CNBLUE Member Lee Jong Hyun Allegedly Also Participated in Chat and Viewed Hidden Camera Sex Videos with Jung Joon Young

Man, yet another singer/group I gotta delete off my playlist. In the last few years I’ve had to delete SS501, original DBSK, JYJ, and from this scandal Big Bang followed by FT Island, BEAST/Highlight, and now CNBLUE as well. Y’all can keep on listening and/or supporting oppa but goodness these text messages and crimes under investigation are vomit inducing levels of bad. FT Island‘s Choi Jung Hoon has officially been terminated by FNC Entertainment and will “retire” from entertainment industry after his involvement with the multi-member chatroom started by Jung Joon Young which shared hidden camera sex video recordings among them.

He was also found to have concealed a DUI arrest due to connections and bribing the police. Thnxbai don’t let the door hit you on your way out. Today comes news that his fellow agency CNBLUE member Lee Jong Hyun allegedly also had a separate chat text thread with Jung Joon Young where hidden camera sex videos were shared and Lee Jong Hyun basically asked Jung Joon Young to send him easy girls for f*&%ing. I’m reducing lines of text between the two sexualizing and demeaning women as just toys to be shared because it’s too awful to reprint. Now we’ll see what he or his agency says/does to this latest allegation.


CNBLUE Member Lee Jong Hyun Allegedly Also Participated in Chat and Viewed Hidden Camera Sex Videos with Jung Joon Young — 37 Comments

  1. Wow throw the whole industry away. Stories of trainess being forced to entertain chaebols and politicians are popping out everywhere. Reminding me also of Lee Senta’s scandal.

    How deep does this hole go?

  2. There is too much discussion about the Idols and not enough about the big Wigs envolved. I’m curious if their fellow members never knew of all this activity when they have been together for 10 years.

    • Some group members aren’t actually close outside of their music so it wouldn’t be surprising if their fellow members didn’t know the extent of what their members do in their private lives. They probably had suspicions but not solid proof their members were doing stuff. Old Big Bang interviews suggest that the other members had some inkling that Seungri was doing shady stuff but probably not exactly what he was doing since they didn’t seem super close outside of performances. Same with the other groups.

      • And yet….everytime interview time…they always said..that they are family. It cheapens the meaning of family.

  3. Well, if this goes on. We will be left with only young artists and girl groups. I guess in the near future we will count on the fingers of one hand kpop stars without scandal or fishy things happening around them. They did wrong and should be punished and never go back to public eye, but I hope they will become better people.

  4. This hurts me. I was such a big CNblue fan I even saw them in concert in LA. And Jong Hyun was my favorite. I’m so angry and disappointed. I hope everyone involved gets punished by the law. This just keeps getting worse and worse.

  5. I feel as if i’m watching Pinocchio + Signal + Stranger… the crime and corruption web is definitely deep and entangled , I hope not just the guilty celebs are exposed, but also the higher ups

  6. Hope that they are not protecting bigger names ! All them aren’t as popular as they used to be. As a proverb say in my country ” l’arbre qui cache la foret ” wich it means the tree that hides the forest. i think that you’ll understand the meaning.

  7. I hope the victims are okay. There are enough coverage of these evil oppas and fans can express their grief on social media but, the female victims are the ones who suffer in silence. I also want to commend the reporter who brought this news to light.

  8. This crap is disgusting but lets be honest here, these entertainers are the small fries in regards to the disgusting open secret of the shady stuff that happens behind closed doors of corporate and entertainment industries. The only reason why we are not hearing about all the bigwigs involved over the years is because of the power they have and the fact that I bet many of them are supporters of politicians and officials. Money and power make the world go around. Celebrities are easy targets because it makes the government look like they are taking the crime seriously without messing with their big money backers. I mean don’t get me wrong, these boys are gross and should be punished, but they are but a small piece is a very big problem.

    • Exactly. There are bigger fishes out there cause it’s a spider’s web and those are the ones who need to be destroyed. Celebs get caught easily because they are public figures but I bet other powerful rich people from other sectors/ industries/ political parties are also involved. It’s funny how the ‘only’ people who are out are the media figures. Which is quite suspicious if you ask me. Not one single names from politics or other business groups. They are being saved at the cost of the less powerful ones, like Seung Ri or JJY.

  9. These guys are complete trash. Perhaps even lower than that. Jung Joon Young made a mistake on his career choice. Should have been a porn star since he enjoy having others watching him in action. Even adult movie actors have better respect towards women than these rubbish. I really hope the retirement is for good. The world is crowded enough with bad people, there’s no need to spare any room for these disgusting perverts.

