Two Week Break and Slow Episode 9 Drops Encounter Ratings to 7.810%

You guys know how much I love tvN Wed-Thurs drama Encounter (Boyfriend) so it’s really disappointing that I got affected by the preemption buzz kill. The drama didn’t air last week due to the Christmas holidays and for a slow burn series the week break really broke up the mood and pace for me, and for enough viewers as ratings for episode 9 dropped 1.356% down to 7.810%. It didn’t help that literally NOTHING happened in this episode but it was quite lovely and melancholy and all the poetic elements that made me adore watching. It just wasn’t narratively substantive and with the two weeks between episode 8 it just felt like everything came to a thudding halt and now needs time to speed back up. Episode 9 saw Soo Hyun and Jin Hyuk settle into prolonged separation and lots of pensive thinking. Thank god Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo are soooooo beautiful to watch onscreen just looking thoughtful and/or sad.


Two Week Break and Slow Episode 9 Drops Encounter Ratings to 7.810% — 105 Comments

  1. the break kinda killed my vibes towards the drama. but the drama is still light and beautiful. And PBG hair looked like a old korean guy whose hair look’s like a hat.

  2. I love Ep9 and felt for SH and JH. Rating wise, TLE also dropped so am not too upset about it.

    Looking forward for ronights episode

  3. The writer need to say thank you to PBG and SHK. The plot is too slow now, but because I really care with all characters in this drama, Im totally will watch it until the end.

  4. Most boring and flop drama, if the writer think hug and kissing can help rating going up? She wrong!! Tomorrow rating going down to 6% rating since this drama has no plot and conflict. I think park bo gum make mistake after rejects gong yoo and jo in sung movie.

    • Your comments are such an eyesore in every thread. Can you take your horrible grammar and negative attitude somewhere else? You never have anything worthwhile to say anyway.

      • @Rilabear Hey, he/she has as MUCH RIGHT to talk about the drama as YOU DO. It’s called feedback and having an opion. So why don’t you shut the hell up! Koala himself/herself also talks negative about lots of dramas as well so…

      • I find @Valentinozara quite entertaining. She is a dare devil who sometimes has some truth to her words ? This is a playground for free speech.

    • i agreed with you. I found this drama boring. Disappointed! After people commented that there is no chemical reaction between lead actor n actress, then many kissing scenes appear!!! But the important thing here is I dont feel they look like a couple because of the ways they acts. However, unlike other dramas, audiences can express their opinions whether they like or dont like, but for this drama, if you give negative comments that you DONT like it, definitely you will be attacked by other fans who tried to defend for their idols. Seem like this drama has strong support behind, such as PR, fans who are willing to attach whomever say No to the drama. Perhaps it is expected to be a hit of the year, but ya let see what’s next. Goodluck to this drama to get high rating.

      • THrowing more kiss scenes to create the chemistry after the complain?
        Please educate yourself before writing something nonsense.
        The filming in Cuba started in September that means all the filming including the kiss scenes and everything done in September , everything is already planned including the hairs style and the plot. they don’t throw in the kiss scenes just to satisfy some random complains.
        If you don’t like it , don’t watch it , just please don’t come up your own theory.

      • They though that kissing scene to gain more rating but not????. Tvn expect to get 10% rating but the rating declined. If this drama was good im sure it’s will be hit. Just boring drama can tvn cut this only make 12ep? Such same song hye kyo same old acting all over again.

      • Minh-shk and Pbg team working hard to defend this drama from hater but doesn’t help rating at all. I don’t surprised if there bed scene between them to get more rating.

      • there’s still some awkwardness with them. AND for god sake can pbg please stop acting like a girl with his smile and body language. this drama would’ve been a total flop if it wasn’t for the leads.

      • Chemical reaction between actors? They would have died by now. Loving the drama and the vibe that it brings. Pity you are desperately finding faults not to like it. Well you may go watch something else with more chemicals!

