K-actor Son Seok Gu Declines Drama Offer for Kim Eun Sook’s The King: Eternal Sovereign

Hhhhmmm, this is rather odd non-casting news. Earlier this week it was announced that K-actor Son Seok Gu was in talks to join the cast of upcoming Kim Eun Seok penned drama The King: Eternal Sovereign. He was up for what I call the protector type supporting male lead role, as a cop in one of the two parallel universes. I thought this was a lock and he’s a great choice thanks to being so versatile and charismatic. Sadly days later he’s turned down the role so it’s up to the production to find another smexy tall talented supporting male lead to join Lee Min Ho, Kim Go Eun, and Woo Do Hwan.


K-actor Son Seok Gu Declines Drama Offer for Kim Eun Sook’s The King: Eternal Sovereign — 15 Comments

  1. I wonder what his body of work is. I don’t recall seeing him in anything. He would have benefited from the popularity boost starring in a KES drama would’ve given him. Perhaps he had other jobs lined up that he felt would be more fulfilling and had scheduling conflicts and the like. If so, more power to him for sticking with his convictions.

    • oh.. I am sad he declined. He is such a terrific actor.
      I first saw him in “Mother” aka “Call Me Mother” with Lee Bo-Young. What a powerful drama it was.

      After that I saw him in “Suits.”

      I look forward to seeing him in “Designated Survivor: 60 Days.”

  2. He was the love interest of Bae Donna in Sense8. He was scene stealer in that series. And he got popularity in Korea for his villain role in Mother. Yeah, he is charismatic on screen.

  3. He is lead material, great in Sense8.
    Unpopular opinion but I am glad he didn’t pick up a supporting role for that KES drama. He can still strive without KES drama in his resume.

    • Agree. I think he is very smart not to sign up as supporting in KES usual cheeses. Once tainted as cheez, he will always be a mouse attraction like LMH.

  4. The only thing I saw about him when I searched him up was bae Donna denying that they are not dating…..@candy cane how is LMH a mouse attraction just because u don’t like him does not make him that and also heirs is not only his drama

  5. I really like him! It was good in Sense8 and he was the only character I liked in Matrimonial Chaos. He was so weird and funny in the same time.

    It will be nice if he continues to have an international career.

    Him or KDW, in both cases, KMH can’t compet in term of charisma.

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