Han Ji Min and Shin Mina in Talks to Join Jo In Sung and Nam Joo Hyuk in New Screenwriter Noh Hee Kyung Drama

Holy two leading actresses of the same generation for the price of one, one critically acclaimed screenwriter that it. Probably only Noh Hee Kyung can lure both Han Ji Min and Shin Mina to join her drama and it’s going to be a toss up which lady I want to have a love line with the two male leads Jo In Sung and Nam Joo Hyuk. Yes yes, the latter is younger but he showed in The Light in You Eyes (Dazzling) that he could chemistry up the wazoo onscreen with Han Ji Min, and of course I would love their reunion but I could also see them being shuffled around to new onscreen pairings. The drama doesn’t have a title released yet but is set in a non-profit NGO setting.


Han Ji Min and Shin Mina in Talks to Join Jo In Sung and Nam Joo Hyuk in New Screenwriter Noh Hee Kyung Drama — 17 Comments

  1. Omg I’m so excited for this new production. My Ji Min is never resting since One Spring Night had just ended and she’s on up for a new role again. I hope she’ll be pair up with Nam Joo Hyuk again because I seriously love them together in ‘The Lights In Your Eyes’. They have amazing chemistry. I like Shin Min Ah too so this will be an anticipating drama for me. Love love my Minnie. I hope the script is a great one since I like all the casting. ❤❤❤ Fighting Han Ji Min.

  2. HJM does not rest (not that I’m complaining)! I’m loving having her in all these back-to-back dramas and she has a movie with NJH as well so this will be their 3rd go around! I’m ready to see them date at this point LOL!

  3. Love Han Ji Min and her recent choice of dramas. She has good eyes for scripts after the failed of HJ,M where she did pretty bad. She really bounce back as an amazing actress. I’m proud of her so hoping this new drama will be another great production. Love her acting so much. I hope after this she’ll be pair up Gong Yoo in a drama.

  4. Padam Padam was a great drama, it will be a nice reunion!

    I love both actresses! And the subject looks pretty interesting.

  5. Best news ever for the day. I can’t imagine han ji min in a drama again after 3 consecurive dramas but this is a great news indeed. I love her in padam padam. Her reunion with writee nhk. And the other cast jo in sung, njh, sma, bsw. Only a writer like nhk can get a cast like this. Another drama to look forward to. Ji min’s choice of dramas and projects are great so hoping this one will be good too. But with romance or not, i am all in. Fighting ji min shi:)

  6. Except Han Ji Min, not too excited with the main casting. But who knows, NHK will be inspired and get the best out of these actor.

    • I am the opposite – excited about the cast except for Han Ji Min. I think her acting is okay, but not memorable to me. The only one I liked her in was Padam Padam as it was a unique storyline. I wonder which actress will be the lead as they are both headliners.

  7. I remember don’t like Han Ji Min at all after watching her in Hyde Jekyll Me with Hyun Bin. She really bother me with her horrible performance. LOL I also bashed her due to her lack of chemistry with Binnie. Really don’t think I will ever like her but guess what after watching her in Yi San with my cousin I have to eat up my own words. I became a huge fan of her and continued to watch her dramas and movies. She became my favorite actress now. I even like her more than Hyun Bin. A bad script and role really do killed a good actor and actress talents. Han Ji Min is so beautiful and talented. A very versatile actress with a great personality. I hope she accept this new drama so she’ll be on the small screen again. Miss her already.

    • Count me as a second fan of what you’ve mentioned here. I’m a huge Han Ji Min fan now after watching all her recent drama and Moss Baek. Hyde Jykell, Me is a big mess.

  8. Han Ji Min is a very impressive actress. She has been kneeling all her roles making me go wow at all her recent works. I’m looking forward to all her up coming movies and dramas. She can really act but it suck that people always tied her back to the horrible drama Hyde Jekyll, Me.

  9. HJMe can’t be saved, script is just awful. That is the project that i am sure han ji min wants to forget lol. But the best thing is she bounces back. She proved to everyone that she is one capable actress. Any genre can do with ease. A star and an actor. So excited for this drama. I hope she accepts.

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