      • Sorry to say that it is not perhaps going to be rally a big hit..though some of the die hard fans of the lead male and female actors are perhaps desperately trying to create such an image .
        It is not because of the story line of young man older woman romancing that it will not be a hit.
        People these days are more open minded tend to view all such stories as different entertainment business and will accept it if presented with surprises and interesting elements.
        But this show is seemingly boring because we can easily guess what is widely in store. .
        There are many neutral viewers who look for the innovative story line, dialogues, tremendous acting,and fabulous on screen chemistry etc so that our viewing time is not wasted.
        People might start to watch initially for big names like SHK,PBG etc.But that alone solely will not make it a hit.
        Most people except perhaps their die hard fans would not have interest to watch it if the script is not very effective and would move on..
        (P.S)started to watch it but lost the eagerness no more watching it.

    • Yup @candycane u like her comments if it says nagative abt envounter but will fight her to death if u can, if its nega to alhambra and hyunbin

    • And they didnt even include the kiss in the teaser what are u talking abt,u are not stating ur opinion here, u are writing things as if they are facts, and people like ur comments if its nega against artist they hate,

  5. The star of ep 9 is Sokcho….the winter sea is so beautiful ?
    oh poor Won Suk…still keeping your wedding bands doesnt make things romantic??!! You got to speak up…speak from the heart

  6. Slow slow burn …. you can feel the tenderness between them when they are together ; the emptiness & longing when they are not (together). Subtle gentle waves pulsating between heaven and hell . Nice balance to MoA and TLE .

  7. I’m fine with a low key romance and this drama was kind of working on that level, but episode 9 was too much of not much happening.

    I do think if not for these stars, this probably would be in the 5% range ratings-wise.

    • 5% is so high though for not so good drama. The Pretty Noona which created more buzz than this drama only did between 3 to 4% during the first 4 episodes and did around 5% the rest of the episodes except for couple of episodes which did 6% in one and 7% in the other.

      • Well it did whether you like or not, both positively and negatively, that people talk more about the Pretty Noona than this drama.

      • Like it or not you need to prove it first. Even SHK score is higher than JHI in brand reputation rankings for drama actor.

      • Geez I am talking to wall. Read a little and know little. Calling someone lazy when you are the one who talks empty. It does not hurt to read… really… I don’t need to prove your ignorance. Read up so you know how ignorant you are.

      • I know noona buy me food is topping the chart as the most buzzworthy drama, but its because there’s no competitor. Thats why I comparing the actor score, idiot! Dont be so rude, this is just drama.

      • @Tiani – for actor skill score, I believe SYJ is higher than SHK, and PBG is higher than JHI. So I am afraid you are the idiot here. By the way, you are the rude one calling people an idiot first. This is my unbiased observation as a bystander ?

      • @Tiani – Sorry, Just to clarify, you compare SHK to JHI which is wrong in the first place. You should be comparing SHK to SYJ.

      • @candycane because PBG score is totally more higher than Jhi, even with competitor the score still high. And we dont talk about that skill, we talking about the most talk drama, you know. I know you’re a hater so please dont bother with me because Im not shk’fan.
        @jane can you read? Its about drama who end before dec 2018.

        Oh god why there’s so many hater in EC’s article. Its just a drama guys. I just asking seriously how pretty noona created more buzz than EC. And this is what I get.

      • @Tiani – you have a real problem here. A serious personality problem. When so many people are saying the same thing and you say the opposite while calling out “idiot” “hater”, it is obvious who is the odd one out. Accept the fact delulu!

      • @MistyEyes and @candycane good data the one who provides the weekly most buzz data drama. Shk Pbg and their drama encounter score is higher than syj, jhi and pretty noona. So tecnically speaking encounter and the main leads generate more buzz because their score is higher. Encounter still airing so good data results covers the ep 1 to 8 buzz results.

      • @Tiana Reas your post because you sound more and more ignorant. You said “What?” in your initial post. You were not asking why Pretty Noona created more buzz but you were refuting my statement and even told me to prove my statement and called me lazy when you are one who’s lazy to look the information.

        FYI Pretty Noona has created more buzz than Encounter not only of that drama but all dramas of 2018 including the top rating Mr Sunshine. Not only that buzz rating of encounter is in decline which at latest or at ep 7&8, Encounter is at number 4 and SHK is No 10 and PBG no 6.

      • @MistyEyes pbg and shk ranking decline in good data ranks because encounter didnt air. But their ranking during episode 1 to 8 they are no 1 and 2. But seriously whats with comparing a finish drama to an on going drama. Lets just count the data score and compare after encounter ends its run lmao.

