Song Joong Ki and Kim Ji Won in New Photo Spread Promoting Third and Final Season of Arthdal Chronicles

I think the preliminary verdict is that tvN drama Arthdal Chronicles is a relative disappointment, vis-a-vis the largest budget in K-drama history and of 54 billion won even greater by far from the most recent biggest budget K-drama Mr. Sunshine with 40 billion won. Mr. Sunshine at least broke cable ratings records but Arthdal has been averaging 6% ratings through the first and second season run. The third and final season is coming at the beginning of September after Hotel Del Luna ends it’s surprisingly successful run, a much needed win for the Hong Sisters who have delivered a few turds in a row until Hotel. Arthdal leads Song Joong Ki and Kim Ji Won are back on the promo circuit and first comes a new pictorial that’s quite lovely but still just doesn’t sell me on these two are a fated onscreen couple. I thought season two ended on a high note but the early episodes were so clunky I don’t know if any new viewers will tune in for the final season to give Arthdal a chance to increase its ratings.


Song Joong Ki and Kim Ji Won in New Photo Spread Promoting Third and Final Season of Arthdal Chronicles — 21 Comments

  1. There you go again bashing arthadal chronicles agn?… plzzz get over it… even if u dont like it n the rating isnt good doesnt mean it’s not a great kdrama, something extremely different than other cliched, repetitive kdrama tropes…

    • If it’s not your cup of tea, then it’ll never be. Instead of trying to watch it and be disappointed, I prefer not to watch it at all. And yes, I have not watched it and do not plan to. And you need to get over it too. This is Koala’s blog and she can write whatever she wants. Sometimes I don’t agree with her too but you don’t see me being butt hurt over differences of opinions and trying to force my opinions on her.

      • Well AC is definitely my cup of tea saucer and all! And Koala has had it in from the first episode because it’s so obvious in her review – if she doesn’t like it she’ll meander around and be really nice but it’s her way of saying ‘Next’ unlike for example Her Private Life when she hard out gushes over PMY and KJW and it was the time of the month when every second or third article was a dedication to them on a pedestal crystal ball above (which I do agree the Rabbit couple were adorable) and before you say ‘Its Koala’s blog she can write whatever she wants…’ well yes it is but as a fan and follower of the main leads and the drama itself I too can voice my opinion and it’s not being butt hurt it’s being honest. These pics are heavenly and OMG SJK is as hot as ever!

    • I don’t think it’s really bashing. The drama’s too slow, doesnt set the pace well and lowkey follows the same Kdrama tropes. Just because it’s “different” doesnt mean it’s great either.
      People seem to forget we’ve have epic shows before like Jumong, Seondeok, Kingdom of the Winds, etc. Those are examples of good writing, pace and production quality. This isnt.

    • The article is just stating the fact about its high budget and low ratings. Let’s see if HDL can set the momentum for a higher rating for AC’s third season. Insecure delulu always blames other for bashing while the fact is crystal clear.

      • Oh Yeah @Banana we all know it’s Mz Koala’s blog but thank you for the reminder.

  2. I don’t see it in the first pic of this post (the others are not loading) but their chemistry as Saya and Tanya in the actual drama is ?. It’s a bit complicated to have a love triangle with two Song Joong Ki’s lol.

    The drama’s ratings are not as high as expecred and splitting it just as it was getting interesting, was a terrible move on that front. But it’s not your usual sageuk, nearly all the protagonists are antiheroes and it doesn’t have the ‘set OTP’ kind of love line – if you watched the drama at all, you’ll know they’re not really an ‘OTP’ at all.

  3. I love this drama and cant wait for the s3. Seriously, song joongki was better as an antagonist than an pure protagonist. But overall, i like his acting.

    Those who havent watched judging this drama based on rating, lols. Well preferences.

    • Agree, this drama lacks good execution but can’t deny the characters are complex and interesting. Most of them are grey shaded except eunsom and tanya. Undoubtedly, my favorite character is Saya and Taelha. Song Joongki amd kim okbin are nailing their part.

  4. SJK looks so young in those pictures, probably to compliment KJW haha.
    I didn’t quite like S1 but S2 is better. Hoping S3 will even better.

  5. I iike these pictures and especially the last one. Also i liked 2nd part of Arthdal Chronicles and chemistry of Saya and Tanya is on fire than Eunseom and Tanya for sure. Even i liked story of secondary couple in 2nd part too. I am over divorce of Song- Song by now. Only wish best for them individually.

  6. The chemistry between SJK and KJW has been naturally well since DOTS and showed evidently stronger in AC. Really looking forward to S3 on how TY will embrace her new high priestess role, revelations of TG being Igutu and ES & SY being lost twins, battles between Neanthals and Sarams, love triangle between TY ES SY as well as how these 3 will revolutionize Arth – all these in just 6 remaining episodes!

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