2019 Miss Korea Crowned with Mixed Reactions to Replacement Swimsuit Section with Skimpy Hanboks

There is a new Miss Korea and 2019 has crowned Kim Se Yeon as the Jin, of the Jin Seon Mi 1-2-3 titling of the Miss Korea winners. I’m less interested in yet another Miss Korea though this one doesn’t look cookie cutter and has shades of Honey Lee so me likey her more than the last few years. What makes this year’s pageant interesting is that it got rid of the swimsuit portion but then replaced it with a sexy fusion hanbok portion that was honestly ridiculous. Either stick with swimsuits for the sex appeal or parade the ladies around in proper gorgeous hanboks all covered up for the old-fashioned ladylike appeal. What do you guys think? Yay or nay?


2019 Miss Korea Crowned with Mixed Reactions to Replacement Swimsuit Section with Skimpy Hanboks — 19 Comments

  1. I like the concept- fashion is supposed to be fluid and changing, it would get boring if every Miss Korea pageant had the same clothes all the time. Some of the looks are quite nice and I could see them being elevated/adjusted in a designer collection.

  2. A few of them are OK but most of the fusion hanbok do not look flattering. I agree with you, they look ridiculous. And please call it something else, not hanbok.

  3. I can’t bear to say it’s similar to traditional Korean clothes, because I’m sure all traditional clothes have values, symbols and philosophies for their country, not just just beautiful clothes when they are used so they forget there is ethics when wearing those clothes. and whoever the winner is, I hope she also represents Koreans

  4. Lols, sorry, no offense, but those hanbok, aigoo, the women from good family wont wear it lmao… i think of them as… you know, someone who works at a house full of women and men coming for fun… no offense. But why cant they make a proper hanbok so world will know more about it, just like kimono from japan.

    • And ps : i forget to tell that the winner’s father is currently having a case. Im not sure whether he’s already in jail or not… so, the mixed reactions are also coming from this.

      • People are really bashing her because her father is someone famous who beat some kids. I think it’s unfair how it’s somehow your fault that your dad, mom, brother or grandmother did something horrible. Like come on, it’s the 21st century, people are responsible for their actions.

      • Dont forget there mixed reaction because she holds American passport so basically she shouldnt win the contest..

      • What if she has dual citizenship? At this point they just want to hate her because they want to hate her

  5. Last year’s winner was anything but “cookie cutter”, especially for Korean beauty contest winners.
    youtube.com/watch?v=ygVxTTKWvdA is well worth checking out, and I say that as someone who is no fan of beauty pageants in general or Miss Korea specifically (except the MBC version starring Lee Yeon Hee)

  6. The hanbok section is insulting because the outfits look barely like hanboks and I’ve seen many hanboks with a modern flair that still look good without the exposed chest and slashings in the skirt. This is like if the contestants of Miss China modeled short qipaos that female game characters wear.
    Though Lee Haneui’s hanbok for Miss Universe 2007 was gisaeng style, she still wore a blouse and her skirts had many layers.

  7. Not a supporter of beauty pageants by any means, however, it’s nice seeing ladies with fuller figures on the stage. And less skin whitening makeup too!

  8. I think the more fabric the better. Pretty sure they would have a section with the real hanboks. I don’t watch miss Korea, so I am not sure of their segments. I think the swimsuit portion being replaced is the right direction.

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