Yong Jun Hyung Admits to Viewing Jung Joon Young’s Hidden Sex Video and Leaves Idol Group Highlight

On one hand I am pleased he came clean but on the other hand oooof this one hurts because I really liked him and now he’s cancelled in my mind. Former Beast and now Highlight member Yong Jun Hyung, who I came across thanks to the K-drama Monstar years ago, was initially swept up in the Seungri/Jung Joon Young chatroom sex video sharing scandal when it first broke 5 days ago. He denied it and his agency backed him up in releasing an official statement. But today he admitted that he viewed Jung Joon Young’s hidden recording sex video, just one mind you so he says, and apologizes for denying it initially because he didn’t remember which chat it happened in and had deleted the Kakao talk records. He was summoned by police for questioning and claims he admitted to everything once shown the retrieved chat records and takes full responsibility for the criminal offense and for going along with it and not stopped Jung Joon Young. He has voluntarily left the idol group Highlight to reflect. Yeah, go reflect in a ditch forever dude.


Yong Jun Hyung Admits to Viewing Jung Joon Young’s Hidden Sex Video and Leaves Idol Group Highlight — 48 Comments

  1. Awww…. I liked him and actually still remember him in Monstar. I remember wishing he would pick up another acting project. Oh well….nevermind. Sad to see another promising entertainer swept up in misdeeds.

  2. Damn it..How will I ever watch Monstar after this? I used to watch it from time to time when I get bored because I found it sweet and cute. And I too was hoping to see him act in something else. Sigh. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad this news broke so whoever did wrong gets punished including YJH. But why?? Why?? Why couldn’t be be a good guy?! Like the cute, innocent star he portrayed. Real life throwing cold water over all of us. All that glitters ain’t gold. You tell him koalamamma, go reflect in a ditch dude! Thanks for ruining a perfectly good show!

  3. Being a Highlight fan, this really hurts. I hope the rest of the members are taking it well. He is sort of the brain of the band, writing songs and producing albums. The members probably cant be even be associated with him anymore to avoid scandals.

  4. Because he viewed the sex video? Seriously? Lol so he will retire from the industry too? This so-called scandal is getting funnier.

    • IMO the reason is more than that. He saw the video and KNEW that it was wrong and a crime ( because of drugging women, raping or sexualizing them and making illegal videos), but he did not tell it to the officers of the law or anyone that could stop his “friend/s” from doing it. As a public figure, people would judge him for updholding immorality. I think YJH knows more about the video and all things JJY were doing, and before anyone could tarnished him more, he would want to escape than to tell more inconsistent statements.

    • @MistyEyes – You must be a huge fan of the idols in question, because of your dogged defense of their actions. I’m shook, literally. Do you think that these idols are retiring from the industry just because they viewed the videos? There must be other more incriminating charges waiting for them by the prosecution for them to choose to retire from the industry as a lesser of two evils. Remember – not everything is published by the media. Plus – wouldn’t the best defense be if they weren’t connected to the case at all? I’ve read your arguments continually trying to minimize the offenses committed by the idols in question – when the best defense for them is if they weren’t guilty in the first place. “Oppa didn’t really mean it” doesn’t have a place here – does it?

    • You do know that possession of these illegal videos is an offence too, right?

      “He only viewed the video” is enough, it’s a crime, just like possession and viewing of child sexual abuse images is a crime in any country. And he admitted in his own words to making inappropriate comments on it too. Take your ‘oppa fangirl’ goggles off for a second, his apology wasn’t even addressed to the victims of the hidden cameras he viewed, why do you feel the need to defend such men?

    • Some Woman gets druged and raped in the videos, others werde apparently filmed wihout consent. Which part is so funny for you?

