Kim Jae Wook Exudes Retro Charm in New Esquire Pictorial

This is an unique pictorial and one that chooses to focus on the timeless good looks of K-actor Kim Jae Wook by painting him with a patina. The latest Esquire Korea spread with Kim Jae Wook is full retro from his outfits, those wide legged trousers still remind me of the mid-2000 K-drama days lol, but he’s able to pull if off here just like he did in his last drama Her Private Life. The drama started out as an idol fangirl trying to toggle her nearly obsessive hobby with her smart professional life and ended up being more about the private life of Kim Jae Wook’s male lead what with his mother abandonment issues. A tad oversimplified in execution but so satisfying to watch him get his rom-com male lead spotlight and get a satisfying happy ending finally.


Kim Jae Wook Exudes Retro Charm in New Esquire Pictorial — 5 Comments

  1. I have loved him since the first time I saw him years ago. I cannot believe it took so long for him to get his leading man role. He is walking perfection in beauty and acting ability.?

  2. Is it a crime to just keep staring at his picture until you go cross eyed? KJW is like a God I’m just worshipping him from afar and always in my heart. Okay Im not going to hyperventilate. I can’t wait for The Guest 2. Also he was adorable with PMY they both were. She sure does create undeniable chemistry with all her co stars. I’ve admitted to it but I still hope for a OCN thriller for her next line of work instead of another rom com.

  3. I maybe the only one who want him to cast in that Space drama everyone is dropping out. I want to see him more in friendship, psychological thriller or suspense theme drama or movie.

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