Song Joong Ki Goes From Country Boy to Intense Warrior in New Arthdal Chronicles Drama Stills

Now this looks wayyyyyyy better but sadly I’m mostly checked out now. Arthdal Chronicles released new drama stills for this weekend’s new episodes showing male lead Song Joong Ki looking like a warrior ninja ready to avenge his loved ones. For four episodes he’s looked like a harmless country bumpkin with that mop of round curly hair and now it’s tied back because he means business but there are artful loose tendrils on the sides to give him that requisite dash of dashing. I really love this look on Song Joong Ki, it’s kinda like when his Kang Maru in Nice Guy went from lovelorn crime patsy with stars in his eyes for his noona into a calculating male gigolo wanting to use women for revenge. Hope this Arthdal transformation means his character really gets into the thick of moving his Tanya-saving quest forward.


Song Joong Ki Goes From Country Boy to Intense Warrior in New Arthdal Chronicles Drama Stills — 16 Comments

  1. 4 episodes in and the story is finally taking off. I’d say 1-3 were a lot of info-dumping, fairly important information to learn about the characters and the world to give you backstory, but the last 20 minutes of episode 4 really pushed the story forward and I’m looking forward to the next episode after the cliffhanger.

  2. Song joong ki looks so hot. Am I the only one who thinks it’s getting unnecessary hate from knetz? it has many flaws but still its worth enjoying. I feel at this point they are only watching this show to troll it,I am glad atleast international viewer liking it.

  3. This show has so much potential but writing and editing are not up to mark. Hope season2 will be better. So far it worth watching it despite many flaws, btw song joong ki looks so hot.

  4. Absolutely loved the 5th episode. I wonder how the next season will played out. Tagon is cunning and intriguing character, eunsom was quite naive in earlier episodes but now he is coming for business. He knows tagon weakness and he will use this in his advantage. I am more into to eunsom and tanya individual growth rather then seeing them together. I am looking forward to see how eunsom will conquer arthdal.

  5. Jdh is nailing his character and Song joong ki was killing it in last few minutes of episode. He looked really good with that hairstyle and tan. All the four main cast are doing wonderful job. Hope they keep this momentum.

  6. I love the DRAMA ITS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can’t wait for the next episode !! its hard waiting for each weekend I love the dynamic of the baddies and SJK can’t wait!!

  7. Just saw episode 6 and it was amazing! Jammed pack and non-stop pay-off from the world building, myths and details the writers have crafted. They built the plot up so well from all the past episodes to some fabulous reveals that I literally gasp! Looking forward to this next week.

  8. Really excited for s2 – SJK playing separated-at-birth twins, 1 rugged & 1 scholarly – awesome! After the introductory s1, where some viewers are confused over the unfamiliar tribal types, characters and power struggles, ended with much suspenseful twists, really looking forward to how the trinity, comprising of Eusome, Tanya and Saya, will revolutionize Arth.

  9. I tried watching this show since I love most of the actors in it but the story and setting was just too weird for me. The modern Korean coming out of so called “tribal” mouths was so discordant, I couldn’t suspend my disbelief. I guess in this instance, it would help if I didn’t understand Korean. I applaud the production team and the writers for trying something new though and for those who love the show, enjoy!

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