2019 Miss Korea Crowned with Mixed Reactions to Replacement Swimsuit Section with Skimpy Hanboks

There is a new Miss Korea and 2019 has crowned Kim Se Yeon as the Jin, of the Jin Seon Mi 1-2-3 titling of the Miss Korea winners. I’m less interested in yet another Miss Korea though this one doesn’t look cookie cutter and has shades of Honey Lee so me likey her more than the last few years. What makes this year’s pageant interesting is that it got rid of the swimsuit portion but then replaced it with a sexy fusion hanbok portion that was honestly ridiculous. Either stick with swimsuits for the sex appeal or parade the ladies around in proper gorgeous hanboks all covered up for the old-fashioned ladylike appeal. What do you guys think? Yay or nay? Continue reading

2014 Drama Reviews: Enjoyment in the Good and the Inexplicably Bad

Year end drama reviews always starts off like a looming chore, telling me to wash the dish one more time even though I’ve washed it thoroughly already. But then I grow to appreciate it, the added step may yield a … Continue reading