    • I think we will see if Encounter ends up winning acclaim and awards after it airs. Pretty Noona was not that highly rated but the acting was praised and the actors end up winning various awards. Of course, there’s Son Yejin there so I am not surprised.
      Popularity and buzz wise, Pretty Noona does seem more popular because it didn’t had so much competition (only remembered it went against My Mister for CPI/popularity chart rankings). Encounter is now competing with Sky Castle, The Last Empress and Memories of Alhambra; and its losing because of its non-existent plot.

      • What’s with the fight with most buzz between pretty noona and encounter. The latter still airing so just compare the two dramas after encounter ends.

    • @Jade There is nothing wrong when I posted my comparison but fool reacted for the heck. Read the original post if you want to understand the whole thing.

      But for your benefit I’ll recap. The original poster said that if it’s not meant for the high profile stars, this drama will only be at 5%. So she meant that drama is not good enough, however 5% is too high that even Pretty Noona which had created more buzz than Encounter only did 3 to 4% in the first 4 episodes and only did 5% in most of the episodes.

      Read between the lines of what I said.

  8. Too bad but I enjoy every bits of this drama..I enjoy their acting and the slow phase..I dunno but Cha Soo Hyun and Jin Hyuk give you that feeling of warmth…

  9. The rating is still high for a cable paid channel. I enjoy every episode. I love the plot, the script, the actors — ah PBG. I just love everything about it. Peace everyone. Let’s respect each other’s favorites.

  10. The emptiness in plot is finally showing in its rating. One can only rely so much on the star leads. How can it drag on for 9 more episodes? Maybe it’s time to bring on some incurable diseases ?

  11. Absolutely no chemistry , no heat ….not juicy.
    I don’t see CSH and JH ….just SHK and PBG …they are not selling the story.

  12. Argghhhh that 2 week break for what? The momentum was squashed during the wait and all we have are SHK and PBG visuals to contend with geez TvN you guys got too greedy and cocky this drama would have maintained a following if you didn’t go on holiday! I’m here to the bitter end soldiering on.

  13. By the way, it’s completely absurd to compare one drama who was done last year yes last year 2018 and one drama is still airing
    Oh by the way encounter already sold to 100 countries , so I guess tVN makes lots of money out of it yeah ? , their video contents and their actors in top search on naver.
    Both the actor names are on top of the weekly buzz list.
    Too much for something not buzz worthy I guess .

    • Sounds like it’s mistranslated info. Must be 10 countries. You can only say it’s 100 countries if it’s sold to Netflix or some other streaming site where it’s available in many countries. However, Netflix or other streaming site is only counted as one. They pay per episode in a package… so you can’t actually count it based on the no of countries it’s being broadcasted.

      It’s understandable if it’s a movie being sold to 100 countries because the revenue is calculated on no of tickets sold. But drama is calculated per episode.

      Some producers just release those fake news just to create buzz.

      • Its not fake news @MistyEyes Encounter was sold on 100 countries and will be broadcasted in terresetial chanels.

      • Hang 10 please on ‘sold’ to 100 countries I think Misty Eyes has a point though. Sold implies 100 countries Brought the rights to screen Encounter but I’ve read that it will ‘air’ in 100 countries and that subsidiary TV companies screen it. I’m waffling because I haven’t done my research enough to substantiate my claim and am none the wiser but if anyone can verify as CJ E&M the holding company has affiliated tv stations around Asia that will broadcast Encounter so yep would be good to get some clarification around this. Also if anyone has the list of the countries I would be keen to know who they are.

      • Yes my exactly… Encounter is not the only kdrama aired or airing in 100 countries, most of the prime kdramas are… but sold to 100 countries… that’s totally different thing.

        I don’t have anything againts encounter but misleading promo info about the drama is just ridiculous.

      • The article says broadcast rights was sold to North and South america europe south east asia and east asia. My country bought the rights of encounter and its gonna air here soon.

      • Okay hand on my heart Encounter along with quite a few other K dramas have not been sold to 100 countries maybe 20-30 at the most however ‘aired’ via Netflix and streaming sites and including the illegal ones too will most likely total 100 countries though. It’s misleading and unfactual to say sold. Gosh Korean media do like to exaggerate figures! I knew it was too far fetched and let’s be honest there are 195 countries in the world some of these countries lack basic necessities like water; food power etc so how can they buy a tv series that is subbed into their own language?

