Park Yoochun Cries in Court and Prosecutor Asks for 1 year 6 Months Jail Time for Drug Use

I’m glad there is one entertainment industry scandal in South Korea that is getting swift resolution. Singer-actor Park Yoochun has admitted to all charges of drug use and in his court hearing this week teared up as finally it’s fine to face the reality. The prosecutor asked for one year and six month jail time and a 1.4 million won fine (over $1000 US dollars), neither of which is all that long if you ask me. I doubt he’ll get max time and may just serve a few months and be out, and the fine is laughably small. He did just use drugs and wasn’t being charged with distribution so I think it’s fine, and he’s paying the bigger price of being totally cancelled in K-ent forever regardless of what fangirls remain loyal to him.


Park Yoochun Cries in Court and Prosecutor Asks for 1 year 6 Months Jail Time for Drug Use — 4 Comments

  1. So sad! Park yoochun was a good actor!
    Wonder if there’s dirty tricks that eventually lead him to cave in and well in drugs !

  2. It’s okay PYC. In England, our next prime minister has taken (or is taking) cocaine. People here wouldn’t bat an eyelid. Come to the west.

  3. Because I know how news is inflated for maximum reactions, I always try to err on the side of caution when commenting on “facts” but at this point he is so doomed that the chance of him recovering from this and having a career in SK is slim and none-and slim just left the building. I feel sorry for him but that is a reasonable sentence. Now I just want to see what happens to his ex. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets a sentence because he confessed and she walks because she denies it and they don’t have enough evidence to convict her. That’ll make it about 3 times that she’s slithered away, won’t it?

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