Park Yoochun is Arrested and Netizens Unearth Pictures with Finger and Leg Bruises Akin to Meth Injection Marks

At this point covering Park Yoochun and his drug case is like a PSA for “don’t do drugs, kids, it can ruin your life!” The problem with drug use is that it’s never just once and the addiction that takes root can and do destroy a person’s life whether famous or ordinary. Yoochun was formally arrested today and netizens also unearthed pictures from recent years showing Yoochun with very noticeable bruises on his legs and his fingers that are consistent with a serious meth problem. Meth addiction when it gets to very serious levels includes the user injecting directly into the blood veins using a needle. Arms are the first place but eventually the veins aren’t visible anymore so users move to the legs where there are a lot more veins. Meth injection sites can be very irritated and the scratching of the irritation leads to bruising and scarring, and also the finger tips to be irritated from being used to scratch. The pictures of Yoochun’s bruised and scarred legs and swollen fingers will hopefully scare some younger viewers to STAY AWAY FROM DRUGS M’KAY.

Example of Meth Leg below:


Park Yoochun is Arrested and Netizens Unearth Pictures with Finger and Leg Bruises Akin to Meth Injection Marks — 69 Comments

  1. Ockoala is getting worse. Tsk tsk…

    I don’t understand why the guy is being treated as criminal. He is the victim who needs medical help. Run after those drug lords or anyone that sells drugs and those drug rings producing these illegal drugs.

    • He is a criminal, he possessed the drug. Even though he never sold it, he did buy it so this is punishable. Why should we protect him? First off, if he wanted to help himself, he should have come clean instead of making tearful excuses. You shouldn’t protect someone who is ungrateful in the trust of others. Also, if he was really a victim in need of medical help, he should have looked for help even if it brought his drug addiction to light. His lying about everything is way worse than admitting fault and promising to sober up.

    • Heol. Are you serious? He knew it’s lawfully illegal to use drugs, yet, he bought it, not once, but many times already and you said he’s not a criminal??? Lols. If he kills someone, the criminal one will be those who are producing knifes, not him, lmao.

      The drugs lords, the buyers and everyone in this drug circle are criminal. No victim in this circle. Everyone knows the consequences.

      He didn’t seem like he got forced to do drugs. He has been arrested and police will take care of the drugs lord. Hopefully he will help them too by telling the truth. It’s the way to help himself too.

      • You all probably are either too young or don’t know the essence of empathy that you easily jump easily as to why he resorted into drugs. Drugs are drugs either legal or illegal. Whether it’s fentanyl, morphine or meth or even add in paracetamol are all drugs. They are used by someone to ease or cure for something. Whoever uses them are patients or victims of any form of illness. And you people should not underestimate mental illness. Thus these drug users should be treated not jailed, they should be treated.

        Why there are no news about those drug lords?

      • By the way, have anyone here procured antibitotic without doctors prescription? Whoever did, fyi there’s no difference between yourself and PYC.

      • @MistyEyes – are you implying that people can be addicted to antibiotics? Don’t be stupid. LOL.

      • @candycane Do you actually understand what you are talking about? Better read than hanging around. Your statement indicates you now nothing.

      • *know nothing…. -*

        @candycane keep your lol with you.. If I were you… read more… focus on your studies. Does sound like you are still a student. Don’t be like Ockoala who claims she is a lawyer. lol

      • Of course I know what I am talking about. Your analogy is totally wrong! Do you actually understand what you are talking about? Don’t mention anything about antibiotics if I were you. You can blab on and on about your addictive drug theory (fentanyl, meth, morphine) but just leave antibiotics alone. Antibiotics are used to save lives, if you have extra, please donate to the third world countries who need help. You sound very pathetic!! Don’t act like a teacher when we do not need one here.

      • I doubt if you understand what you are talking about. Do you know what is drug abuse? Instead of running around online with your mouth full of crxp, what don’t you go do volunteering. I am sure there are many mental health facilities who needs volunteers.

    • You’re right he does needs drug rehab… in the form of roommates, jail cells, a shared bathroom and shower and 24 hour watch. What better way to not do drugs.

      Honey, your argument is invalid. Let’s compare it to child pornography shall we? The person who produces it, the person who distributes it and the person who buys/views it are all criminals and they all will suffer the consequences of the law. So you don’t have to worry about the PYC’s drug distributors, they too shall be punished. And don’t worry your oppa will get drug “rehab” in jail. Sounds like all your worries are taken care of.

    • @mistyeyes The minute he started using he commited a crime in Korea (it is also illegal in many countries), that alone warrants an arrest. To be honest going to jail might be the best thing for him since he hopefully will not have access to these drugs which will allow him to break the addiction. Also being in jail will hopefully force him to get medical help for what appears to be a significant drug problem if those pictures are any indication.

      • But not in this form of arrest as if he is a criminal, while, the druglords are running free.