    • Maybe there is more to it. He may had made a deal with the prosecutor, not to reveal more, he will wiitness and leave the industry . I do not believe their agencies are innocents, bigger fishes are been covered. I question Those many and constant trips overseas, for one day or two! Highly suspecting other than talent was been negotiated ! (?)All this are just a dust, there are more dirt underneath on the swamp. Who is next?
      Even though, as we all learned and know how dangerously dirt pervet is the entertainment industry worldwide , the SKorean entertainment always try to diferenciate themselves by sale an image of rightfulness, success through hard work, values, family, loyalty, respect to fans and their artists, that are all a big BS*!
      I want to believe there are few, hard working, and honest few in this industry!(???) Time will tell.

  5. Ockoala describe viewing the video as criminal offense. But is it really? If such act is actually not a crime by law, so it is actually ockoala who is the one committing a crime for stating and publishing such slanderous article.

    • Of course viewing a hidden sex recording is a crime, lol. Recording anyone whether audio or video WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT is a crime in South Korea. Period. Sharing the video is yet another criminal offense. Receiving is it also a criminal offense. I don’t think anyone who watched it will get prosecuted though, it’s a misdemeanor at most and honestly there are bigger fish to fry.

      • It is a misdemeanor but not a crime. However, slander is a crime.

        Recording was bad but it could have been consensual at the time of filming. You never know. Sharing the video was bad but looks like it’s was done in private and was not publicly distributed. Therefore Looks like getting these videos illegally was more like the criminal act in this case.

        Wrongly accusingsomeone, e.g. stating that these people committed a crime- yes a wrong action but not a crime, is a crime in itself. While writing this article you probably don’t know that until someone sue you. It was the same case as these group of celebs. At the time when they were chatting, they probably didn’t know their wrong doings until someone complained.

      • calling a crime a crime and calling a criminal a criminal is apparently slander. Lmao. He admitted to the crime and home girl still saying there’s not enough evidence. Lmaooooooo thanks for the entertainment

    • What is wrong with you? It’s illegal because those sex videos and nude photos of the women were taken without their consent and then passed and shared among them. Some of the women in those videos were even drugged and raped. That is a crime.

      • What is wrong with you? It’s still under investigation. Otherwise, these people would have been in jail already.

        My only point is; their alleged act and chatting was very wrong in essence but that is yet to proven, that is why it’s still under investigation. However accusing someone without valid proof that you yourself hold is a criminal act upfront. I don’t know why that is so difficult to understand.

      • Yes, still under investigation but the chat messages have been proven authentic and except Seung Ri, the rest already admitting to violate the laws and commiting criminal offences. What more evidence do you need to argue that this isn’t a crime? It’s just a matter of procedure and time to get them locked up in jail.

    • There is no longer any “alleged” part of the investigation. Jung Joon Young has admitted to recording hidden sex videos and sharing it. The acts are proven by his confession, I don’t know how that is hard to grasp. Same with Yong Jung Hyung here, he has admitted to doing the act in question, i.e. watching the sex video Jung Joon Young sent him. People don’t magically teleport to jail the moment they confess, the police still has the send the case to the prosecutors and then the person will be arrested. And even then they may go to jail and post a bond or are let out of jail on own recognizance if it’s not a violent crime or they are a risk to society. Not being a jail at this very second means nothing.

      And oh my god did you just say that the celebs didn’t KNOW it was wrong to record sex videos without consent or share it when they were doing it? Like, even if that was true and it isn’t because they hid it so well, that doesn’t make a crime not a crime because the person doing it didn’t think or know it was a crime. I’m laughing so hard here sorry.

      • Yes but it is yet to be determined whether it’s a criminal act or not, that is why the investigation is still on-going. If you don’t hold a valid evidence, don’t you think accusing them is a slanderous act and slander is a crime. That is my point.

      • Also @mistyeyes in the case of JJY’s group chat , it is no longer a question if the criminal acts of spreading the videos occured considering the accused admitted to the crime already. The investigation is to determine the extent of the crime committed, the severity, and who was involved. For example he will get punished for the hidden videos since it is a crime in korea and he admitted to it already. However they need to determine if any of these videos depicted other crimes such as rape etc. They will also need to determine who is involved since other people were sending and watching videos, so yes the investigation is still ongoing. In regards to Seungri, he hasn’t admitted outright to anything except causing trouble, so the investigation is going to deterimine whether he 1) committed any crimes 2) the extent of his involvement in those crimes and 3) who else was involved.

