Song Hye Kyo Ushers in Spring in Daffodil Yellow at Vedi Vero Event in Seoul

This might be the softest shade of yellow I recall seeing in a long time and it’s just so lovely on the eyes. K-actress Song Hye Kyo tossed out her last public appearance outfit, a morbid all-black long-sleeve Mortitia Adam’s style gown at the Hong Kong Film Awards last week, for a breath of fresh spring air attending the sunglasses brand Vedi Vero event in Seoul this weekend. I can’t tell if it’s a dress with a belt or a two piece shirt top and matching A-line skirt but the proportions work perfectly on petite Song Hye Kyo and the color makes her glow even more. She paired it with an orange-shade lipstick and simple gold bracelet and I thought the only thing that could be switched out was her platform sandals for platform closed-toe pumps to better accessorize the look.


Song Hye Kyo Ushers in Spring in Daffodil Yellow at Vedi Vero Event in Seoul — 8 Comments

  1. Very demure and elegant. I like the style of dress, shoes and lipstick. That’s a whole lot better then the last article on the Seoul fashion turnout there. Moving forward OCN should secure SHK in any genre be it crime/thriller/supernatural drama and cast her alongside Jang Hyuk. That would be a super OTP made in K drama heaven.

  2. I want a reunion drama of Won bin and SHK and that was like my wish eversince Autumn Tale…She just finished a drama so it would take her 2 to 3 years to make another 1 again and Won Bin doesnt seem to have an interest in making 1 so until now it remains to be a dream of mine…aigoo!

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