        No wonder drug problems are never solved.

      • @mistyeyes Yes those drug dealers should be arrested but so should Yoochun since the fact is he committed a crime as well. He was the one to make the choice to start doing drugs knowing perfectly well they are illegal in S.Korea, that is a choice he made and needs to own up to. Yes drug problems never completely go away and are a constant struggle to stay clean but the important thing is to start and while he is out and about and has the funds to buy drugs, he will never get clean. He deserves to be arrested because he did commit a crime and hopefully he can begin to get clean while serving his time.

    • @MistyEyes
      How you seem to think you’re so intelligent and empathetic while disparaging other people (“You all probably are either too young or don’t know the essence of empathy”, “focus on your studies. Does sound like you are still a student.” etc.) is obnoxious. And wow, do I find your worldview twisted. (Just expressing my honest opinion here, since you yourself so loved doing that with other people.)
      Yeah, I have ZERO sympathy for people who use drugs for the high. How dumb can you be to say people who use antibiotics to treat bacterial infections are the same as people who use psychedelics and opioids and the like recreationally? The latter are highly addictive drugs and are illegal for a reason. Antibiotics are not. And yeah, people committing illegal acts ought to expect to get treated like criminals if they’re caught. Sure, drug dealers are scum. This doesn’t make the people choosing to buy and consume those drugs innocent victims. Not if they willingly started on that path. Btw, that whole market wouldn’t exist with only offer, without the demand.

    • @MistyEyes
      Even if you have a point (“druglords”) by attacking everyone who disagrees with you, you’re ruining every bit of a human and adult discussion. We are here to exchange opinions. Not to be ridiculed for disagreeing!

      It’s horrible to read your answers to others on this site. And I have for a while now. I can’t believe that you would argue in the same manner in real life. You would constantly butting heads with every single person who doesn’t say “yes & amen” to you.

      Aren’t you tried to constantly point fingers at others here (e.g. telling them how childish they are) or lashing out advises that you yourself probably won’t follow?  Astonishingly,  you don’t seem to see your own faults.

      Instead of providing additional support for your opinion and let reason and well-founded arguments speak for themselves, you just attack. Assuming people have to be younger than you or lack empathy. Is that a grownup behavior that shows empathy?

      According to the Oxford Dictionary empathy is “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another”. Are understanding anybody else than yourself or your bias actor/ singer? It’s not about agreeing with someone. It’s just understanding a different view and the feelings behind it.

      BTW, English is my third language. And before you start saying I’m younger, I probably ain’t. Unless your 42. Than I seriously wonder under what rock you have been living since now.

      • I’m convinced mistyeyes is a troll. Surely, no one can possibly be that dumb. Guys don’t feed the trolls. Or better yet, troll them back.

    • MistyEyes you are crazy and scumbag like yoo chun! First he denies being rapist and now he denies use drugs. Amazing he still fans who defending him, and believe he was victims and innocent. Misty eyes is psychopath!!

    • I totally agree…the poor kid just needs help. Once drugs take hold of your brain, it’s an addiction that he cannot control without medical intervention.
      A lot of people suffer from addictions that they will spend a lifetime fighting: cigarette addiction, sugar addiction, sexual addiction, alcohol addiction and drug addiction is certainly the worse one that’s difficult to self treat. And when you are under influence you do things that you would not normally do.
      We should feel sorry for the poor kid who’s been living in a private hell it seems for a longtime now and also now has to deal with it being made public.
      I feel like social media just keep desensitizing people and we have lost our sense of empathy.

  2. I feel sorry for him. Really such a waste of a promising future. How did he happened to befall to this plight? He made wrong decision and brought all these to himself. Doing drugs is definitely a crime. Even then, I hope he will get the help he needed.

  3. That is horrible and very noticeable. Why did it take this long to book him or suspect him of doing drugs?? Smh.

  4. In one of the pictures it looks like he is in uniform. Does that mean he was doing meth while he was doing his National Service?

  5. Like how he’s a crim all crooked and hooked up on drugs no denying that but that his ex fiancée dopey conniving slug has no articles posted or even any updates on her wrong doings to date and word is that her family has paid to have all mention of her articles eradicated. Now that’s fantastic journalism just like your typical K cliched drama complete with tropes and as always the rich will always win the day. Like @mistyeyes I hope he gets all the help and rehab when he’s sentenced and has a strong family and friends supporter base to help him through this time. Some of the articles surfacing over Korean chaebols remind me of the French 17th century King Louis and Marie Antoinette ‘Let then eat cake’ and we all know what happened to them after the French Revolution. If Korean Entertainment doesn’t clean up their act I’m off to watch Japanese and Taiwanese dramas for sure. All this sordid K ent news is ruining my K drama viewing.

