C-netizens Pick Ju Jingyi as Most Beautiful Period Beauty Beating Out Liu Shi Shi

There’s a new list of C-drama period pretties and honestly I’ve been out of the loop the last three years so there are a few fresh faces for me. C-netizens were recently polled on their opinion of the “most beautiful period looks” among C-actors and actresses. There’s a new goddess and her name is Ju Jingyi who made a splash in period dramas The Legend of the White Snake and Legend of Yunxi. She beat out long time period drama goddess winner Liu Shi Shi as well as Yang Zi and Chen Yu Qi. On the men side, the preferred look is effeminate and flower boy with the winner being Luo Yun Xi, followed by Wang Rui Chang, Zhang Han Zhe and Yu Meng Long, with the latter two having acted in period dramas opposite Ju Jingyi so perhaps she helped raise their profiles as well.

Ju Jingyi

Yang Zi

Chen Yu Qi

Liu Shi Shi

Luo Yin Xi

Zhang Zhe Han

Yu Meng Long

Wang Rui Chang


C-netizens Pick Ju Jingyi as Most Beautiful Period Beauty Beating Out Liu Shi Shi — 36 Comments

  1. I’m shocked Crystal Liu, Tang Yan, Yang Mi and Zhao Liying didn’t make the list. Instead Yang Zi did, I find her the most plain looking but she did hit big with Ashes Of Love. So I guess it makes sense.

    • Liu Yifei didn’t make the list as her last period drama is over 10 years ago. Tang Yan, Yang Mi and Zhao Liying is not known for their beauty. If Yifei agreed for a period drama in the next future, i’m sure she will make the list. She is still the top beauty for china, same as Aragaki Yui for Japan and Kim Tae Hee for South Korea though it look like Tae Hee might get replaced soon.

      • Yang Zi isn’t known for her beauty either, but she made the list. At least we know the list isn’t based on huge popularity.

      • Lol. It’s a poll created by Sina weibo with nearly 15 millions participants. That’s a funny excuse that fans don’t know about it.

  2. It’s Zhang Zhe Han, no?

    Am suprised that Luo Yun Xi topped the poll. I am watching Princess Silver where he played the weak (sick) Rong Qi and I find him least of all attractive in period garb. In fact, he looked so delicate and fragile. Not that I am a fan of Deng Lun but I thought he is so popular that he can top the poll.

    Anyway, I think Zhang Bin Bin should have made into the list.

      • Zhang Binbin should have definitely made the list. He was charismatic and dashing as Qin Shing Huang, the 1st Emperor of China in the King’s Woman ?

    • What you find attractive might not be what the general chinese audiences think? Usually for ancient look, they like guys with certain demure that gives off classic feelings. In fact, Luo is nominated by China Daily as one of the most classical beauty in ancient costum

    • Luo Yunxi’s character in Silver Princess as a sick prince who is fated can’t live pass 24 yrs of age. So, of course he would look fragile and delicate. Or do you expect to see a healthy attractive to be convincing as someone who is sick from the time he was born? LOL. Totally doesn not make sense at all.

    • Lol. Denglun is not recognized nor popular with the general viewers when it comes to ‘wuxia beautiful men’. Perhaps, it’s all is about the lack of chinese culture understanding that you don’t understand? Chinese goes with beautiful men for wuxia/fantasy genre. And Luo Yunxi is highly recognized and favored as such. And others are like Louis Kuo (ROTCH), Huge and some others from old HK wuxia.

  3. I’ll recognize Ju Jingyi as as new top prettiest actress. I watch so many c-dramas and we as viewers are certainly blessed with many stunning actresses with killer looks but Ju Jingyi’s beauty really stood out for me like “Woahh”. She is even more beautiful in motion I think. Another actress that make me react similarly is Peng Xiao Ran (of Goodbye My Princess’s fame). But then I guess your looks has to at least be at THAT level when you’re Fan Bing Bing’s protege.

    I’m kinda surprised to see Yang Zi in the list. I think her looks is just okay. She’s pretty of course, but nothing that will make you sit up and marvel at it. But she’s probably the most popular one currently after Ashes of Love hit it big last year.

    The guys are just okay. I don’t get people’s obsession with Luo Yun Xi. His character in Ashes of Love annoyed me but his storyline overshadowed even the main lead in that drama. But then, pretty flower boys aren’t really my thing. I do have a soft spot for Yu Meng Long.

    • I agree Ju Jingyi’s looks for me are one of the most distinct features I’ve seen in C-actresses in a period drama. Is she the most beautiful? Probably not, but she does have unique features that look natural and stand out from the crowd. Personally, I think Zhao Liying is one of the most beautiful C-drama actresses I have ever seen. I like Yang Mi’s looks as well, but you can tell she’s starting to look older. I’ve always thought that looks are subjective – beauty is in the eye of the beholder, after all.

  4. Ju Jingyi doesn’t have the period beauty look though, her features are too modern.

    I guess a new generation of beauties has taken over, kinda sad because it means I’m growing old T_T

  5. For me Liu Shi Shi is still the prettiest but she is maturing so new actresses/idols will replace her. Yang Zi is there purely by good acting. Can’t deny she brings out emotions well, since she was a child actress.

    • Peng Xiao Ran is really pretty. I don’t feel the same way about Chen Chingxu. He isn’t that handsome but his acting in GMP is truly wonderful.

      • I didn’t find Chen Xingxu handsome in Legend of the Condor Heroes, but he looked sure dashing in Farewell My Princess. Don’t know if it’s the styling that caused the difference in perception.

    • I know what you mean lol but I don’t think she did. That’s maybe the worst pic of her life lol when she doesn’t wear makeup and I seem to see some similarities. Tbh I don’t mind if she did. She’s a multi-talented girl that hard to find. I admire her efforts. I even love her singing more than acting. Her voice is so sweet.

  6. Does anyone know when Zhang Zhehan’s ZhaoGe is going to be released? It is one of the most anticipated dramas for me along with The Pillow Book. I was always interested in the story of Daji as the beauty that caused the downfall of a dynasty

    • Coming from Yu Zheng, better don’t hope too much on Zhaoge. He ruined me by white-washing Zhao Ji in The Legend of Haolan.

  7. I don’t know who is this girl but she looks pretty and I really think Luo Yunxi was breathtaking in ashes of love so the poll is quite legit, ha!

    • I think Luo Yunxi because he’s got that frail scholar look and he looks refined in robes. Preference for soft features in men is nothing new – I read in a site somewhere that people in Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties actually men with delicate, fragile appearance ?

    • The poll is quite legit in my book as well. Luo Yunxi carried himself really well and elegantly in period robes. Some actors just looks like they are wearing the robes but not coming from that era or just don’t have the air and pose for that.

  8. I’m not confident in this listing. It’s all about popularity. I’m not a Ju Jingyi hater but come on, her look is just another teenage girl before puberty.

    • I kind of understand why most of the actors made the list because they look good in hanfu and/or they appear as if they have popped out of books.
      Still I am kind of surprised by Wang Ruicheng’s addition. He’s a good actor and he got his breakthrough with Eternal Love but out of the actors, he’s the least known and people were more focused on his Eternal Love co-star Xing Zhaolin.

  9. And now Wang Rui Chang also act in period drama with JingYi xD JingYi’s period drama always visually stunning dramas lol

    • I agree. Yang Zi is both gorgeous and an incredibly talented actress with lots of substance and depth. She’s the best of the bunch!

  10. Ju Jingyi is a beauty queen….. The fact that she stands out in other c-actress and I don’t think it right to say that she had a plastic surgery and if she did,It her body right and that doesn’t mean I will stop liking her

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