Suzy Jets Off for Christian Dior Fashion Show

Seeing K-actress Suzy at Incheon Airport this week leaving South Korea to attend the Christian Dior event confirms two fashion tastes for me. One, I really dislike the Dior saddle bag, have since it first came out and still find it so annoying with a neither here nor there sensibility. Second, no girl looks good in a low pleated skirt, where the top of the skirt is fitted and then flares into a pleat. It just makes it puff up awkwardly around the mid-hip region and no one could possibly make it look flattering unless one was a lamp post with zero curves. Suzy got saddled (har har) with these two blergh looks for her airport runway walk but pulled it off with a healthy beauty and flawless face.


Suzy Jets Off for Christian Dior Fashion Show — 4 Comments

  1. Dior saddle bag is useless, I agree. Totally not practical.

    And everything about Suzy outfit is wrong here. She should paired up the outfit with sneakers or boots but she opted for heels which made her look super awkward and super wide.

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