First Look at Neflix Drama Because It’s My First Love with Ji Soo, Jung Chae Yeon, and Jinyoung

Netflix is hard at work filming season 2 of popular zombie sageuk Kingdom but it’s also prepping a slew of romance dramas starting with college age drama Because It’s My First Love. Leads Ji Soo, Jung Chae Yeon, and Jinyoung actually did a group sit down recently for the show See What’s Next, Asia so it give provide a preview of their chemistry together and visuals onscreen. They look age-appropriate for the part of college students and Jung Chae Yeon is definitely a lucky girl to be sandwiched between two charismatic leading men with very different auras. The drama released the first stills today with the three leads along with supporting stars Ji Woo and Kang Tae Oh. The drama will start streaming on Netflix on April 18th.


First Look at Neflix Drama Because It’s My First Love with Ji Soo, Jung Chae Yeon, and Jinyoung — 11 Comments

  1. Netflix is my go-to place now to watch K-dramas. Enjoying all the latest uploads like Kingdom. Can’t wait for Jang Dong Gun’s Asadal to be shown in Netflix as well. Have to see if romance dramas are any good. Ms OCKoala, please post something about Hyun Bin’s new projects and dramas. Fans’ Twitter, FB, his Vast Ent. agency IG & Sports Chosun have all reported on his 3 cities fan meet tour in April and his possible collaboration with Park Ji Eun, writer of My Love from the Star and Legend of the Deep Blue Sea later half of 2019. Thank you.

    • Netflix is THE platform to watch dramas these days. Their quality is on another level. The countries that don’t have it yet need to negotiate for better laws regarding content access. They are really missing out.

  2. Yes but not every country carries Netflix K Drama…My country carries some of it for short periods than drops it in Australia unfortunately.

    • Good time to move to a different country. Netflix is buying out all K Drama rights these days. Soon Viki will disappear just like Dramafever.

  3. I’m not convinced by this casting honestly. Ji Soo can be good or disapointing. I don’t find Ji Young charismati. Jung Chae Yeon was good in Drinking Solo but in To.Jenny, it was more the actor who was cute.

  4. By recently you mean Nov. I’m surprised the blog didn’t cover the event from ack then. The iconic family photo from that day deserved an article. Many of the heavy hitters of acting are on it. Netflix knows what its doing.

  5. Companies like CJ, Kakao M and even Namoo are tying up with Netflix for producing new content with their stars and crew. The drama landscape in Korea will finally change since clearly no one is watching actual television anymore. The ratings having been less than mediocre for public channels for over 2 years now with very small exceptions. Netflix for the win.

    • Yes i have Namoo actors are big on the production side of television these days. Great opportunity for actors part of the Agency.

  6. As long as its a youth drama I don’t even care what the plot is. I’ve missed seeing dramas with close age co-stars and people dissing the acting can just not watch it. Good acting doesn’t save a drama just look at JJH in Item. As long as there is chemistry between the casts good acting is just a pointless concept.

    • Haha you are right.
      Although I would say plot is important as well.
      Good acting is just a bonus, but thats what people like to rant about.
      Like people thought Jin Seyeon would ruin Item but the plot ruined it first.

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