Kang Sora is Pretty as a Flower for Marie Claire February Pictorial

Some actors or actresses never have a single hit so Kang Sora having a massive hit in both drama and movie is already an achievement. But she’s sitting on five years since Misaeng and eight years since Sunny, with so many disappointing projects since especially in the drama space with Warm and Cozy and Revolutionary Love. She’s due for another hit but her next movie is geared more towards heart warming smaller scale project with the period bicycling film Bicycle King Uhm Bok Dong headlining Rain. The movie is schedule for a February 2019 release in theaters so this means more Kang Sora promotions in the coming month, I hope she drops more pretty pictorials like this one for Marie Claire.


Kang Sora is Pretty as a Flower for Marie Claire February Pictorial — 15 Comments

  1. Her massive hits don’t “count” since she wasn’t the main lead in any of them. She doesn’t have a true representative work yet.

      • She’s the second female lead. Shim Eunkyung is main.
        But I think that would count as her representative work. Since Sunny is sort of an ensemble cast.

    • This. She wasn’t lead and didn’t carry the drama/movie. People remember other actors in the cast or the storyline (which were great) more. Her acting isn’t fantastic and doesn’t pick good projects besides the two above. She’s one of those actresses who seem to just rely on pictorials, cfs and constant mediaplay about her body n face (n I guess her “relationship” with top actors) to get by. Her fans always hype her up but it’s always so exaggerated cos she’s really got nothing substantial to show.

    • If the likes of Suzy can media play to death despite having only flop/underwhelming acting projects in 6-7 years (while Misaeng finished airing only in December 2014), I don’t see why Kang Sora deserves this criticism. She’s been working steadily in at least one project a year since, not just milking a several-years-old drama/movie role for CFs.

      And her acting in Misaeng was actually well received, just because she’s not a love interest in that drama doesn’t mean she’s not the female lead.

  2. Kang Sora is a very pretty actress. She’s very natural looking with an innocent beauty. She and Hyun Bin would look very good together but sadly they broke up.

  3. Wow Kang Sora is so goddess-like!
    She was great in the drama Misaeng and movie Sunny.
    She seems alittle low profile. Haven’t heard about her for awhile.
    Hopefully the upcoming movie to be released next month will be good.
    Would like to see her return to dramaland.

  4. My Lawyer Mr Jo was a huge hit in Korea for her and the male lead. So she has had another hit in there (albeit still a couple years ago now). It seems she tends to choose the wrong rom-coms but can choose more office sort of shows better. I’d love to see her try something darker.

  5. Neighbourhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho was a solid success in 2016 but unfortunately didn’t give her much to do.

    It’s just that unlike the talentless idol actress crowd of your Suzy/Seolhyun/Hyeri types, she doesn’t keep media playing with empty noise to milk years-ago successes. The same goes for her contemporaries like Park Bo Young and Park Shin Hye, they have multiple successful projects to their name in the last 5-6 years but you don’t catch them releasing media play articles claiming this and that non-success is actually a success.

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