tvN Sageuk Drama Asadal Chronicles Scheduled for Broadcast in Seasons Like US Shows

Filming is still underway for the fully pre-produced upcoming tvN sageuk drama Asadal Chronicles with Song Joong Ki, Kim Ji Won, Jang Dong Gun, and Kim Ok Bin and its clear the production team is mapping out a new strategy. K-ent is reporting that Asadal will be broadcast in “seasons” which is how US shows air, and also how the Netflix produced K-drama Kingdom is structured as. Kingdom aired a 6-episode chunk last month and season 2 filming is underway with the ending of episode 6 a total cliffhanger moment. The goal for Asadal is to air the first season and use it to build connected IP offerings such as anime, VR, and other ancillary products connected with the drama. This sounds interesting and I’m game for a new airing format to shake things up. 


tvN Sageuk Drama Asadal Chronicles Scheduled for Broadcast in Seasons Like US Shows — 32 Comments

  1. I think tvn and studio dragon over confident with drama. They should make only 16 episode and never make season,since in Korea season drama never do well. I beat this drama will be flop like encounter cause UAA and blossom entertainment media playing so hard about song song couple and make their image going downhill. And sjk-shk acting never improve after mediocre drama descendants of the sun. Bye✌️

  2. Oh please no… Main reason why I watch K-Dramas but not American series is that when I start a series I know I’ll get an ending in the foreseeable future. Everything about this drama seems really interesting but a structure like that is actually a reason not to watch for me.

  3. Not fond of this idea. While I enjoyed “Kingdom”…the long wait really annoyed me. Idk if I am interested to watch the second season since I am fed up that they make me having to wait till next year???

    • Not really sure for asadal but maybe just like american series the season 2 have another story, not like kingdom that the original episode was 10 but they divide it into 2 season,hoping for asadal to be like that,

      • Kingdom was always meant to be a multi season format like all Netflix shows. They have a plan for it to be 3-4 seasons at least. I think Asdal is just copying the idea after the massive success of Kingdom.

    • Maybe u dont follow but it was already in the news last yr, before kingdom even air, and nope kingdom was a 10epi drama when its was 1st announce, before they start filming they divide it into 2 seasons,massive success?

  4. There are pros and cons. I can see if this structure is successful, the production can really milk the CF money. If the story is a sitcom like Friends, it could work really well. However, if I’m following an exciting story it would lose me as an audience. I’ll just find other stories to occupy the time and forget about it or wait till all the series are out.

  5. Why would you want to season 2 without seeing how season 1 went. Wishful thinking. Big names and hype doesn’t mean jack. Ahem…. See what happened with MOA and Encounter and no body Sky castle led the rein.

    • Cjem is introducing new platform to watch they just use asadal as example,a big burden to the cast who is the face of the drama but asadal is a big production so its the best that they use it, whether it fail or not, dramas with multiple season will still happen

      • I’m glad that they’re motivated to do 2 seasons but wouldn’t you want to wait and see how season 1 fared first? Quite fool hardy on the production company though and Kingdom has a horror zombie genre that on Netflix would appeal to more hence the popularity. Asdal is a historical period piece I’m getting bored just thinking about it.

  6. Seeing how this is sjk’s return to the small screen and considering how big the production is i doubt its gonna flop but then again i do think its a bad idea to announce multiple seasons before tracking its success

    • This chronicle of asdal will be flop like three musketeers, trust me. Even big name actor like hyun and park shin hye can’t save memories of alhambra. Why tvn think this drama will be hit? They should wait when 1st episode airing before make multiple season.

      • I don’t think you should compare Hyun-Bin and Park Shin-Hye to an actor like Song Joong-Ki. They may be attention tracker for knetizens but as far as I know when coming to acting Park and Hyun are not the best. Song is love through out Asia because of his talent and Charismatic acting. He’ll save this drama no matter what. TvN already know if they get him in this production, it’s a guaranteed a hit. If it’s Jang Dong Gun alone he will for sure attract the knetizens but I’m not sure about international fans. TvN know what they are doing.

      • I bet you if MOA is offered to Song Joong ki instead the rating will be promising. With his talent and look is a total hit. The multiple seasons won’t be a problem if the actor is great and the story is will writing. Example The Kingdom is still in great demand from viewers.

      • @Koreandrama – I can bet with you. You are just empty talking here. MOA was not even offered to SJK ? There is no need to compare. SJK was not a consideration at all because he was deemed not suitable. LOL. He lost right at the get-go ??

  7. Is it just me or are Kdrama budgets getting bigger and bigger every year. The cost for this even if the drama becomes a success will be astronomical.

  8. i am not into historical drama i might lose interest in kdrama even it is have multiple seasons sound boring big budget does’t matter all you need to hit the drama is best acting,story,chemistry wish you good luck?

  9. Rather than to say they do not have enough money to complete all episodes, the drama will be broken into multiple seasons to hopefully generate enough CF for revenues in between times. IF there is no buzz, the drama will be cut for good, an easier way out of a losing battle.

    • But announcing before hand that you plan t have multiple seasons and then backing out if it doesn’t work looks like a bad PR move. These days its hard to say what drama will click or what won’t so they should have waited till it aired some episodes. They want to go the whole franchise way like the very successful american dramas but I don’t know if the concept will work.

      • What about the script? You need words of a page to make a drama along with production; direction; cinematography etc. It’s a collaboration. SJK can’t carry that drama alone please tell me you’re kidding Wolfboy. You can’t be that naive to think one name will bring success to a drama that hasn’t even premiered yet. Maybe in Asia he’s a household name but not anywhere else unless you’re a K drama follower.

      • Well I hope the target is for K drama followers because with the range offered on Netflix there is a lot to choose from. Personally I would rather Asadal does well domestically before taking on the world.

      • Im saying that for sjk since he is an actor, but the new platform isnt limited to drama, they will introduce it through asadal, there will be variety shows too and even music related,

      • @ginger Are you kidding me he’s only well known in Korea? Maybe you’re not a fan that’s why you know nothing about him. He’s super popular worldwide even his wife is behind him. There’s nothing interesting on Netflix to watch so why are you worrying. Song Joong ki will be the first one to introduce this new platform to the kdrama lover.

      • Who said there is nothing to watch on Netflix? ??? This must be the biggest joke of today. I will much prefer the two new youth dramas just announced on Netflix than to watch some old guys in a Korean sageuk. LOL. This is my opinion as a Netflix subscriber ?

      • @koreandrama- Please don’t insult my intelligence as I never mentioned Korea I said Asia and for K drama followers worldwide that would be interested in watching so you can’t generalise that SJK is super popular everywhere… yeah to his fans maybe. Keep to the topic we’re on about the series platform that K dramas are taking on via Netflix with 2 seasons even though season 1 hasn’t even screened.

  10. Honey you forget song joong ki getting roasted from knetz because same yu shin jin performance. Same with this drama will be flop for sure. Trust me. Because shk and sjk agency media playing song2 couple so hard and I’m sure their new drama failed to get success. People got tired and lose interest with song2 couple.

    • Mediaplaying?how? Isnt the production job to promote the drama he is in, and isnt promoting an incoming drama normal, asdal will be shown may, and its nearly end of feb, no official teaser, just a leak vid fr 1 of those attended the drama presentation to advertiser, sjk isnt even start promoting, what are u talking about,do u know mediaplay mean? Or u just happen to read it in naver with google trans fr knets.

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