Ruby Lin Busy With Endorsements as Husband Wallace Huo Turns into Full Time Dad

This is a cute update on a high profile star couple with a low profile private life. TW-actress Ruby Lin attended a baby stroller company endorsement this weekend looking ravishing, she’s like the Jeon Ji Hyun of Taiwan with how insane her figure is into her 40s now and having had a baby a few years ago. She revealed that her baby daughter with star husband Wallace Huo is 2 and a half years old and soon to start the pre-school program. She’s been busy with work and endorsements this year while Wallace has been very picky about acting projects hence he’s basically a full time stay at home dad. She shared that their daughter sees mommy heading out to work and is super close with Wallace so sometimes Ruby feels like the third party interloper heh. I love seeing guys turn into doting daddies to daughters.


Ruby Lin Busy With Endorsements as Husband Wallace Huo Turns into Full Time Dad — 6 Comments

  1. Back then when they got married, there were many people that kept saying that he only married her because she got pregnant. It may be true but I’m glad they’re happy together.

  2. Jeon Ji Hyun of Taiwanese entertainment? Seriously? Is he taht popular and have that much star power like Jeon Ji Hyun? Sorry I’m just curious cause I really don’t know how popular Ruby Lin is.

    • I think what ockoala meant is their youthfulness at their age as well as still maintaining such slim figure after birth. It has nothing to do with popularity at least that’s what I got out of the article written. As for Ruby Lin’s popularity. She’s a very well known actress if you grew up watching her in My Fair Princess which is one of the most popular Chinese/Taiwanese drama and have been remade many times, but the original still stands as the most beloved one.

  3. I agree with @Kim that Ruby Lin still look so slim and great like jeon Ji hyun. How many women have the tenacity to diet and upkeep her body right after giving birth?
    Her evening gown: I think the gown is not her own. It must be sponsored. If ever it has to be criticized, then we should direct it to the sponsor or dress designer or whoever.
    I don’t favour nor dislike Ruby. But I think we should be matured enough to see reality rather shooting bullets unfairly!

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