People’s Daily Editorial Lambasts C-stars Tax Evasion and Makes it Unlikely Fan Bing Bing Can Make Comeback

The People’s Daily newspaper is the official newspaper of the Communist party and always offers a clear insight into what is the government line. This week the paper published a strongly worded article about the tax evasion scandal in the entertainment world and reading between the lines it’s going to be neigh impossible for top actress Fan Bing Bing to make a comeback (at least anytime soon) after becoming the poster child for the crackdown. The article pilloried the loss of morals and standards of the entertainers and companies in the industry for participating in such a widespread tax evasion practice and concluded by saying those who committed such infractions should never be able to profit from their trade again. If it’s indeed true that Fan Bing Bing was targeted because she upset someone very high up in the government and also used her to stop a widely understood practice then it’s not going to be as easy for her to make a comeback like the South Korean stars who have been in scandals from domestic violence, drunk driving, prostitution, and even tax evasion who have since made comebacks.


People’s Daily Editorial Lambasts C-stars Tax Evasion and Makes it Unlikely Fan Bing Bing Can Make Comeback — 6 Comments

    • Actually, even though morally speaking rape, drunk driving and domestic abuse are worse crimes than tax evasion/corruption, it seems in Mainland tax evasion is a crime that will guarantee that you can’t comeback for a long, long time. Because I’m pretty sure there are some C-stars that have had sex scandals and still are able to be employed.

      • Such as? Edison Chen? He hasn’t made a successful comeback. Nicholas Tse? He is not that popular either.

    • Same. I don’t enjoy her work but I sorta have hope for her, as greedy as she is I still see some good in her.
      I mean before all this she had a somewhat good reputation in terms donating a lot of money to charity organisations, financing surgeries for kids with heart defects, and paying her own workers highly. It’s not like government officials do the same.

      • A classic error in thinking. When ALL people would pay their tax accordingly there would be a lot more money for administration to taking care of their people. Less donation would be needed also. I don’t think that she spent the equal amount for donations like she got from tax evasion.
        And just because officials aren’t a clean sheet either that doesn’t makes it less bad. She got a light slap on her hands and no wonder people doesn’t want to go easy on her further.

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