      • TvN and MNet combined… that’s already many countries…yah right these have rights and their partner stations have rights to broadcast as many as 100 countries. Internet is really making people dumb. I am being rude again… sorry.

      • @MistyEyes i just posted the trans article i know its mis leading. Duh
        But the good thing is encounter already earn a lot of money because it was sold to Tv broadcast station in different asian countries.

      • @Jade For sure this drama must have generated good amount of revenue. But does the same apply to other TvN broadcasted dramas which are also broadcasted or being aired in those many countries? Moreso of those actors popular in Japan as dramas are broadcasted in different platforms that even Mnet is broadcasting the drama in the country, other cable stations won’t hesitate to also get the franchise of their drama. And don’t fret with my statement as I know that SHK & PBG are also decently popular in Japan.

  14. Interesting ‘discussion’ we have here. How I love seeing some people making a fool out of themselves. Just a reminder, pls educate yourself first before writing a comment coz it saddens me to see you become a laughing stock.:)

  15. some people have the time to hate watch encounter.i don’t even watch teasers of actors I don’t like.anyway encounter is a hit drama whether haters like it or not.

    • @alexghana I don’t watch Encounter either but I watch TLE so I keep track of the ratings of each drama to see how it compares to another within its timeslot. The initial ratings of Encounter show it is a hit drama but that’s the ‘discussion’ we’re having now. Is it a hit just because of its starpower or because of it’s plot? The way things are going appears it is because of the former. From what everyone is saying there isn’t really much of a plot and the writer is just using pretty faces and skinship to cover up the non-existent plot. Also you could be wrong in another way. People can initially like Encounter but after seeing that it’s doing nowhere and begin to dislike it. Their favorite actor(s)’ acting abilities are wasted.

      • True. This was exactly my experience. First two episodes were charming, then it went downhill from there. I found that I could skip whole episodes and still follow the progress of the drama. This was a huge turnoff for me. It meant the plot is nonexistent and repetitive and everything done in this drama lacked originality and creativity. There’s a limit to how much a pretty face can carry a drama, if there’s no real plot to drive it forward. Love both PBG and SHK, but I’ll be the first to admit that this particular drama is a waste of their talents. Exotic location notwithstanding.

      • @Adal : wowww , that speaks the whole volume when you can’t find it good because you skip the whole episode; the story is slow burn and it’s true that this drama is not for lazy watcher.

        @PPanda0421, I really appreciate your thought and time to elaborate with upmost constructive criticisms.
        However, unlike you , some people who are simply just don’t like the drama from the star or a hater of either actor or actress keep coming to the thread and provide nonsensical comments with the most ridiculous negative things in everything little thread of the drama then I see them as a buttholes, have really psychological issues or just an idiot who want attention and it I argue with them then they will drag me down to their level.
        Also To each at each owns , everyone has its own reference, and can state their opinions; however coming to encounter in every single thread and spreading hate is simply troll. And no matter how much they hate the encounter . They still watch it and follow it, don’t u think it’s hypocrite all the way
        as constitution also have limit on the term “freedoms of speech” so don’t u think people should stop abuse the word “freedom of speech” as an excuse for being awful and spread hate. I found in uttermost disbelief of some toxic comment, negative and mean thing ever people in this blog can talk to each other. I wish they are not like that in real life because if they are , I hope they will find the inner peace themselves.

      • @Adal: “ I skip the whole episode” , this is the problem as Encounter requires detail observation and not for lazy watcher.
        @PPanda0421, I really appreciate your thought and time to elaborate with upmost constructive criticisms.
        However, unlike you , some people who are simply just don’t like the drama from the star or a hater of either actor or actress keep coming to the thread and provide nonsensical comments with the most ridiculous negative things in everything little thread of the drama then I see them as a buttholes, have really psychological issues or just an idiot who want attention and it I argue with them then they will drag me down to their level.
        Also To each at each owns , everyone has its own reference, and can state their opinions; however coming to every single encounter post just to spread negative and hate is simply not stating opinion rather just hater.
        as constitution also have limit on the term “freedoms of speech” so don’t u think people should stop abuse the word “freedom of speech”as excuse for being awful and spread hate. I found it uttermost in disbelief of some toxic comment, negative and mean thing ever people in this blog can talk to each other. I wish they are not like that in real life because if they are , I hope they will find the inner peace themselves.

