Ji Chang Wook Discharged From Military Service with Fans Aplenty Welcoming His Return

It’s back-to-back military discharges this week, first with Lee Min Ho two days ago and now Ji Chang Wook returns to the fold. He served in the army in the performing arts division where he was able to maintain his acting chops by performing in army musicals so that was cool. Ji Chang Wook looked so happy to see his fans there to welcome him, and of course to be finished honorably from mandatory service with a job well done. He doesn’t have much down time though as he’s already signed up for a romance drama called Melt Me by the screenwriter of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and Women of Dignity. Welcome back Ji Chang Wook!


Ji Chang Wook Discharged From Military Service with Fans Aplenty Welcoming His Return — 19 Comments

  1. Welcome back JCW. Always admire an actor who can sing in musicals as well. Bright future for him. Can’t wait to see him in Melt Me. Happy happy week all round with Lee Min Ho being discharged too and HJW teasing fans with visuals of chocolates, organic vege, fruit and flowers alluding to her new drama Chocolate. I will watch it for the cakes, chocolates and Italian food alone. A breath of fresh air, good news after all the sex and cheating scandals headlines. Fighting all my faves!

  2. hhh. i used to love this guy. but since i found out about the people he hangs out with… can’t help but feel distrustful. somehow his expressions seems insincere for me now. sometimes ignorance is bliss. since apparently he’s not guilty of anything, i hope i’ll be able to enjoy his next drama and not let uneasy feeling about his private life ruin the experience.

  3. JCW served in Cheorwon Artillery Brigade. His co-star in the musical KHN is serving in the Army Military Police the same department Park Hyung Shik applied in. They just happen to also be doing a musical.

  4. Welcome back crown prince of club arena! Your career is done now. Just like park yoo chun once you trash is always trash. I thought this was karma cause he use to sleep all of his costar. If he involved with burning club I hope he’s career is done and never comeback!!! Trash man.

  5. If I know right these clubs very popular places where both celebrities and normal people could go there before these last scandals were revealed. While it is confirmed he hasn’t relation with this scandal and he also hasn’t any acquintance with Seungri and JJY I don’t understand why JCW ‘s going there might be something that would cause him to end his career.

    And he and Cnblue JH became friends early 2017 through Vespa Social Clup. A person who joined this group later JH. And JCW has lot of close friends in this Vespa cycle. So I Think it’s just unfair to questioned of JCW’s character because of JH.

    *by the way, sorry my english ๐Ÿ™

    • @Mariapuder- Good going and point made as that photo of him at BS with Madame? (Sorry forgot her name) stirred a lot of doubt about JCW and his agency was quick to dispel it as it was detrimental to his reputation. Even now heโ€™s still under suspicion which is unfair. I hope he settles back in to work and does well regardless of what is being implied.

  6. I am just going to say that at this point why are international fans joining the bloody lynching mentality of the Korean netizens?

    S Korea has strict tough laws. Not every country has them. I am not advocating illegal drug use but honestly, are they really your morals and ethics? It seems as if people are lording their righteousness over people who use drugs. And celebrities as well.

    Drug use is illegal as well here. But even I who ask people their drug consumption and frequency and use don’t have this morally superior attitude as you all.

    Shesh. And yes people would comment since there seems to a culture of attacking posters here. I am not aiming a specific commenter but the whole tone and comments for these ongoing scandals which international fans seems as intent as Koreans ti drag everyone and anyone? You guys resemble a lynching mob mood.

    I won’t be replying. And I will stop reading these articles coming out. I am not hiding but honestly drug use is rampant in this world. Why behave as if this is a new thing Korean celebraties drug use is like an astonishing totally unknown phenomenon.

      • ck1Oz says “I won’t be replying”. LOL. This is very irresponsible for spreading a rumor about JCW with illegal drug use in his article!! Zhesh.

    • Ji Chan Wook is not currently in a drug scandal, so your comment might be in the wrong article.
      I cannot wait to see Ji Chan Wook on screen again. He is one of the very few that has very good looks and good acting to go with it.
      As far as him being part of Seungri’s and JYJ scandal, I will wait until they unearth actual evidence of him performing the henious acts before I write him off. One picture does not mean much, and as far as him being friends with the others, we do not know to what extent his friendship is. Not everyone knows what their friends do 100% of the time.

      Or you can look at it another way. Park Yoo Chun is denying that he is a drug addict and will not admit to it. No one can force him to go into Drug Rehab. Perhaps going to Jail is his only chance to get clean as he would be forced to since the government will not provide the drugs he is addicted to. There will also be medical help for him in Jail.

      Celebrities in Asian Countries are held to a higher standard because most of the dramas and images are geared for the whole family to watch. Many of these idols have very young fans that look up to them, as such they need to at least appear to be wholesome. Which is in stark contrast to those of U.S. Hollywood or U.S. Entertainment where scandals good or bad will propel you to fame….i.e. the Kardashians and how they got famous, the drugs that many actors/actresses/singers in the U.S. take.

      To be addicted to an illegal drugs is something that the person need to be responsible for himself. No one forced him to continue the habit, but he chose to. If he does not recognize that he is in a downward spiral, then this intervention might help him more than going him being outside of jail.

      There are trolls in this blog that keeps commenting, and they create different names to post. I don’t understand why they do it, but you can quickly recognize them when there are multiple negative comments all in a row.

  7. I would clarify that my job means that I probably get a more honest answer about the amount and habit than people just reading about it. And I get more lectures/ experiemce3 the illegal drug use from known experts than keyboard warriors. I could probably give lectures if I need to as well.

    And yeah I watch Kdramas. So what? Just because life is ugly doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a good drama when I watch it.

    And yes I am happy to read he is back.

  8. Judging by the super salty comment by probably just one very bitter person making multiple accounts, I wonder if JCW rejected to sleep with her, so she’s making it a mission to defame and spread her bitterness toward him everywhere.

  9. I cannot wait to see him back in dmrama-land. One of the very few good looking ones that can also act.

    I will wait for evidence of him associated with the scandal. So far there is none, especially when they already scanned the phones of the guys that are linked to the scandal.

    If anyone that takes a pic or is even remotely related to the ones that were part of the Sex and drug scandal, then every single K-entertainment is guilty.

    Not everyone that talks to those monsters did the awful act.

  10. Crown prince of Arena is back and his disgusting fans are gearing up to overhype his OTT acting and make excuses for his shadiness. Must be great to be a plastic-faced male actor.

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