Season 2 Poster and Stills for Arthdal Chronicles Compares the Twin Song Joong Ki characters

Ok, I think the bigger twist in tvN drama Arthdal Chronicles would be if the scholarly twin Saya ends up being the male lead over the warrior twin Eun Seom that the drama has been following for the 6-episodes of season 1. I say this because dramas with twins especially in sageuks always ends up killing one and it’s always the scholarly/gentleman twin while the rough-and-tumble fighter twin wins the girl and the throne. I kinda want to see that turned on its head and it’s the strategist and thinker that ends up ruling while the fighters give a life for the ultimate battle. I do like that the drama has no qualms about elevating Saya to front and center with Eun Seom now that he’s been revealed, the new poster for season 2 commencing this Saturday shows the twins on the poster and new stills gives a brighter and clearer look at Saya.


Season 2 Poster and Stills for Arthdal Chronicles Compares the Twin Song Joong Ki characters — 10 Comments

  1. I never liked SJK as an actor but I am impressed by his eyes between the two twin characters in the poster. They spoke different emotion. I give him a thumb up for that.

    • most people have some asymmetry to their face, particularly with the eyes. The poster proves this asymmetry by showing his left versus right with different makeup. Thumbs up to the poster design team. I don’t think he did much to take the credit.

      • I don’t watch this drama yet but I watch him in Nice Guy and TWDR. Both drama shows how excellent he emote with his eyes. take example with the scene in NG when he being playful and flirty but when he hugged the girl his expression change, hard eyes and all. Just my opinion.

  2. Saya looks ethereal. Koala what do you think about the last 2 epi of season 1?have you picked up the show yet?

  3. I think Ithe script is okay so far. A trick game between character which haven’t trigger my heart. I was at times bored at certain part. But boy.. I still get entertain. And hopefully the second season will be deliver. Since Saya A new character come into the picture. But I already too attached to Eun Seum character. That changing a leading Man to Saya will take alittle more time to invested to him.

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