      • @Ta- Understand that you feel compelled to defend the drama you like, but no need to be rude or insult people with other points of view. If Encounter requires so much attention to detail that is not for the lazy watcher, then one shouldn’t be able to keep up with the story despite skipping an episode or two which is to my original point. In other kdramas, a tight, detail oriented plot necessitates the viewers to watch each scene closely to avoid missing details important to the plot. Encounter is NOT that kind of drama. Encounter has its strengths : great cinematography and talented actors, but we can all agree that plot development is NOT one of its strengths. And this is OK. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, and it doesn’t have to be. Personally, I’m k-drama fatigued with the same re-used tropes and kdrama plots after watching kdramas exclusively for the past 8 years. So yes, I’m on the look out for fresh, original, creative ideas, rather than just pretty faces. So it would make sense that a drama such as Encounter would not appeal to me.

      • @Adal : I dont consider my response as insulting at all. Me too, I am a lazy watcher if I dont like the drama and skip a whole bunch. And I would say that drama is not for me.
        The story is simple; and slow pace; ofcourse if you skip the episode then you would still understand; What Im saying is the detail related to art, poetry and literature, including the part in episode 9 when the two in the movie theater; to some it may seemly a boring cliched plot; however on the screen is the movie : vincent van gogh movie; its not random that the writer pick that movie and show the viewers. I guess if you skip then you miss the intention: these two express love through art and poetry.

  16. @ppanda0421.if you want to compare ratings of dramas then let wait until they finished airing.the overall average ratings will determine its fate.

    • @alexghana Yeah I could do that but if I keep track of the different dramas every week I could be pursuaded to watch that drama if I hear good reviews about it. The opposite could be true as well. For example, if a long drama (40+ episode) has great reviews early on but then starts becoming bad or has a bad/sad/unsatisfying/wtf ending, I’ll skip it altogether. It’ll save me dozens of hours of frustation and not waste my time. Thanks for the tip though.

  17. a last empress fan you should know that encounter and empress compete on the same time slot thus hindering each other rating castle and Moa apart from having the benefits of a weekend drama also does not have any hit dramas competing with them in their time slot..encounter is doing something right to get this high ratings.

  18. Be careful song joong ki last time seeing hye kyo doing steamy kissing with hb in world within, she end up falling in love with hyun bin.
    After this drama end she will fall with park bo gum and cheating on you. Thank god this drama was flop and declined after awhile. Sky castle and last empress deserve with so many drama award in 2019.

    • Didn’t you call her all sorts of terrible names on S.oompi before? That you had to delete your d.isqus acc and changed your username because some people were screencapping your posts. This comment is actually nothing compared to those. Glad to see you’ve changed coz imo VZ is a much better person compared to BNB. 🙂

      Btw did you see those kisses last night? Enjoy them as much as we did?

      • Heh u should read encounter-soompi forum they even make meme of song joong ki not me!lols. Go read forum in soompi before they delete lols. They keep mention song joong ki lols how awkward moment between them. PPC shipper even talking about this. Don’t lazy reading recap in soompi forum lols.

      • Oh wowww , valentiozara , you amazed me so much , you hate it badly but follow it not only in this blog but also in Soompi encounter ???
        Hahaha , you are quite funny and cute at the same time.
        Thanks for creating more buzz and traffic to this thread with ur comment

    • You are so stupid. Don’t you get tired with so much hate inside you. Good to know majority in nb knows how disgusting you are. And lastly no matter how many times you scream in comment about encounter. It’s a fact Encounter is a hit drama.

  19. I love encounter/boyfriend…it’s not histerical kind of a gives you good and warm feeling.. subtle not over the top acting…for once my ears is not bombarded with too much shouting…encounter is LOVE❤?

  20. Encounter for me is first and foremost to support PBG and it’s storyline is predictable to date and very cliched however I’m curious hence why I’m staying around. Ratings in SK are above average for cable so it’s doing very well but 6 episodes left I’m unsure what is in line next but I do know that part of its buzz worthy reputation might be attributed to our commentary here at Koala’s playground so I guess praise and criticism alike must be helping out somehow?

  21. For me, the best drama for the Wed-Thur. is Children of Nobody. It’s very well written and told and the characters are very interesting. Every week we get a lot informations and clues but there is a lot of suspens.

