C-actress Zhao Li Ying Basks in Newlywed Happiness with SNS Picture Taking Husband Feng Shao Feng

There’s a phenomenon of Instagram husbands and boyfriends whose sole job appears to be taking pictures of their lady for her account. I see it often at tourist or trendy spots and I guess being a famous actor doesn’t exempt Feng Shao Feng from becoming the picture taking mule for wifey Zhao Li Ying. This is the actress’s first update to her SNS since announcing her marriage last month, and of course keen eyes want to check to see if she’s noticeably rounder after the concurrent rumor that she’s also pregnant. My keen eye instead went first to the shadow being her showing just how far her hubby is willing to contort and lean sideways over the railing to frame the perfect cute pose of his wifey lol. Zhao Li Ying is wearing a white puffer coat covering her entire top half snugly but in the pictures of the couple snapped by passersby it’s clear she’s a lot bigger than her normal teeny tiny self. What’s most evident in these updates is how happy and healthy she looks, can’t wait to see a baby pic soon!


C-actress Zhao Li Ying Basks in Newlywed Happiness with SNS Picture Taking Husband Feng Shao Feng — 4 Comments

  1. I don’t think they have themselves officially confirmed the pregnancy. Will wait and see.

    On another note Ms Koala, can you write about China’s top grossing movie for 2018 and Weibo TV drama awards?

  2. Im surprised nobody would say anything about ZLY, shes not wearing her ring. When FSF wasnt wearing it he was blasted with questions of loyalty and being serious enough about ZLY.

    • They’re both match made in heaven.. can’t imagine how dumb you have to be to marry a person who has publicly cheated. He must be God in bed because I can’t think of any other explanation why a woman like Zhao Li Ying would settle for a cheater. Or she might be a psycho too

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