Byun Yo Han Confirmed as Male Lead for Sci-fi Space Drama City of Stars

The City of Stars has a male lead and during the nearly one year development lag it’s not the star first offered the role last year. Byun Yo Han will get his first male lead role after confirming City of Stars, which I remember being the sci-fi space travel themed drama that was courting Hyun Bin. Binnie ultimately went with another sci-fi drama Memories of Alhambra and now Byun Yo Han gets his first small screen headliner after doing so well in supporting roles in Mr. Sunshine, Misaeng, and Six Flying Dragons. Even more exciting is that City of Stars will be acclaimed veteran movie and theater director Jang Jin‘s first K-drama, he with a long list of hit movies such as Welcome to Dongmakgol and industry wide respect for his talent. The drama is scheduled to start filming in March of this year.

City of Stars concerns a group of youth dreaming of space travel and the government work to kick off travel in space. Byun Yo Han’s male lead is that of a pilot who develops claustrophobia during his air force days and cannot fly anymore. He goes to work at Star City and the space center to conquer his claustrophobia and be able to go to space one day.


Byun Yo Han Confirmed as Male Lead for Sci-fi Space Drama City of Stars — 9 Comments

  1. I don’t like the premise and skeptical over the execution but I just love Byun Yo Han so much. He is the only one that I find most engaging in “Mr.Sunshine”. Happy that he finally got the lead part and I am hoping this drama will be a success for his sake.

      • Yes he was, after his success in Misaeng but the public didn’t recognize him in a lead role, the ratings tanked and the series got cancelled. I wonder which network will show this? I hope I get to see this when it’s complete, but it doesn’t sound very interesting.

  2. Gosh the name ‘City of stars’ doesn’t take much imagination but okay I hope they have a great storyteller/scriptwriter since there is a solid reputable Director at the helm. Also my favourite #1 question is who are they courting for female lead and supporting cast? I’m stumped for ideas.

    • Would love to see Kang Sora as female lead. She’s got that young energetic vibe if it’s about group of young people. Loved them both in Miseang, hoping for a reunion.

  3. Byun Yohan had his lead role before with song jihyo so this is not his first. Looking forward to this, am a fan of Welcome to Dongmakgol.

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