    • The sordid news is not just Korean Entertainment. Japanese and Taiwanese has their fair share of scandals as well as all the other countries. Are you going to just not watch any shows at all?

    • you so LOL
      fine don’t watch kdrama again and don’t be in this koala websites with Korean news anymore. just stick to your c drama

      • @Larana -Go hard or go home I wrote Japanese and Taiwanese dramas if you care to re read. Not once did I write Chinese dramas. And don’t be telling me what to do I’m free to come and go as I please. Geez it’s annoying when you write a post but have to clarify your response because it’s been misconstrued. Go above to my post where I wrote ‘If K entertainment doesn’t clean up their act I’m off…’

  6. Well, I get the lies now because he’s a full-on addict. To see how this path can go, check out Jan Michael Vincent on Wikipedia. I had the biggest crush on him back in the 1980ies (I’m GenX). He was considered an actor with charisma off the charts and he could never shake the addiction. He died just a few months ago and the wasted potential and life is truly tragic. Truthfully, I think Robert Downey Jr was right and going to jail was the best thing that happened to him. I hope YC gets some help regardless of where he ends up.

    • @kat if you know jmv you may have about the same age as me , i was a fan of Richard Grieco ! LOL. I’m not defending PYC but he should be treated . It”s sad when you see someone throwing away his life like that . You don’t take drugs just like that, there are mental issues behind. USA are going through a real problem thanks to abuse of strong pain killers . People didn’t seem to be so shocked to see a drama As HOUSE M.D with a druggie hero ! DON’t FORGET THAT alcohol is an addiction that kills more people than drugs. But when i watched dramas people drink as it is a normal thing and they even brag about the amount they can handle ! I find it irresponsible .For me an alcoholic is the same as a drug user.

      • @cahill
        Good point. I never understood Korea’s obsession with drinking while they have zero tolerance for drug abusers. To me an alcoholic and a drug addict are in the same category. Just because one’s choice of poison is socially acceptable doesn’t mean it will destroy you any less.

  7. Have you checked whether those photos are genuine? He must be a serious mental case running around in shorts with those bruises.

    • Sis…I think you’re spending too much time on the internet trying to feel good about yourself by calling out others for lacking empathy LOL Get off your high horse Bc your argument is so invalid! PYC deserves no sympathy Bc he’s a lying druggie who’ve committed rape! Let’s call it what it is, your oppa will go to jail where he will receive all the “mental help” he needs!

  8. Somehow I think the pictures are fake-photo shopped. He could not possibly be that stupid to run around in shorts showing such bruising/sores on his legs and/or revealing his fingers with so many bruises. Have never seen such trash and I used to work in a rehab facility. How mean to post such horrible lies.

  9. Well, I guess this is why we have not seen him in any drama’s in the last few years.
    I only saw one drama with him and that was Miss Ripley all the way to the end. That drama was actually good.

    The other one was “I Miss You” with Yoon Eun Hye. I rooted for the second lead male since he is one of my favorite actors, Park Yoo Chun was awful on that show. He doesn’t do rough and gruff well, he is better at playing the rich heir.
    Welp, another actor bites the dust on drug use. I guess this explains the other scandal of him in the club restroom….. Hope he gets the help he so badly needed in prison.

  10. Those bruises look horrible but there are also plenty of scrapes and scratches too. I do landscaping and after working at clearing an area my legs (even when I’m wearing jeans) end up banged up with numerous bruises and scrapes so I wonder if something else caused it. Don’t know about the fingers,tho. Guess we’ll find out soon. In the meantime, his ex will get probation after saying she regrets it and was coerced and since this will be her FIRST OFFENSE.yeah,of course it is.

  11. @anon – Well there is more news emanating from Korea regarding the molka tapes; drug scandals etc right now which dominates headlines and like I wrote if K entertainment doesn’t clean up their act yes I will be boycotting K dramas and watching J and T dramas for sure.

    • Okay…you do realize that not all the Korean Actress or Actors are awful?
      I am guessing you are not watching any American dramas or movies after the “Cosby” scandal and that “Weinstein” scandal or the drugs that a lot of stars are known to take in Hollywood, New york recording studios?

      My point is really, the stars are all have a image either made up by their company or by them. Their personal life and their job are two different things. I struggle with this too, as I can’t watch the Cosby show ever again or watch a movie that Weinstein helmed as I am not sure if the main actress had to sleep with him to get that part. Annnnd…..the Kardashians, now that I found out they got famous because of the sex tape that was leaked to the media..

      Actually, if Park Yoo Chun had taken the drugs in America/hollywood, it would have been just a ‘shrug the shoulder’ offense and not be a big deal, except for the 15 min of fame.

      Don’t just write off a whole country’s industry. Of course, you can watch whatever you like on your spare time.

