The Cast of Dark Melo Hundred Million Stars Falling From the Sky Celebrate Drama Wrap and Release From Intensity

I thought I was in the mood for a dark twisty melodrama like Hundred Million Stars Falling From the Sky (The Smile Has Left Your Eyes)and for the first few episodes I was indeed hooked on the ride. But it gradually screeched to a halt as I never connected with the two leads emotionally despite loving the chemistry of Seo In Guk and Jung So Min, and cared about the decent supporting characters especially Park Sung Woong‘s older brother role who seemed to be caught up in horrible stuff not of his own making or desire to be embroiled in. The ending of this J-dorama remake was as dark as the original so I applaud the guts to stay true to the story but the ratings never quite materialized with K-viewers, averaging between the high 2% to the low 3% which is on the lower side for hitmaking cable network tvN. In the end the only emotion this drama elicit was an outpouring of pity crossed with cringing at the never ending heaping on for the male lead.


The Cast of Dark Melo Hundred Million Stars Falling From the Sky Celebrate Drama Wrap and Release From Intensity — 24 Comments

  1. I think this kind of story suit jdrama better than kdrama. maybe thats why I felt something missing in this drama, even with good acting and story line.
    I dont know, personaly I think Jdrama really know how to drain you emotion even with less eps. Kdrama quite good at melo but not at dark and complex theme like this.

  2. I love the cozy winter wear everyone is wearing for the wrap party.
    I gave up after a few episodes, just can’t connect with the characters and their actions/behavior, despite the excellent acting and lovely visuals.

  3. maybe for those who watch Jdrama, this k-adaptation is not as captivating. Jdrama is one episode per week and the original was filmed very dark and mysterious. This k-drama tries to film with a brighter and romantic mood which seems a bit odd… it is still fine but not as intense as the original I must admit… Rating is all based on K-viewers so maybe the Koreans don’t like this type of genre? I think both leads did a great job, both are great actors, but remake is often not as good as the original.

  4. I loved this version. I prefer the characters of the korean version. The acting was really great and the couple scenes were pretty emotional and real.

    I’m really expecting the next projext of JSM and SIG.

    • Same. I loved this remake, the storyline was captivating and the acting was incredible from the cast. This is one of my favorite drama of 2018.

  5. Just watched the final two episodes and now I desperatly need SIG and JSM to star in a happy romcom. I usually don’t watch melos and only watched this because of Seo In Guk. And the acting and chemistry was amazing from both leads. It’s not a drama I would rewatch, because a lot things didn’t work in terms of motivation, but I still anticipated every episode.

  6. This is a mainstream melodrama. They lack the guts. And i have no idea what they want to convey with their dark past To the narrative? Sometimes this drama is confusing me. Maybe, the purpose is to make us sympathy with the character. Young cast with their lack of nuance acting is not helping me either. I often confuse what SIG want to convey? I often zoneout. Once in a while, we need a real masochist like MISA. Lol

    • They watered it down so much, a lot of the characters’ actions didn’t make sense. No guts is about right. The killer thing at the end was also pointless. Acting and chemistry were meh.

      • Seo In Guk doesn’t suit this kind of character. He doesn’t has good technique to pull it off. He act better in other drama and other genre He should stay away from this kind of character, I can’t bear to watch him act when the show get to focus on him near the end of this drama. He doesn’t add anything to the story. It’s not only about him, but also near all the cast. I start to wonder if the script is the one which is lacking? Because everything seems lacking.

        But maybe this is just my opinion though, feel free if anyone disagree.

  7. Only love for this masterpiece of a drama! Kudos to the cast and production for a job superbly done! The best drama EVER, at least in my books!

  8. Compared to the drama of same slot drama like beauty inside or terrius or other drama that are very common to kdrama, this one id masterpiece. Those who say cant connect to the story or the acting and their chemistry maybe they didnt watch it in detail and just shipping thing.else, they just fast forward the story. Hence, they came with that POV.
    Poor them.

  9. I so loved this drama… actually, im not a fan of both lead characters but i got curious about the story. And I was not disappointed., everything was well played. The ending is not Koreans cup of tea coz its not a happy ending but its very realistic and it fits the story line. Seo In Guk is really a great actor.

  10. I really liked this drama. I was riveted to the story and the characters each week. I though the acting and chemistry between the 3 leads was very strong. It’s funny but I had the opposite reaction as Koala. I was very emotionally invested with the main couple and the characters in this Korean verision, but I was detached from the characters in the Japanese version.

    • I’m with you I was detached from the Japanese characters but I don’t know maybe it’s because I couldn’t take Takuya San seriously? Having images of him being a dork in varieties doesn’t help, but his acting was awesome anyways✌️
      I was anticipating the episodes with anxiousness?

  11. I hated the jdrama,so I waited for the kdrama to end before I binge watched. Still too melo for me but at least it’s not creep and weird like the jdrama. The actors were great at portraying the characters in the kdrama.

  12. IMO – Spoiler ahead **** For me the drama was epic and on another level. The opening scene episode one set the tone of how the story was going to unfold and I’ve never been on edge as I’ve done so with HMSFTS. The dialogue; characterisations; acting and overall direction was on point so much that I’m rewatching the series again. However I can see why it was a major turn off for many as I started after 6 eps had screened as I wasn’t to keen on a Jdrama remake that had the theme of a brother/sister relationship and was quite traumatic for those who viewed it. I had a lot of doubts when I did start and only was there for Jung So Min as I’ve never seen SIG in anything else so kinda half hearted but boy did that change as I was sold on the story and the development of JSM and SIG relationship and PSW almost fanatical opposition to it. The fact that 2 neglected children found solace and love and were co dependent on each other; cruelly separated then only to find each other later on in life was absolutely heartbreaking. The set ups and pay offs all worked towards the resolution of SIG character Moo Young. The closing shot when JSM says ‘You’re here’ and SIG replies ‘Yes I’m here’ just drove me to an insane amount of tears. That for me was closure. So it’s a drama for everyone but those of us who were instantly hooked it remains as one of the best K dramas ever to be made.

    • Well said! I loved the chemistry from the moment they met & the actors where so on point with their acting, it’s not easy to pull off a character that is supposed to be jaded yet still had so much warmth when looking at the person they love! They break my heart everytime I look at them 🙁

  13. Actually loved it and see myself rewatching it in future. Adoooored JSM and SIG together! SoraKara scarred me big time the very first time I watched it, braved myself a rewatch when I fell so badly under the spell of this one, whilst it was modeled after the latter, it’s a standalone melo for me. My cuppa tea.

  14. Finally how Kdramas should be played. This is the best played Drama in Korea. It is played like no other drama where actors act like they are going to crack and are ‘cliche’. I have enjoyed watching it several times though the end is saddening. Great actors Jung So Min and Seo In Guk. I came to be great fan of yours by watching you play in this drama. Thank you for being so professional! Kuddos! P.s. I wish people be able to realize what is really worthy and not speak trash here and there just because they can.

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