TW-actress Chen Qiao En Takes on Dating Show Meeting Mr. Right as She Turned 40

The pressure to find Mr. Right escalates in Chinese culture when a woman turns 30 and it turns nuclear when she hits 40. It’s societal and probably personal too, hard to turn off years of hearing that we as women are going to be leftovers or not as fresh anymore if we are too picky and don’t settle down sooner rather than later. I applaud the women who stick to their guns and wait for the right guy or no guy at all. But with the TW-actresses all getting married in the last three-four years a few have been going on the dating show Meeting Mr. Right (Daughter’s Romance) with season 1 ending with Selina Jen actually dating her onscreen pairing Derek Chang at the end of the show. Her young sister Lorene Jen (formerly known as Kirsten) didn’t end up with anyone as their famously protective dad watched over them. This season 2 will have Chen Qiao En on the show after she turned 40 years old this year and decided she wanted to give reality dating a try. Good luck to her, I’m curious to see what type of guy she’s going to spark with.

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