Ahn Jae Hyun Swiftly Loses Giordano and Merbliss CF Endorsements

The fallout is fast on this divorce drama between Gu Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun, unlike the other even more high profile K-ent divorce earlier this summer with Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo. Silence is golden because life is long and months and years after the emotions of the failed marriage and/or contentious divorce is over there is still much for each party to live for. Which is why it’s best not to air dirty laundry during a celebrity divorce, but unfortunately things are really ugly between divorcing couple Gu Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun and he’s getting the first taste of advertiser appetite for scandal. Which is none as clothing company Giordano and cosmetics company Merbliss have both dropped Ahn Jae Hyun less than a week into the divorce drama. Merbliss said it succinctly – they hired Ahn Jae Hyun as a spokesperson for his “romantic man” (husband) image and right now that’s fully tanked and hard to see coming back hence he’s no longer the star image they want to present. Fair enough, it’s hard to look at him right now and not see allegations of “unsexy nipple” and want to cringe.


Ahn Jae Hyun Swiftly Loses Giordano and Merbliss CF Endorsements — 18 Comments

  1. Only if he stayed silent, he would have divorced without nipple remark. The he could rebuild his career with fan are calling GHS a crazy woman. It was rather stupid of him to say all that depress and the doctor. Marriage is a lot of work. All people are depressed at the point of their life married or not. Married people may experience a lot of it.

  2. Hey ockoala I have been noticing that I can no longer see any comments on articles even if people have already commented. Does that happen to someone else as well?

  3. This should be no shock. I am actually surprised he’s still in the drama though I don’t necessarily wish any ill on him.

    I don’t think either of these two had nearly as much to lose as the Song/Song couple whose marriage seemed to be over 5 minutes after the honeymoon. It would have been so much better if GHS did not join his agency. That seemed to really have made her feel pushed into a corner and she came out swinging.

  4. I posted about AJH losing the Giordano contract in the last article and the sorry saga of GHS unsexy nipple that she brought to everyone’s attention so when I look at pictures of her that’s what’s I see emblazoned across her forehead not his. I see AJH as a sorry sack who always proclaimed his love publicly for his once wife now ex and think geez was he being disingenuous or did he really love her? Either that or he was a damn good actor and so convincing. I see Soompi and All K pop have gone to ground with this saga they must be exhausted and bored with the revelations. @Noname Thank you for your support of AJH in the previous posts when 99% were lynching him here you and maybe 2 others were objective in your response and offered another perspective. I’m in support of AJH finding his footing once the divorce is finalised and he can rebuild his tattered career. I will be watching any of his future works and will cheer him on that way. Sorry GHS you lost my respect the day you posted that private convo and referenced your USN on IG.

  5. unsexy nipples: this will scar and made her lose confidence as an unattractive woman forever. In future, whenever she meets a man, she could cringe as “unsexy nipples” haunts her
    Any woman being smacked with that kind of remark would feel so small and unwanted. Then explode with retaliation! And much later, she could be drowned in depression. She didn’t look as if she has friends to comfort and be her listener except for her cats and dogs! Truly hope someone could help her!

  6. Seriously, does anyone believe that unsexy nipples is the reason for this divorce? Get real.

    Didn’t AJH check out GHS’ nipples before they got married? I know Korean society is very conservative but I would find it hard to believe that this couple did not have premarital sex. And if they didn’t, I imagine AJH would have had ample opportunity to check out how GHS’ nipples look and feel like.

    So unsexy nipples doesn’t seem like a realistic claim from GHS as a reason for this divorce. I don’t buy it.

    • It’s obvious not the reason. It’s sucks that he need to bring her down and tell her that her nipple isnt sexy so he want to divorce because he actuay doesnt have legit reason. He is just bored. He just realized now mariage isn’t for him. From GHS statement, He has change and get bored, he wants to party outside and meet another women. Meanwhile GHS stuck inside home and doing all the chores. What a trash, he dump GHS he use her for his carreer and romantic husband image

      • Hmmm..she is an adult capable of moving around by herself. Assumingshe is stuck at home doing house chores is just farfetched. It’s not like she was locked up in a tower with no exit like Rapunzel.

      • @kenzaki : that’s not my point?? It’s mean that AJH has no sense and respect to GHS, the fact that they are both working, but GHS is the ONLY person who doing all chores at home, while AJH out there drinking with women and want to divorce over nipple. Imagine if this happen to you

  7. Seriously, women who puts down GHS for baring the truth even if its humiliating are just…. Girl, you cant even empathize with your fellow woman who is suffering? Stop mocking her coz you’re not in her shoes! When you see somebody hurting enough, the least we can do is keep our judgement to ourselves.

  8. Before he married her, his popularity just so so. After that newly wed show, he built his image as “romantic husband” and gained more popularity. So its understandable that that image shattered after a very ugly divorce.
    Personally I find him “bland” even in variety, and he cant act

  9. Every CF comes with a price. He can no longer sell anymore Giordiano nor Merbliss with his faked image. For those who say will support him, how much are you willing to pay? $$. Faked image. Shame on him. Anyone who knows business should realize he is not worth anything now.

  10. Not a surprise that Merbliss dropped him since they are a wedding cosmetics company. Of course they want spokespeople who are in “wedded bliss”. Not divorced people. Surprised about Giordano, though. I guess the “unsexy nipples” connotation was just too much.

  11. It’s sad that he used her for her money and fame, she was his sugar mama paying for everything like their wedding donation, his apt furnishings, gifts for his mom. He dumped her once he got his 2nd first lead role offer in a drama, what a coincidence.

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