    • @ MistyEyes

      A misdemeanor is a crime just as a felony is a crime. I am a lawyer, please don’t even try here.

      I’m not slandering anyone, and if it was it would be libel since I’m writing and not speaking. Get your allegation correct before slinging it around.

      If your entire basis is that what these guys did is NOT A CRIME and writing that it is a crime is wrong then you are so far off the deep end. Recording sex videos without consent is breaking a South Korean law (i.e. a crime), sharing it is breaking a South Korean law (i.e. a crime), and viewing it knowingly is breaking a South Korean law (i.e. a crime). These are facts. Even Jung Joon Young and Yong Jun Hyung have admitted what they did was a criminal offense and agreed to participate in the police investigation.

      Also there is no “consensual” element of the recording anymore – Jung Joon Young admitted he took all the videos without the womens consent. Most of the women were passed out drunk, drugged, or asleep in the videos so that’s not a surprise no one could consent. Oh, and even if someone consented to make a video (i.e. I made a sex video with my husband in the privacy of our own home), that doesn’t mean he can then share it with his friends. I did not consent to the video being shared. So two different consents are needed.

      The acts that took place is legally and factually a crime under South Korean law, that isn’t what the investigation is about. The investigation is whether these guys did the crimes in question. And since they confessed then it’s proven and time to go on to the punishment stage.

      • However it’s still under investigation. Besides, if you don’t hold the evidence to support the accusation, it’s slander. Don’t you think? Since you are a lawyer.

      • Both men have confessed I don’t know how you don’t get that. The investigation has no bearing on whether it’s just an allegation when there is a confession.

        Also it’s not slander, I’m not shouting anything I’m writing it. *headdesk*

      • I think that is your own conclusion, unless if you have the summary of the investigation and hold a valid proof, then I can say your accusations about these men are valid. Anyway, you are solely responsible to anything you say. I was just curious how come how easy for some people to write accusations against someone esp if that someone doesn’t hold any valid proof to support, even the so-called confession.

      • @Mistyeyes Yong Jun Hyung and JJY already admitted to their wrongdoings and a lot of what they e did, so nothing ockoala said in this post is alleged anymore. This isn’t a so-called confession as you put it, it came from the two celebrities themselves. Many of the accused has admitted their wrongdoings so a lot of these facts aren’t alleged anymore although a lot is still being investigated. All ockoala is doing is stating her opinion on a case in the news, she isn’t saying things or accusing people of things without evidence. Ockoala is within her legal rights on what she chooses to write and post on her blog.

      • Omg misty eyes which part of koala’s reply you don’t get? Please stop supporting / hero worshipping the wrong people. Really. For your own good.

    • Where have you been for the past two months? Have you been following the news about them?

      “Ockoala describe viewing the video as criminal offense. But really?”

      YES, IT IS. According to S.Korean Law that is.

      “If such act is actually not a crime by law”

      There’s no if; IT IS A CRIME according to S.Korean Law.

      Reading your replies to Ockoala is frustrating. You’ve asked and Ockoala has provided the answer. It’s a crime, there’s no if! JJY admitted he did those.

      Besides, pretty much all South Korean media, as well as BBC wrote the same thing. Are you going to say all of them are slandering?

      • I suppose we can see the experience of looking at @MistyEyes’ comments in this thread as an anthropological observation of the “delusional fangirl” type. The type that insists that facts are fake and truth is lies.

      • Lolzzz, she still tried to believe that there is consensual to sex video and denied to trust all the evidences and facts exposed; she believes all of us are gullible and she is the only one that has the most neutral view waiting for police investigation.
        Those man are trash , dirt and satan disguises as humans. They deserved to be jailed and cut their balls in there.

