Song Hye Kyo is Softly Radiant in Elle Korea Pictorial Post tvN Drama Encounter

I see K-netizens frequently talking about male actors who have aged like fine wine, and genuinely look better in their forties than during their gawkier twenties days. Or it could be that fashion and styling from the 90s doesn’t age well, lol. But the same is totally true for K-actress Song Hye Kyo who is celebrating her 22nd year in show biz, having debuted in 1997 and today looks wayyyyyyyy more beautiful than she did when she was a fresh faced late teen just starting out. Youth is an asset for sure but so is confidence, knowing one’s style, and growing into happiness from experience and living more life. She’s on the cover and pages of March 2019 Elle Korea and this one is worth framing as the stylist did magic with her shorter locks and the fashion takes a backseat to her clean beauty.


Song Hye Kyo is Softly Radiant in Elle Korea Pictorial Post tvN Drama Encounter — 30 Comments

  1. Love Song Hye Kyo much hoping she’ll have another project soon. Want to see her taking a more serious role. I wish her and Won Bin can collaborate in an other production in the future. Forever pretty and lovely.

    • Ex lover never get pairing in same project lol. Keep dreaming. That’s why you never ever see song hye kyo will be reunion with rain,kang dong won even wonbin. Cause she date all of them.

      • I’m not gonna bother about whoever she has dated before. I just want to see her collaborate with people I like again such as Won Bin or even Hyun Bin. Their personal life is non of my business. They’re good actor and that’s all I care.

  2. That first pic, she looks so fresh and ethereal, ???

    I don’t always see the big deal about Korean celebs who are hyped for their looks, but with her, I can totally see it, she has a face that even left a stronger impression than the fashion crimes of Full House.

  3. Please do a criminal, thriller, sci fi , horror, rom com anything but Melo because I would appreciate seeing you showcase your talent other then the usual damsel in distress type roles which is like always so something outside your comfort zone would really do you justice. Seeing pictorial after pictorial is getting rather boring.

    • @Ginger Crunch maybe her drama offers are all mellow romance like lee jun ki he already said before he wants to try romance drama but he’s offer are all action and saeguk. And please i love all her pictorial its a breath of fresh air because i see her in diff. Looks. And i would love to have a copy of this gorgeous elle mag. Good day

      • Correction LJK has said he would do a rom com but only if it is of the calibre of My Girl. So it means he is receiving scripts just not accepting them. And I believe that SHK nowadays chooses scripts that maintain her brand of acting which is Melo dramatic. Nothing different at all.

      • @Ginger Crunch Let’s wait for her next’ll probably get your wish granted in 2022.

      • I was kinda hoping that the space sci fi drama City of Stars would be something that she would be considered for. Anything from the stables of OCN.

      • Didnt ljk said that in eyecandy, still remember what happen after that epi, they need to cancel a special epi.

      • @Ginger Crunch here let me quot lee jun ki’s interview during my ear candy days translated by soompi news.
        “Its not that i havent been in any, its that i dont get any offers for romantic comedies”.

      • Ah its earcandy not eyecandy,i remember he did say that, coz they ship him with pmy, and he got lots of hate after the dating news comes out the nxt day.

      • Oh poor LJK, I’m sure many actors got the same problem with him. Like how YSH or SKJ always get flop drama, its not because they’re so bad in picking their project, they just didnt have many drama offer. When there’s an actor like PBG or SJK who decline many projects. And about SHK, she is a top star, I’m sure she got many drama offers. Every writer want a top star in their drama. But yeah if we see many romcom drama which aired these year, I understand why she’s still into melodrama.

      • I’m not going to scour through articles but there was reference to My Girl as to LJK being catapulted into a household name and Hallu star status from his role and hence he wanted a rom com drama that could rival that and he hasn’t received a rom com drama script to date.

    • Lying,lol!She look like park bo gum rather than song joong ki?. If you compared her interview in elle magazine with park bo gum they look like twins even with same title magazine.

      • U are stalking shk and encounter fans in twitter and ig lol, u even know fanedit post of her elle cover photos?????

  4. IMO, SHK has one of the most beautiful and recognisable faces in Korea. It’s not surprising that she keeps getting great offers despite her mediocre acting. even if K-netz complain about her acting, they never get tired of seeing her face. She and maybe Kim Ta Hae are the only ones who can get away with subpar acting because their faces are the epitome of Korean beauty standards. Other wannabe beautiful actresses with cookie cutter faces would have been eaten alive by K-netizens.

    • Writer No hee kyung will not cast her in her dramas if shk’s acting is not good. And if you go to naver the korean site where majority of korean post reviews and comment they praise her acting. Who cares about the negative NATE comments its already been exposed that site is antis playground.

  5. She is so beautiful, I just can’t take my eyes from her in Encounter and damn,she looks stunning in this pictorial too. I love her acting,never miss her dramas and films. I wish to see her in rom com drama again , thriller movie and more magazine pictorial please. That are my wish for her. Already miss her after her drama ended.

  6. OMG she is so gorgeous! Drama Encounter now airing in my country and it instantly become my few list of korean drama that I ever watch. The male lead is so handsome, no doubt that he is a good actor too and I am surprised that he is actually quite young. But I am more attracted about the female lead and I am shocked when I searched about her. Wow, how come she look like that in her age? She do look like a mature woman but she have the cuteness that makes her look young than her age and her petite figure help her very much. The chemistry with male lead was so on point, such a beautiful pairing, the feel seems so real, great acting from both. The drama is well received in my country, I can’t stop smiling when one woman came to the my salon and asked to do cha soo hyun’s haircut for her!

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