K-stars Attend Louis Vuitton and Omega Events in Seoul with Mixed Fashion Results

I feel like K-actor Joo Ji Hoon has been not just starring in multiple K-dramas in 2019 thus far he’s also prominent at many fashion events more often than not looking like fashion roadkill. It’s not just him, so many events lately yield really awkward looking PR shots and make me wonder if it’s worth the celebs attending if it results in meh pics. Joining Joo Ji Hoon at this weekend’s Louis Vuitton event in Seoul is his Kingdom costar Bae Doo Na smothered in a giant flower drape masquerading as a dress, with only singer Sunmi having fun with her outfit and radiating joy at her attendance. Across town was the Omega event where the ladies all wore white and I found Sooyoung the best dressed but mostly the competition in that category was thin. Poor Krystal maybe should consider taking a break from her coordi and attending events she clearly doesn’t care to be at.


K-stars Attend Louis Vuitton and Omega Events in Seoul with Mixed Fashion Results — 5 Comments

  1. White on white on white on zzzzzz I give up. Sooyoung looks beautiful today as usual but her cheeks are chubby as. Is that really her? Krystal looks like she was forced there and had to physically put her b*tch resting face into play. Either that or pants were a tad bit tight.

  2. I really like Sunmi’s outfit because it looks like a breath of fresh air in a sea of monochromes.
    Something that irks me when I see Korean celebrities in fashion events is that they don’t mostly seem to dress according to their body shapes. Krystal’s suit is the best example.

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