Nam Joo Hyuk to Join Jo In Sung in New Noh Hee Kyung Penned K-drama

Nam Joo Hyuk is back on my total love list thanks to The Light in Your Eyes (Dazzling). It wasn’t even his drama to carry, that was for Kim Hye Ja and Han Ji Min in a brilliant tandem, but Nam Joo Hyuk needed to hold his own opposite them and he did that confidently. I’m even more thrilled that he’s signing on to a new Noh Hee Kyung written K-drama scheduled for 2020, which is already scheduled to headline Jo In Sung in his third time working with screenwriter Noh. The drama is about an international non-profit NGO and the people who work there. Sweet, two handsome talented actors and a feel-good type of story, I’m all in!


Nam Joo Hyuk to Join Jo In Sung in New Noh Hee Kyung Penned K-drama — 14 Comments

  1. He is going to become the biggest actor of his generation soon. The best thing is it won’t be on the back of fluffy romcom but real gripping dramas. To even be considered by NHK is a big deal just shows how far ahead of everyone he is in the race. Can’t help but feel proud of his rise to super stardom.

  2. Did she just pick up the entire cast from ansi city? The visuals for this drama will be top notch and of course the writing.

  3. All my boys get good offers this year!! NJH with JIS and NHK and there’s PBG with GY and LYJ! So happy! But did JIS already confirm for this drama?

  4. Like many idol-actors, NJH started his career with a lead role. However, he has willingly taken steps back and forth whereas he doesn’t have to be the central focus and learned from his experience. Props to him.

    • what do you mean? A right character still requires some acting. He was amazing in Dazzling, have you watched it yet? He has really changed my perception since I dislike him soooo much in BotWG. Can’t an actor improve? Give him a chance.

  5. Ah I love him in dazzling! He was so charming and displayed some major acting chops there! He’s such a busy guy! He did dazzling, a Netflix drama, and about to film movie all within a year.

      • I hope Jang Ki Yong will get similar opportunities. They belong to the same agency. JKY is also very good in acting, no major flaws yet. All he needs will be one good star writer. I like them both 🙂

      • Yes, the movie is already done and will be out in Sept. Totally good! MDS is #1 movie star.

      • NJH isn’t just lucky but he proved himself by working hard and taking right choices about roles. He will go very far in the future.

  6. Han Ji Min and Shin Min Ah are in talks too.

    I’m happy to see Bae Sung Woo in a new drama, he was really good in Live 🙂

    For me NJH can be a won or a lost. It depends.

  7. After Dazzling I’ve became a fan of Nam Joo Hyuk so I’ll be looking forward to this one if he’s in. Han Ji Min was also in talk for the female lead role so ‘Yeah’ for me. Love love his performance in Dazzling so hopefully him and Han Ji Min will reunite again.

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