Kim Soo Hyun is the New Owner of the Ghost Hotel in Cameo Role for Final Episode of Hotel Del Luna

I haven’t watched the final episode yet of Hotel Del Luna since I’m traveling this weekend so this post isn’t about what I think about the ending. That’ll be after I watch and digest it but I do want to do a quickie post on the much anticipated Kim Soo Hyun cameo in the final episode of the drama. A lot of viewers were thinking he would be the new owner of the hotel since IU‘s character Man Wol has to move on in some way as that’s been the entire premise of the drama from beginning – with Yeo Jin Gu there as the person to finally help her move on from her thousands year vengeance that kept her tethered to the hotel. The presumption is indeed correct as Kim Soo Hyun waltzed into the now named Blue Moon Hotel at the end of the drama and announced it open for business, looking so smexy like a freaking rock star and packed full of A-list star power in mere seconds onscreen. Come back soon with a full length drama please!!!

Kim Soo Hyun scene in Hotel Del Luna:


Kim Soo Hyun is the New Owner of the Ghost Hotel in Cameo Role for Final Episode of Hotel Del Luna — 27 Comments

  1. Now king need to sign big drama like lee min ho. And i m sure he surely has some plan. Dont do anything with your cousin but with some great writer and director!
    Damn i wanted same writer for him which went for lmh bcoz she has written so many blockbusters. KSH will come with some great project for sure and this cameo has added nothing to his resume to the people who said he needs this cameo for relevancy. I still laugh at last post on this blog 😉

    • I agree with u , I hope he will star in another blockbuster drama again so people will stop bring that suck movie whenever they talk about him
      Btw , his 60 second cameo already made my day , hope to see him in a full lenght drama soon ~~

      • KSH cousin is the director of the movie Real that they made together. This cousin ‘apparently’ yields a lot of influence but I don’t know. Anyway this cameo was so hyped up but the moment he arrived on screen OMG what a hottie! He’s absolutely fine looking and WOW at that. Yes please Drama news announcement would be the next best thing for KSH. Congratulations on to the Hong sisters cast and crew for their stellar drama production well done! ?

  2. Sequel won’t score big. Cameo is good, but it’s time to move on. HDL ending is good, I like YJG ?? He has two dramas over 10% ratings this year, very good result indeed ????. IU does her part well, good result also ?

    • It’s fun how he can go from the highest rated tvN drama (the crowned clown) to the lowest rated sbs drama (absolute boyfriend) back to the highest rated tvN drama (hotel del luna). it’s really all or nothing for his results.

  3. Kim soo hyun, I need him in drama asap! Miss him so much ?
    Anyway hdl ending is more like open ending. Its sad and it become more sad when MW and CS is move on but Im not!
    YJG acting remind me with SHK in EC, they were good but bland in romance part. Still I enjoyed both drama.
    Hope I can find another good drama.

    • YJG is always bland in romance he just doesn’t understand what romantic acting is. It’ll be many years before he finally figures that out but it makes him a dull actor overall. Unless he has a crying scene I’m usually not invested in anything he does.

    • I am a fan of kim soo hyun but i think yeo jin go is very good actor. He just lacking in the making romance part believable. He still young and learning. Maybe he should has a girlfriend first to experience real love and emoted the loving feeling. But IU improves so much. She now able to emote sadness effectively. They are growing as an actor or actress. For Kim Soo Hyun, he is always charismatic on screen and able to have chemistry with anyone.

    • Yeah 2 seconds of KSH stole all the limelight from YJG. He has no screen presence. The difference is so big between their auras. The ending was almost a complete rip off from Goblin.

      • This is stupid. These two weren’t on the same scene together, there is nothing to steal. KSH has taken over IU position as hotel owner. So KSH is actually “stealing” IU’s position. Don’t start fanwar again, you delulu idiot. You cannot even understand the story completely. KSH is replacing IU, not YJG.

      • @candy cane very true, he taking IU part not YJG, YJG character even more reserved so we cant comparing it.
        But anyway I still remember my first comment about HDL, about how this drama will be better if IU character is a male, and KSH give me a proof. just my opinion btw

  4. Kim Soo Hyun!!! We’ve missed you! He should have been the male lead but that’s fine he can do another drama with IU! Just pick a good project this time please! I didn’t even know how badly I needed him back on my screen till I saw that cameo!

  5. Yeo Jin Goo was good in romance part with Lee Se Young in his last drama. He could totally act romance part well. But somehow he seems reserved here and even IU. Wondering.

    • He’s undeniably a brilliant actor with crying scenes at the live of national treasure, but he doesn’t have very good romantic chemistry with his female leads. With Lee Se Young, it was ok, but with Minah, Seolhyun, and Lee Yeon Her, it was pretty non-existent as well. He’s still young, so I’m sure he’ll improve when he’s older.

  6. My baby is looking so hawt… i miss you like crazy lols… i dont mind 2nd season. Reply 97 was popular. But r94 was more popular. And guess what, r88 was the most popular one. Sequel can do well. Depends on the story itself.

    So I’m gonna miss del luna, but I’m so ready for blue moon.

    Arthdal is coming next week. Cant wait.

  7. That is some really powerful screen presence. It trended on all Korean search sites for hours, I genuinely thought it was a much longer cameo. But yea, realized it was a min, got a bit annoyed with the hype. Then when I did watch it, I realized just why it was so hyped lol.

    KSH looks smashing. Like disgustingly good looking. I didn’t realize just how much I missed him till the moment he spoke lol. I guess I’m not alone. It’s been too long. Hope he’ll be back soon – real soon.

  8. Oh this cameo was just awesome. It’s all over my Twitter. But yea, this is so not translating to a season 2 – Hong sisters confirmed that, and so did TvN. Love KSH tho, so need him to do something soon. I’m really hoping for a sageuk. With Kim Ji Won. I think those two would be fire on screen. If it’s somehow JJH however, I’d automatically be on blue moon with happiness lol.

  9. Was Kim Soo Hyundai ’s character sentenced to serve as the new owner of the Blue Moon Hotel for all the killing he did as the character Jang Tae-yeong in the movie Real?

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