C-actor Jiang Jing Fu Admits to Horrific Domestic Violence Against Japanese Girlfriend After She Posts Pictures on SNS

This is just a terrible situation all around and really disappointing that yet another star has shown their awful personal side. C-actor Jiang Jing Fu, one of the rising stars in the last five years and pitched as the next Hu Ge, is in the news this week after his Japanese girlfriend of 4-months posted pictures on her Instagram showing her severe injuries and bruises. This came after reports that Jiang Jing Fu went missing in Japan a month ago, and in her post she admitted that his disappearance was related to her but not directly saying that he was the cause of her injuries. His agency denied the disappearance but not long after the SNS posts went up Jiang Jing Fu himself updated his Weibo to admit fully to hitting his now ex-girlfriend, apologizing directly to her, saying there was no excuse for him losing his temper or his actions, taking full responsibility and consequences, and apologizing to his parents, friends, and fans. Man, this is the least he can do but I do appreciate the acceptance of his actions instead of so many other stars accused of domestic violence in the past who have denied, and when confronted with proof, offered excuses. But there are NEVER ANY excuses for physical violence against a love one – break up if you’re unhappy, never beat up.


C-actor Jiang Jing Fu Admits to Horrific Domestic Violence Against Japanese Girlfriend After She Posts Pictures on SNS — 14 Comments

  1. Man who need to work on themselves or who have demons to deal with have no business bringing in an innocent person into their lives to be an outlet of their trauma.

  2. Not all the photos are showing, but the ones that are there make me cringe. WTH? He beat the hell out of her. I certainly hope he gets the help he needs and stays out of relationships for a long time.

  3. Oh my God what a monster. He should be in jail for these and I hope that he will NEVER come back to the entertainment industry.

    Good for her to come forward, hopefully others who hesitate for a variety of reasons will take her as an example and come forward.

  4. I wonder what the heck he did for her to get all these weird bruise shapes. He really should of left this crazy beach. Yes she cheated. Lied about being pregnant and wanted for him to buy her an expensive home. But seriously leave her if all this was happening. Now u let the trash got the best of you. Say bye to your career and personal life.

    • What a vile, victim blaming comment! The only trash in that relationship was the admitted abuser. You don’t know anything at all about this woman other than she was badly beaten by her ex-boyfriend. That’s it, that’s all!

      His friends and his fans who are throwing around accusations about her character (even after he admitted his guilt) are being absolutely disgusting. And we wonder why more women refuse to come forward when they are abused by their boyfriends and husbands.

      • Totally with you @OrangeyPants! Victim shaming has got to stop! It’s ridiculous how some people are still completely backwards.

    • Whether she cheated, lied or asked him to buy an expensive home, does not make it right for her to be beaten like this.The man is a deranged, piece of filthy trash that cant be recycled.Its good that his violent tendencies were exposed early in their relationship so she can dump him and find a better man who will treat her with more dignity.She would be dead if she married him!!!

  5. So he needs to be prosecuted and when she showed the extent of how badly beaten she got I hope she filed a police complaint against him when it happened. He can’t return to acting because he has publicly admitted to his crime and needs to do the time! Also how disrespectful to the iconic popular Hu Ge to be compared to him. And for the record; victims of domestic violence rarely or never post on their IG/social media account the handiwork of their perpetrators; like this ex has done. It’s too painful, raw, emotionally wrecking and humiliating to tell the world. I just hope she is getting counseling and support to help in her recovery and to see justice served.

  6. I did not expect her to look that bad. Those photos indicate a violent beating and I am glad they don’t insult us by saying otherwise.

    He needs help and I guess she probably does too after this.

    Horrible. No excuse.

  7. I am speechless.Wow!!There are really people who have the gall to do this to another human being.At least he is remorseful compared to that Kim Hyung Joong who kept giving one excuse to the other.

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