Chinese Oscars the 2018 Golden Horse Awards Gets Star-studded Attendance and Teary Best Film Win for Young Deceased Director

The last few years have been meh with the Golden Horse Awards, the Chinese-language film equivalent of the Oscars, due to flagging star-studded movies and creativity that also connects with the mass public. This year the ceremony staged a revival with so many famous stars and directors in attendance I was having whiplash. Acclaimed veteran director Zhang Yimou finally won his first Best Director award for his artsy wuxia film Shadow, but the film lost out on Best Film to an art house 4-hour long movie An Elephant Still Standing which took home the highest honor of the night yet sadly the young novelist-turned-director Hu Bo committed suicide last October 2017 at the age of 29 after suffering from depression and getting into a disagreement with the movie’s producer. His mother accepted the award for him and tearfully got a hug from director Ang Lee. I felt this year’s Golden Horse returned to glamour and meaning and the star nominees and attendees included Gong Li, Andy Lau, Hu Ge, Carina Lau, Zhou Xun, Chang Chen, Deng Cao, Sun Li, Roy Qiu, and many more. The fashion was lovely or different with the most unique being teen winner of the Best New Actor award the ethnic minority Si Pagoyod wearing his tribal attire.

2018 Golden Horse Awards (winners in major categories)

Best Film: An Elephant Still Standing

Best Director: Zhang Yimou (Shadow)

Best Actor: Xu Zheng (Dying to Survive)

Best Actress: Hsieh Ying Hsuan (Dear Ex)

Supporting Actor: Ben Yuen (Tracey)

Supporting Actress: Ding Ning (Cities of Last Things)

Best New Actor: Si Pangoyod (Long Time No Sea)


Chinese Oscars the 2018 Golden Horse Awards Gets Star-studded Attendance and Teary Best Film Win for Young Deceased Director — 20 Comments

  1. I miss Gong Li and why do the Chinese actors n actresses at red carpet events ALWAYS outdress the Koreans? My jaw dropped at the gowns worn….like seriously they are just spectacular and absolutely breathtaking.

    • I know!! I love so many of the dresses here. They somehow find a good balance between being aesthetic but still suitable for the human body haha.

  2. Is it glamorous this year? Cause it just cause a sensation when Taiwan director won best documentary said hoping to liberate Taiwan as independent. Then a veteran Chinese said the award happen in China, Taiwan. Ang Lee said should avoid politic in art, but Gong Li declined to stand on stage with him. Ang Lee said to be worried about next year award

    • My exact thought. It seems like Koala purposefully avoided to mentioned the controversies that happened with this year Golden Horse awards.

      From the political controversy to the Matilda as the MC who was said to be rude to onenof the judges aka Gong Li to most of the Chinese actors left Taiwan right after the show and skipped the after party to Ang Lee is worried about whether this awards show can still be held next year.

      • Ang Lee should aim for BAFTA and Academy awards or Palm d’Or or thrive in art house film festivals and forget politics awards. Who am I kidding, all award shows are political, one way or another.

      • Not mentioning the controversy is the elephant in the room in the post. Ang Lee did say “winners can say anything in their speech”. Its a shame that all the mainland stars fled Taiwan after the award. Why can’t everyone just celebrate their works? After the FBB incident, all the mainland actors are tip/toeing around. The documentary is about the independent movement, similar to “Ten Years”.

      • That’s because if any Chinese mainland actor/actress is seen at the after party it means they support the winners and Taiwan’s independence. If we look at history between them, they are joined at the hip. Independence won’t be easy.

  3. OMG! Sammo and Joyce! Still remember their awesome collaboration in Eastern Condors. Wowza!

    Deng Chao and sun Li look great as well. Can’t wait to watch Shadow.

    Congrats to all the winners!

  4. Andy Lau has also aged very well and Gong Li looks amazing; mature and beautiful although that dress didn’t do her any favours.

    • Gong Li looks gorgeous and her dress is ok… But what’s with that belt? The belt is at a weird position and the fabric looks very cheap.

  5. Amazing what $ can do. Personally feel it’s impossible to totally block out China’s stars from this awards because they bring $ and glamour.

    • It’s impossoble to block because this awards covers the entire Chinese speaking movie. How many Taiwanese movies with taiwanese actors that they can produced in a year? esp when their ent industry is slowly dying. And it also wouldn’t anywhere near the level of prestigious with such small scoop.

      • There is a school of thought from the pro-independence Taiwan group that only films made by Taiwanese reflect their problems and golden horse started from Taiwan. China should set up their own prestigious film awards if they want everything their way. The whole world knows that China doesn’t have free speech.

      • How many films does Taiwan produce in a year as compared to the big budgeted Chinese investments? There is a co-dependency in $$ and resources (ie. actors, production staff). Lots of Taiwanese artists participate in Chinese movies and vice versa. Can Golden Horse really only limit to films made by Taiwanese? I think Golden Horse only became more well-known when Hong Kong movies were included… or have i mistaken? pardon me because i don’t know much about chinese film industry, just starting to learn…

      • @candycane

        My exact sentiment. Agree with you. I can’t even remember a single Taiwanese movie that has big buzz and International level of recognition from the mass public. Those that we always heard of are the Hong Kong movies. Golden Horse won’t be this well known and prestigious without HK and China included. Like I said, how many Taiwanese local movies they can produced in a year? Without investments from mainland and HK? And without HK and Mainland actors? 🙂

  6. Money speaks. This year Golden Horse awards was controversial because it was politicized after which many Mainland stars posted the exact same communist party post about the map of China and stated “China, no less” #ilovemymotherland. Coincidence? I do not think so. Gong Li is pretty brave. Also, the entertainment part: their red carpet looks beat Korean red carpet looks any day because first, bigger designers sponsor events with bigger money flow and stars with more influence. Second, Koreans wear very casual and minimalistic things even to damn weddings. It was a shock to see on celebs instagrams how casual they dress to their friends wedding. So it’s a cultural or trend thing.

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