Suzy Confirmed to Join Soop Management the Same Agency as Gong Yoo

There is two confirmed news about Suzy, all breaking on the same Monday morning in Seoul. First confirmed news is that after leaving longtime agency JYP she has signed with SOOP Management, the same rumored agency she was headed to and the same agency as top movie star Gong Yoo and other famous stars including Gong Hyo Jin, Kim Jae Wook, Seo Hyun Jin, Jung Yumi, Nam Ji Hyun, et al. Another confirmed news is that she’s donated 100 million won to fire relief for the fires in Gangwon province, a natural disaster in Korea that has many stars donating already so it’s great to see both prayers and monetary help directed towards those in need.


Suzy Confirmed to Join Soop Management the Same Agency as Gong Yoo — 12 Comments

  1. I like her a lot. It’s probably the right choice for her to go to this specific agency. It can only benefit her acting. With her next dating rumor I fear her being labeled a Korean Taylor Swift. On the other hand, the Korean society and entertainment industry needs to open up to the reality of people’s life in the 21. century. Dating is a personal choice and nobody has to interfere! Of course, people are dating. Idols, singers, actors,… are people, too. So, yes, they are dating, too. Maybe Suzy case could be an icebreaker for other female idols: even if you are an idol or female or both, it’s your life. You can date who ever you like.And as often as you like

  2. Aww I thought she and Lee Dong Wook made a cute cool couple but that fizzled out. I’m down with dating news the more the merrier and happy if they are confirmed to be. It better news then all the sordid other muck we’ve been getting with BS, illegal filming etc…And a note over 30 K celebs have donated to the Gangwon province Fire maybe more but they did so anonymously.

  3. Hmm its obviously very fake because if BTS is dating (even a rumor), social media would have been flooded with this news but I had to search for it and only a single tweet came out (on April Fools).

  4. Congratulations and wonderful news for Suzy..everything in her life and career seem perfect at the moment. She deserves the best.?

  5. waley na nga face, waley pa acting, frozen fezlak on screen, paanu kaya eto sumikat. anw, kaya yan lumipat, next target nyan maka Date si Gong Yoo, aysus matagal nya na crush yun First love pa nga nya ata yun during Cofee Prince, stalker yan si Suzy ni YEH, gaya-gaya puto-maya lng. hayys

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