Continue reading

Donga News Polls Entertainment Insiders with Mr. Sunshine and My Ahjusshi Topping 2018 Best List

This poll may not be large but it’s got an insider’s perspective on what was considered the best in drama land for 2018. Donga News polled entertainment industry insiders including directors, screenwriters, and producers to pick their top of the … Continue reading

K-ent Industry Insiders Poll Mr. Sunshine as Best Drama and Hwayugi as Worst Drama of 2018

This is an interesting poll and I find myself agreeing with most of the selections with a few deviations. Joynews polled 200 Korean drama industry insiders to vote for their best and worst dramas of 2018, which admitted hasn’t ended … Continue reading