K-netizens Have Split Opinions on Song Hye Kyo’s Streak of Dramas with Much Younger Male Leads with Most Recent The Glory

With the conclusion of The Glory this Friday it’s clearly time for dissection beyond the drama itself and of course there is going to be a post about Song Hye Kyo and her male lead Lee Do Hyun. The love line remains of of netizens biggest gripes in The Glory and the 14-age gap between the leads didn’t feel like it got bridged with their chemistry or lack thereof. This has led to netizens noting that her prior two dramas Now We Are Breaking Up had a 11 year age gap with Jang Ki Yong and in Encounter (Boyfriend) there was a 12 year difference with Park Bo Gum. I’ve watched all three dramas through and I say Encounter was nearly perfect for me in chemistry and the relationship so I have zero grips, Breaking Up was okay but tanked by terribly written characters and an awful story narrative but the two leads were sexy enough together. The Glory probably could have either sold the love line with a different male lead OR kept Lee Do Hyun which sold the revenge/partnership aspect but trying to both didn’t work.

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Watch an Entire Drama Love Story in One Picture: A Visual Homage to Some of the Best K-romances

This post doesn’t need any editorializing, and really just needs to be viewed and savored. A talented and oh so generous K-netizen (doing the drama gods service!) created a one picture image for some of the most popular and beloved … Continue reading

Encounter Cast Celebrates Drama Wrap and Ends with Slightly Higher Average Ratings than Same Network Memories of Alhambra

It’s clear the screenwriter of Encounter (Boyfriend) took her writing classes seriously because there were no bad/poorly written characters in the drama. Every single role was three dimensional, and fleshed out despite limited screen time for the supporting cast. I’ll … Continue reading

An Empress’s Dignity and Sky Castle are the December 2018 Surprise Hits Over High Profile Memories of Alhambra and Encounter

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