      • His/Her username says it all. Eyes are Misty, hence cannot read clearly. LOLOL.

      • Apparently mist has gone to the head now and causing severe delusion and incoherence

      • @Lydwinnec Exactly. It’s baffling. People need to see facts as facts. I don’t get how can you see anything in these people once you get to realize the harsh reality of their acts.

    • @ MistyEyes What is wrong with you???!!! Confession has been done, what’s more to doubt. Ockoala, a lawyer by profession, has explained all the points for you to understand but you still can’t get it. Even a layman should understand that a “confession” is all it takes to prove that a crime has been committed.

  6. All of this is creating huge damage as its getting huge press internationally…Its a pity that the entertainment recognition now has become suddenly popular for all the wrong reasons and its even being connected to the Spy camera problems in South Korea saying its a wide spread issue in Korean Society…reported in my country.

  7. Omg some fans must love oppa so much to still think oppa is probably still innocent even after oppas confessed to committing the crimes. These are still false evidence and wrong accusations to oppas. Felt sad to those victims especially the one that were drugged and rape. I’m glad that the person who chose to turn all these information didn’t buried everything. Instead they turn it in to safe more women who could easily become the next victims.

  8. @mistyEyes
    Didn’t you read YJH’s own statement? He said he could’t remember at first and then he went for questioning and the police showed him all the texts(evidence) he had written and he was ashamed and felt terrible.

  9. I don’t get the meaning of “retire to reflect” as if they didn’t know that what they were doing was awfull . Never judge a book by his cover, the same goes for humans. Pretty faces doesn’t mean pretty souls !

  10. @MistyEyes must need to go get the fangirl mist out of her eyes bc I just lol’d at all her comments. She need to get some non-misty reality eyes bc those misty eyes is not making her go blind

      • Haha…yes misty eyes and it’s clouding her judgement!

        Unfortunately some people just don’t get it. Like people who believe the Holocaust never happened…or believe in alternate facts…whatever…

  11. Next will be Lee jonghuyn( CNBLUE) with all the text about group sex, drugging the girls and exchange the girls for sex. Disgusting.

  12. why does SBS releases information piece by piece day by day. Maybe it is for the rating, but maybe there is something else that they trying to draw the people’s attention away.
    Hmmm, the reinvestigation of Jang Ja Yeon scandals 10 years ago with all the big names involved will be expired in 15 days. After that, all the injustice that she received and her death will be forgotten in vain.
    This society is full of trash and devils.

  13. I am hoping that everyone in the group chat will be released to the public, and that the K-Ent will rid all the celebrities involved in this scandal and that they get jail time if they reposted the videos to others. These “idols” were supported by pre-teen and teenage girls. CNBlue and FT island — oof on that too, as I really liked their band songs.
    It took me by surprise that Beast/Highlight Young Jung Hyun is caught up in this as I really liked the Monster drama.
    Too bad he has such an awful friend. I honestly hopes that he is a good witness helps in sending the Piece of sh** to jail. The chat that was exposed, these guys were not sorry at all, they are only sorry that they were caught. They thought drugging and raping the girls were all fun and games and a prize or trophy…poor girls, and if any of the girls are part of the K-ent, I hope Korea’s government will put down some laws or protection to the women in the industry, So glad the SBS reporter broke the story. I am hoping the police get everyone involved in the chat room.

  14. The thing that got me most in the post above is that he claimed he had “forgotten” watching the tape. They filmed a woman without her consent and probably made her feel truly awful, and he “forgot” about it. Seriously.

    Let more of them quit and/or go to jail for their crimes. Everyone with the same inclanations will be scared of the consequences and maybe future crimes will be prevented. And I seriously hope that the police and the “hyung” who covered past crimes are put to jail as well.

    FYI: It is obvious that a troll tried to feed here.

  15. A bunch of trashed!! Bringing shame to their parents and country. This K-pop artists with bad attitude will only brings bad values to young people.

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