Hyun Bin in Talks for Next Drama By Screenwriter of You From Another Star and Legend of the Blue Sea

Screenwriter Park Ji Eun has tackled alien and mermaid already and I’m excited to see what new idea she’s got in store for her next K-drama that she’s currently prepping. The excitement ratcheted up to defcon one with the news that K-actor Hyun Bin is in talks for her leading man role. Park Ji Eun could do something ordinary and mundane in topic as she also wrote Producers and Queen of Housewives and if that’s the case getting Binnie is still a win as he does equally well with the far out ideas like in Memories of Alhambra and soul swapping in Secret Garden, or the quiet life and work conflicts in The World We Live In. No news on what the drama is about but it’s scheduled for the second half of 2019.


Hyun Bin in Talks for Next Drama By Screenwriter of You From Another Star and Legend of the Blue Sea — 40 Comments

  1. I didn’t finish Legend of Blue Sea, the female character looked like From Another Star’s character but in mermaid. My favourite part was the cameo of Jo Jeong Seok.

    I hope this time the story will be more original and the writer won’t try to make a remake of From Another Star.

    I really loved Producers, it was a nice drama and Kim Soo Hyun was so funny in.

    • 90% possibility if that. She’s been starting up her activities again I assume in prep for a comeback. We might be getting Chun Sung Yi version 3.

  2. JJH would be fantastic if she was given the lady lead role. I’m gonna start hoping and praying that JJH is the chosen one and both of them confirm. I love JJH and her acting and to know if she is being courted in the time being is exciting news alone. HB & JJH are visually compelling and could cause an eclipse! If these 2 are cast I’m gonna sing ‘The hills are alive’ from The sound of music; that’s how amped I am about this. ❤️

  3. park shin hye must be female lead as previous one had no scenes together, since its a hit couple already known fact so otp can be used again as they were not used properly in previous drama.there sparks still needs to be tested.

    • Its never going to happen that quickly. He’s basically running away from that drama by doing another one so quickly.

    • No thank you they had no chemistry in their scenes with all the crying. He hard carried that drama the whole time. They didn’t need a female lead at all for the drama.

  4. Can’t wait to see my Mr. Handsome Ahjussi again. Memories of Alhambra just ended but feel like forever already haven’t seen him on the screen. I hope the actress is someone I like and for the script to be a good one. Please no more disappointed sript for Hyun Bin. This man is a capable actor but always choose weak story line. I would love to see him collaborate with MGY since she’s making a comeback to the small screen.

  5. No PSH please. She needs to learn from her fellow 90-liner actresses and star in a female centric drama with lesser known male leads. Starring with a big star like Hyun Bin would only get her sidelined.

    I would be up for JJH and HB union only if writer does not make her play Cheon Songyi 3.0.

    • Oh HHJ yes she’s been doing a quite a few movies lately it would be nice to see her return to dramas soon. I’ve always enjoyed her films and dramas but apart from the supposed dating news with Kang Dong Won haven’t heard anything to date. Hope she is well though. I’m fearful of a youngish idol-actress being cast like…Suzy…Seolhyun….Joy….Hyeri you know for their brand and CF endorsements to ‘add monetary value’ to the production’ and if that happens I’ll be running for the hills! And I agree; please no PSH this drama is not MOA season 2. New drama; new writer n cast except for HB; new beginnings.

      • She was casted in american show Treadstone (Jason Bourne sequel). So I don’t think she has time for a drama now.

      • @sayaris – That’s exciting news now please tell me is her English is good? Does anyone know? I would hate for her to get blasted for speaking broken English unless her character demands it. Good on her for scoring this though! Well done ❤️

      • @Ginger Crunch I have no idea. I was pretty surprised when I read this news because I never heard her speaking english or read she was good at speaking english. So it will be a suprise :p

  6. Judging by the track record of the writer and the last few projects of Hyun Bin it could be a action fantasy romance genre. Maybe hes a spy with superpowers? Why do I get the feeling it might be based on some sort of folklore. I would love to see him in a historical drama again if possible.

  7. I vote for JJH as the female lead. No need for romance. Action/spy/fantasy with great visuals and some comedy will be fun to watch ? And please no more PSH ?

  8. Thank you Ms OCKoala for posting Hyun Bin’s news! Much appreciated. I also vote for JJH to pair up with HB. I think HB suits pairing with more experienced and mature actress in her 30s. PSH looks too young beside HB therefore I could not feel their chemistry is very convincing in MOA. Chemistry that is off the roof, red-hot fiery and passionate. Sorry, I don’t mean to diss PSH, I really like her. It is just my humble observation and the feeling/emotion evoked in me from the pairing. I think HB suits actresses older than him or about the same age. Each time he paired up with one, he has a hit like My Name is Kim Sam Soon and SG. Sometimes the high school girl ingenue and older smouldering actor pairing works like Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra in Successful Story of Bright Girl and Fated To Love You (You Are My Destiny). Sometimes it doesn’t like HB-PSH.

  9. Love Hyun Bin but don’t like any of the Korean actresses nowadays. None is appealing or attractive. I want him to continue playing movie instead of drama. Don’t like JJH either. She such at acting and look very annoying.

  10. Yeah hope he’ll pick up a great script. Miss him already. Same here not a fan of JJH too. Please be someone else if he decide to accept.

  11. @Sayaris – Yes yes yes I went on you tube and there are snippets of her speaking English so phew I’m happy and relieved that she’ll hold her own and hopefully the series is earmarked for Netflix so that’s great news that HHJ is going to make a name for herself over in the US. I’m very proud of her.

    • I rather someone else because Son Ye Jin always became meh…and bland halfway through her dramas. She can’t really hold a character for long. She’s better off in movieland than a long dramaland.

  12. I watched CLOY on Netflix and fell in love with Hyun Bin. So I researched and watched everything I can find from Hyun Bin. But after a few other series and movies. I realized I’m not in love with the actor. Of course he is talented and incredibly handsome. But I realized I’m in love with the character Captain Ri and all the moments of serendipity. It is the writer and her very special talent on story telling that I am in love with. I want to thank you Ms Park for sharing this beautiful story and you have made my “stay at home” Covid-19 experience better. I can’t wait to watch all your other series when they become available on US Netflix. I wouldn’t mind falling in love with an Alien!

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