    Encounter is pretty superficial, beautiful actors and places but it’s all. It doesn’t make me think and the leads are not good to fight their battles.

    The Last Empress is completely crazy. There are no sane character :p

    • Yeah children of nobody deserve to get attention even that drama better than flop encounter and last empress. Despite small rating that drama worthy daesang in 2019.

  22. All these commenters are all ridiculous to compare both Pretty Noona and Encounter together. Both dramas story lines are somewhat the same and boring. Is very unpleasant to watch because both meal leads acting are so unnatural and horrible. At least Encounter is not as cringeworthy and Park Bo Gum is not as bad in delivering his character like JHI in Pretty Noona. I seriously can’t stand his acting with that super fake smile he kept flashing though I try to watch it for Son Ye Jin. Pretty Noona is a IDK what to say drama so drop it at episode 5. About the buzz I also don’t know when the story is so boring, repetitive, and annoying.

    Encounter is the same since I lost direction where the story is heading. I don’t know how many episodes are left until it ends but I’m now on the edge of dropping the drama. The drama start out strong and interesting with good direction somehow became a waste. My God Park Bo Gum acting finally a little better because I’m annoyed with that fake smile of his. Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo chemistry is alright not the best. Though I love Kyo to keep up with the drama this far; I have to admit if it’s not for the star power of both leads the drama won’t do well.

    Lastly OMG I’m so annoying at those SSC shipper with all their freaking complaints and gif of seeing Song Joong Ki crying everywhere about the kissing scenes. Like seriously y’all need to shut up and just freaking watch the drama. Song Hye Kyo is an actor so of course she’ll have to kiss on the screen. Why acting like the world’s gonna end. So childish and annoying ass people. Please I hope I won’t see the same lame shit with Song Hye Kyo crying gifs when Asadal airing too. SMFHO!

    • Both dramas have charms on its own. But to me JHI is more natural than PBG. Pretty Noona is not any better than Encounter… not better at all… but objectively SHJ and JHI’s chemistry’s amazing and powerful which I think the only good thing about the drama.

    • For me, Pretty Noona was far better. Yeah, the mum was awful. But the subjects in this drama were very interesting like family, patriarchy, sexual harassment, violence, etc. They didn’t adress those subjects in a drama way where the villain is punished and everybody is happy, but in a realistic way.

      For the couple, Pretty Noona’s couple had an incredible chemistry and it was very natural. In Encounter, all their scenes are too staged to make me feel their chemistry. All looks too beautiful and it gives the impression I’m watching pictures of a magazine and not real persons.

  23. ENCOUNTER is not a high-level drama, because it’s a romantic drama full of literary references, let’s say it’s for those who have refined tastes and has more than enough high marks, this year on KBS for example they have rewarded and celebrated Are you Human, that on the public network had lower ratings of Encounter on cable

    • Forget about the rating comparison. Are you Human is a fresh idea in k-dramaland and very engaging to watch. Seo Kang Joon did justice to the human and robot characters.

      Encounter is also good if you are new to kdrama as it would somehow feel fresh but I don’t think the veteran kdrama patrons share the same sentiment when they have watched everything of the same thing. But do you expect for a typical kdrama romance drama? I was very excited with WWSK and Fluttering warning first half of the drama but had difficulty finishing the drama. There are so many low profile dramas which are more worthy of watching,e.g. When Time Stops – this drama is really good.

      I’ll probably start to watch MOA, let us see if I’ll have luck in it and if it’s good.

      • I’m a veteran kdrama and not new , I have watched kdrama since 1999 so can speak volumes of that fact.
        The plot of encounter is not new however the approach is new and unique that I don’t see it any other kdrama.
        As I said , this is not for people who enjoy slow pace and if you fast forward than it’s not for you.
        It’s a drama for someone who enjoy refined taste in a slow pace like someone said above , I could elaborate the scenes, camera angles, art pieaces in the drama more and more to back up my statement.
        For example, if you do watch the drama , do you notice that most of the scenes between the two character are cut in frames??? Which also represents each states of their relationship exactly resemble The art piece both of them looking together ( all small empty squares) with the line “ until where , I what form will we meet again”???

      • @Ta Good on you that you enjoying the drama. Keep watching!