  10. Zico and Roy Kim are names also attached to this scandal. Appearantly the CEO of YG too. There are rumors that the investigation is being taken over by the prosecutors. Dirty industry I tell you

    • I have no idea about Roy Kim but Zico is a thrash. Who does he think he could fooled that he was simply lying in bed scrolling on the contact list on JJY’s “golden phone” for hours? The fact that they even gloated about the golden phone and referring to those women as pokemon on variety tv shows demostrating on how sick these people are. Zico only happened to be lucky since he was not in the chatgroup but he knew about the sex videos circulations and enjoying it too.

  11. The hope is that any female celebrities actresses etc exposed to this poor behaviour are kept confidential as their careers potentially could also be ruined which must be a huge worry to them.
    Those celebrities who have followed them on IG should unfollow them straight away to prevent any possible connection or controversy.

  12. Big sweeping in the K-ent these few days! Throw out all the TRASH! Unforgivable! Punish all the guilty, but leave the innocents alone!

  13. Any fangirl who defends and supports these monsters has zero self respect and is a misogynist. They clearly don’t value women. Kpop’s image will never be the same after this. This is the darkest case to date. Everything done in the dark shall come to light. Glad this is now out in the open and the rape victims can get justice, rather than the typical “we don’t believe you, you wanted it cos he is famous”.

  14. People feasting on people in the chatroom and participated in the viewing of certain videos, yet while the attention on them, the real criminal got worry. Imagine a supposed lawyer also joined in the feast.

  15. He was in dramas! And I like CNblue, but he is a Piece of Sh** what a sleaze ball underneath that good looking face.

    He has no respect for women, those poor women. I can never watch the dramas he is in anymore…They need to expose everyone in that chat. These monsters needs to be thrown out of the K-entertainment industry all these idols were looked up to by very young girls. The parents that has to explain to their very young kid who is into Kpop and why these slimeballs have to leave their bands.

    I hope the prosecutor will be able to put them all that was involved in the chat room behind bars.

    • @candycane – true, nothing of value will be lost if we don’t have to see any more of his ‘acting’.

      And no longer will his female costars have to pick up the slack for his bad acting like Gong Seung Yeon (she was so good in My Only Love Song, I just wished she had an actual actor for a co-lead and not this bullshit WGM fanservice reunion).

  16. I love bigbang bcuz of their music. Entertainment world is full of sins and lies. At least, one of every groups’ members isnt innocent. The same goes to actors. But i can differentiate which should i follow, which i shouldnt. I like bigbang’s music and i will keep on listening. While their characters outside of their music… It’s their personal thing.

    I dislike Lee Byun Hun for his cheating character, but i could still watch his drama Mr sunshine even though i shipped the female lead with 2nd guy, dongmae.

    Everyone has their own preference… But totally agree.. Those guys are trash!!!!

    How about Sopa thing? Trainees and politicians and chaebols?? Thanks to seungri, it seems like koreans forget about it. Sigh. Where is the journalist who first blow up seungri’s case, why not sopa?

    • Been asking about SOPA too but it’s non existent right now. K pop is fizzling away with all this notoriety and sleaze and I feel lost because music wise it was a joy to listen to but not anymore. I haven’t listened to anything k pop in the last week because I’m so sad over the whole ordeal. I feel the whole industry is hiding something bigger and worse then what is currently made public.

    • sopa already resolved, the principal is fired and handled to court so there is no need to say where is sopa?
      If they are hiding a bigger scandal, it may be but definitely not sopa

  17. Of course the idols are being used as scape goats. Given that they’re fucked up too but I would also like to see who these rich business man are. Catch them all and throw them in jail. There’s no product without a demand. Smfh.

  18. Horrible!! Jailed them for lifetime. I believe there are more coming to the surface. Bringing shame to the parents and country. The whole Korean entertainment are bullshits. Rape, hidden sex videos, abusing,make the young girls wearing skimpy clothes. This industry never respect women! I used to looking at South Korea with high respect. I’m sorry. I don’t think I will anymore.

  19. Maybe there is more to it. He may had made a deal with the prosecutor, not to reveal more, he will wiitness and leave the industry . I do not believe their agencies are innocents, bigger fishes are been covered. I question Those many and constant trips overseas, for one day or two! Highly suspecting other than talent was been negotiated ! (?)All this are just a dust, there are more dirt underneath on the swamp. Who is next?
    Even though, as we all learned and know how dangerously dirt pervet is the entertainment industry worldwide , the SKorean entertainment always try to diferenciate themselves by sale an image of rightfulness, success through hard work, values, family, loyalty, respect to fans and their artists, that are all a big BS*!
    I want to believe there are few, hard working, and honest few in this industry!(???) Time will tell.

  20. The gambling I really don’t care about, but the illegal filming and viewing of women w/o their consent is despicable. I absolutely condemn all of it. However, I just want to say that I think it’s important that we separate the actions of individuals from a group. I don’t think it’s particularly fair no longer support other members just because of something bad one particular member did.

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