OCN and jTBC Dramas Surpass Cable Leader tvN in Late Fall 2018 Ratings

Cable network tvN has been the ratings leader not just of its own paid competitors but doing even better than some prime time big three network dramas that it’s quite a surprise to suddenly see the smaller cable networks upping their game in such notable fashion. K-ent is writing about how the recent crop of cable dramas have flipped the ratings game, with jTBC dramas The Beauty Inside and OCN thrillers Player and The Guest doing excellent for cable ratings. Whereas tvN offerings are languishing compared to previous tvN ratings successes, from Hundred Million Stars Falling From the SkyRoom Nine, Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter, and the latest to premiere Top Star U-back. I did watch the jTBC and OCN dramas mentioned religiously and found myself uninterested or watching when bored the above tvN dramas but whether my anecdotal tastes just happen to align with the ratings or its a coincidence, I fully expect in two weeks for tvN to surge back to the lead when it premieres highly anticipated dramas Memories of Alhambra and Boyfriend.


OCN and jTBC Dramas Surpass Cable Leader tvN in Late Fall 2018 Ratings — 10 Comments

  1. It doesn’t mean anything. For me, Hundred Million Stars From the Sky is better than Beauty Inside (that should have stopped to 10 episodes or found a better story). 100 Days My Prince had great ratings and I personaly dropped it.

    The important thing is that the TVN, JTBC or OCN have better dramas than main channels, they can’t deliver great dramas anymore.

    • Whole heartedly agree HMSFTS is worth its weight in gold and TBI pales in comparison. People are jumping up n down demanding a happy ever after ending I. HMSFTS and I’m of the few saying no it should follow suit with no changes at all. Don’t fix what ain’t broke. That relationship between the leads is the crux of the whole story. Never started 100 DP even though I like both leads. MFATWC is wearing my patience thin and the saving grace in that is Mina as the cat/tiger and Moon Chae Won’s visuals and acting. The Guest was the it drama for me on par with HMSFTS this year. Overall I’m happy with my share of dramas right now.

      • hahaha… seriously someone demands a happy ending in HMSFTS? It is a very dark story with the saddest ending (sorry. don’t mean as a spoiler). These people should have watch the Japanese version first to be prepared. I love both leads, they have great acting and visuals. But I know I will be very disturbed for a very long time in the end (just like with the J-version). I find MFATWC slow, weird and confusing, I may drop it. Will wait for MOA.

  2. It doesn’t matter. From next week they’ll be back up with memories of Alhambra and Encounter/Boyfriend. Then in January they have Romance is a Supplement/How to publish love which is Lee na Young’s comeback drama along with Lee Jong suk. They will top the ratings for atleast the next 4 months.

    • MOA and Encounter will probably get good ratings, their production teams are strong with overseas filming and good cinematography. Not quite sure about LNY/LYJ drama though, its storyline sounds boring. LNY cannot command rating in TV drama, and LJS is really slipping over time…

  3. So happy Seo Hyun Jin once again got to starring in a popular drama. Though the content is not my thing. it’s abit shame though, talent actor like Seo Hyun Jin trapped in romantic comedy again, and in JTBC channel to boot. She can does so much better.

  4. Room No. 9 is very good, it’s one of the best acted, directed and cohesively written drama for me. The sci-fi element at the beginning may put some people off, but if you stick with the premise, it’s a beautifully written feel good drama.

    The “hundred million star” is a bit too dark and windy for me. I love JSM to pieces but I can’t continue watching after EP5

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