      • @anon – Do you need to state the obvious of course I know that not all K actors are like that. The trouble I have is that I should have written ‘some’ and not pegged the entire industry however people jump on this as you have done and pointed it out. However you’re right I don’t watch Western(American, British) dramas for years now as I have found my niche in Asian dramas and am content with that. Just as I have done above I’ll spell it out again I wrote ‘If K entertainment doesn’t clean up their act I will…’ Its merely a statement made I don’t know how and why it would affect you in any way?

  12. @MistyEyes Do you perhaps have personal problems with ockoala? You seemed determine to oppose her opinions at all cost, and always critize whatever article she wrote. If you don’t even like ockoala’s writing style, then why are you still here? Honestly, you’re starting to get really annoying. Go find other blogs that are more to your liking for goodness sake!

    • hahaha, I think @MistyEyes is jealous that Ms Koala is a lawyer and @MistyEyes is a nothing other than a keyboard warrior. Start your own blog if you like to preach your twisted theories! LOL.

      • @candycane, i’m not defending @MistyEyes as she can do it herself but i don’t like the fact of denigrate someone about his profession. every profession has an importance . Being a lawyer,a doctor,…doesn’t mean that you are Superior . What matters is what kind of human being you are. I suppose that i have Watch too much épisodes of “little house on the ….”

      • If you think being a keyboard warrior is an important profession then we are all professionals here ?? Do I imply being a doctor or a lawyer is Superior? I don’t think I ever said that at all and I certainly don’t think so, it’s just a job. But there is a big difference between a pathetic idiot than an insightful blogger. Choose wisely.

      • @candycane sorry if i misunderstood but you don’t know the real profession of @Mistyeyes. Don’t act if you didn’t understood my meaning. Choose wisely ! I’m not Indiana Jones . I’m not trying to find which cup is the Graal! And yes i talked only about non asians, it’s just that all them are still revelant , perhaps because there is a kind of hypocrisy. I’m not his fan but he is being treated as a murderer when what he did is destroying his life and suffer his family. Fans and Entertainment friends are not important as they are like the weather.

      • @cahill – I suggest you not get involved in this. Speaking for a pathetic troll does not reflect well on your mentality.

  13. Interesting discussions…..
    The image I have got so far from all this constant reporting is the SK police are useless. I’m used to police doing investigation behind closed doors and when the final verdict is delivered by the court and jury then, all the facts are released. Here and in Seungri’s case the reporters are releasing news bit by bit and no one is behind bars yet. I’m not a fan of PYC but I know he suffers from asthma so that means he probably has some skin problems too either eczema or dermatitis. I can’t look at a photo of his legs and say they are caused by injections. People who are drug abusers use their biggest veins to inject and that’s usually in the arm or their groin area, not below the knee.
    And yep, bad comparison between antibiotics and crystal meth. Crystal meth is so addictive that it’s not available as a legal drug in most countries. I would compare methamphetamine to opium and if you are interested in learning history then you will know what that did to China years ago (thanks to the British). It took them 100 years to recover and that’s why laws should be hard on drug abusers.

    • @ABC i liked your post. but my English doesn’t permit me to write like this and my posts are most of time not understable. I thought about indians of north america who became addict to alcohol thanks to ” true americans!”.

  14. I don’t know this guy. Never watched his dramas and not into kpop. Find him unattractive. But compared to Seungri, JJY , CJH and the rest of their criminal cronies….this guy has just taken drugs and he needs help ! He needs rehab instead of jail. Addicts need help and should’t be treated like criminals.

      • He should have live in the 60’s 70′ with David Bowie, Rolling Stones, and many others ! Witney Houston, Heath Ledger, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Carrie Fisher, Prince,Paul Verlaine, Jean Michel Bascqiat, …i suppose that all of them are not in you playlist, in your bookshelves, or hanging on the walls….

      • Ummm, I believe all you mentioned are non-Asians? Do you know of any Koreans or Japanese celebrities who could still maintain an active public career after a drug scandal? PYC is definitely born in the wrong part of the universe ?

      • Heath Ledger and Philip Seymour Hoffman died of drug intoxication. Definitely good role models for PYC ?

    • Drug addicts needs help and should not be treated like they are some kind of serial killer. He should pay for whatever crimes he committed before but to be treated like this because he took drugs is not fair for me. Why not go after the drug lords in Korea, they are the major cause of all these problems and meanwhile before y’all start talking, I was never his fan and I never will be

  15. Pas la peine de continuer à frapper une personne qui est déjà à terre . After reading all the comments, i just hope that no one here will have to deal with a parent or a friend suffering from a drug addiction because apparently he will not have any help .

      • Espero que lo que dices es la verdad , pienso que habemos perdido mucho tiempo con este asunto…No olvides que a veces estoy de acuerdo con ti . Democracia es tener varias opiniones…

      • @candycane , don’t you think that we have spent too much of our precious time talking about him . i wish you a good day and hope to see you soon …with another discussion or battle !

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