        But you can’t insist that to anyone. You don’t need to be defensive. The drama is good on its own… I was just stating why others do not like it as much as you do. Some people watch because its SHK but you have to admit it’s nothing new compared to what she has in her past drama. Her tone of voice is even the the same in all her dramas… this drama is not an exception.

  24. Hmm, You are responding to the comment above stating your opinions and saying it’s good only for new korean drama fan and I’m just doing exactly what u do and you telling me don’t need to be defensive.
    I don’t force you to like and enjoy it because obviously Encounter is not for you and some other here; however I at least don’t compare it to the other dramas and keep bringing it down as I respect people have different taste.
    And yes , to me Encounter is a germ and I will keep continuing watching and dissecting it as much as I want.

    • @Ta It’s your words, not mine. The comparison was never to bring Encounter. For saying that, you are way toooooo defensive. I never said Encounter was bad either. You only interpreted it as bad because you were too defensive.

    • @Ta Besides I watch all dramas regardless who’s in it as long as it’s good. Some of them I like so much but some are just so so. Encounter and Pretty Noona belongs to the so so category. Though PN leads chemistry is at the higher bar but it does not mean it deserves that best acting category too geezz it didn’t even rate that well to be recognized. If Encounter will be receiving the acting recognition…gezz but well I know Korean awarding bodies are all about the highest bidder. Lee Byung Hyun didn’t even deserve the recognition… guess the rating pulled him up I and the budget…

  25. For those of us that are hanging on to Encounter by the skin of our teeth (I’m one of them) I must say that’s 10 hours of viewing time that I can never claim back ever! My bias is PGB so yep again I am there for him! That said I find it unreasonable when comments here say that if you don’t like it don’t watch and don’t write negative things about it……Ahh seriously for all the diehard lovers of this drama you should be grateful that we are even around to comment-period. K playground has always been the forum for good and bad feedback alike and we can go on for days debating however to get territorial and to discourage anyone that doesn’t agree with the commentary thread is downright a poor sport. I’ve said it before; the playground is big enough for everyone to play in!

  26. @MistyEyes: well, Maybe I’m too sensitive since you bring in all the rating and compare it with PN when PN was completed while Encounter is still airing. But since you confirm you don’t mean to bring it down. then okay, I accept that and do apologize for my misinterpretation.
    @Ginger crunch, as you say, this is the playground for all good and bad feedback; however what I interpreted from your comment is: you expecting the fan to accept the bad feedbacks and appreciate you guys watching without putting up defensive mechanism; I found it also very unreasonable.
    It’s like when you and your friend eating out; you said it’s bad, and your friend think the opposite, but you just want your friend to accept it’s bad and appreciated that you hanging out with her/him without even letting her explain why she/he like the food.

    Also, in this thread, I have written lots of interpretation from my point of view why I think I love it and why it’s not for everyone.

    Lastly, having said, I want to say and this is from my upmost sincerity: I really give props to some of you who do take time and watch dramas even though you don’t like either the plot, actor or actress because if I don’t like either actor or actress, I can’t bring myself to enjoy it because I’m afraid my prejudice will ruin and affect my interpretation, or feeling of the drama. MOA is the example, I enjoyed W as I think it’s creative and when I heard MOA is written by the same writer, I am very intrigued to check it out but once I heard the female lead confirms I backed out. I’m neutral to HB so my interest in him is not big enough for me to overcome my fear.

  27. @Ta – I’m more open minded when it’s eating out with friends and we are more inclined to agree to disagree about our meals chosen and digress over the highlights and non highlights and in saying that we are still friends afterwards. Therefore if anyone here says that Encounter is not fulfilling their K drama viewing needs for whatever reason wouldn’t it be in your favour to allow them their say without going full on in defence mode?

  28. It is not perhaps because of holiday break etc that ratings drop If the show is very interesting people will eagerly await for the holiday break to get over.and watch it even more..
    Saw upto initial episodes then Stopped watching it.. because it is no more interesting..One can easily guess where it is heading to..
    Seems very slow bit of boring especially because the viewers are able to widely guess how it is going to be.And acting is not of very high standards either .
    In short nothing surprising that the show is not picking up in ratings. Similar would have been the feelings of perhaps many …Thats why it seems ratings have dropped…and perhaps would be drop for the rest of the episodes as well..

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