Gu Hye Sun Accuses Ahn Jae Hyun of Cheating with Current Drama Actress, Oh Yeon Seo’s Agency Takes Legal Action for Defamation

Seriously, nothing good ever comes from trying to resolve an impasse with emotional reactions. For the currently mired in melodrama and accusations pending divorce between K-stars Ahn Jae Hyun and Gu Hye Sun, it doesn’t matter if one or the other is 100% at fault or more likely both played a role in the failed marriage, it doesn’t solve the issue at hand which is one party (him) wants a divorce and one (her) doesn’t. And she’s escalating things rapidly this week – today she posted on SNS that the divorce is happening because Ahn Jae Hyun cheated on her with an actress he is currently filming a drama with. He’s currently filming People With Flaws with Oh Yeon Seo and her agency responded swiftly with a denial that Oh Yeon Seo is involved in any way in the divorce or Ahn Jae Hyun, and pledging to take legal action against Gu Hye Sun for defamation. Oh boy, this is now spreading beyond the two of them and getting messier and messier.


Gu Hye Sun Accuses Ahn Jae Hyun of Cheating with Current Drama Actress, Oh Yeon Seo’s Agency Takes Legal Action for Defamation — 52 Comments

  1. Did anyone read through the text messages that Dispatch released? She is not mentally stable at all.. somebody just lock her out of her SNS accounts.

    • Ok, after all the talk about the text messages, I finally read them! I really hope she gets help! I can’t believe her text about her pets pretending to be hungry! And she making fun of that or what she said! Pets do not pretend to be hungry! Now I am scared for her pets! She is probably emotionally abusing them too, “it’s probably their fault or they are just pretending”. She does sound like everyone and everything else is to blame, or at fault, never her of course. I didn’t feed the pets and they were hungry, oh, they were just pretending to be hungry, not my fault…I am scared for her pets. Let Anju at least stay with AJH, please keep him safe! And how she said she’d leave the house and leave Anju behind, probably to get AJH to come home real quick out of worry for his cat! Sounds like she’ll stop at nothing and even hurt his cat just to get to him…This is really too much now!

    • I’m just wondering how no one is questioning how dispatch got a hold of those messages, like isn’t this illegal? I’ve seen it in so many other cases now where private messages are being revealed. Is this a thing in Korea? Did GHS know that these messages would be revealed and that is why she said she doesn’t use KakaoTalk or is this someone trying to frame her? The messages were disturbing. I hope they both could’ve just done what they agreed on in the first messages and just parted quietly

      • They got it from Ahn Jae Hyun. Didn’t he mention in the past he will show the message to the public. Hye Sun then post in her ig she don’t have one, basically saying he lied. It is a smart move on his behalf as most people would not believe that message if he post it from his side.

  2. His cheating will probably be that he didn’t follow her rules and was mentally unfaithful. Someone needs to make her face reality. He is not only heading out the door but is waaaay down the road in a cloud of dust…time to let go,sweetie.

  3. Just when I thought things were quieting down before the posts about the cat, I feel bad for her. It’s obvious that the stigma of being a divorced woman got to her, it’s really sad, she’s worried she won’t be hired and her reputation is at stake but she herself is doing more harm rn, also her parents are quite upset. Just a bad situation. I hope one of her good friends like Seo Hyunjin or Sandara Park can set her straight, like if the guy is so bad that you need to make rules for him to be a decent adult and he’s neglecting you, dump him, move on, staying married will make you both suffer. Her friends or family need to help her snap out of it.

    • After reading the text messages, it looks that she is very much set on doing everything her way and anyone else’s opinion is a none factor or simply inconsequential to her. She has serious control issues, some really deep seeded insecurities and a total lack of introspection. I’m not saying that he is blameless. But I cannot in all honesty say she is the victim of a vicious emotionally abusive asshole, as was the picture she’s being trying to sell. In most cases it takes to people to fuck up a marriage and this one is no exception, but its truly horrible when one party goes full on destroy mode just because the other person no longer loves you. In general when people do that is males me question if they ever really loved the other person or if they wanted to own them.

      • I know she’s not innocent, it takes 2 to end the marriage and something is definitely wrong. She’s stuck in denial and anger mode. I really hope someone who cares is there for her to help her and stop her, this is not just trying to destroy him but also self destruction. I was her fan for a long time, so I’m trying not to judge and call her crazy like a lot of people are, it’s really a disturbing situation.

    • To be honest, I don’t think Gu Hyesun’s reputation would have worsened if she stayed quiet. I get that she’s not a highly-sought actress nowadays but she would still be able to get some acting work or revamp her career after the divorce. In my opinion, Korean celebrities’ net worth doesn’t really decline after their divorce as much as it did 10 years ago, unless one of them was at serious fault, as in adultery or in committing a criminal offense.

  4. The chat log showed a lot of her real personality. She is obviously mentally disturbed. The reason why she has no one beside her at this moment, she has no close friend even family beside her. Did she drives them all away?? She is stewing in her own insanity.

  5. ok so anyone is free to believe in it or not, I do. Goo Hye Sun was born just a day after me so she’s a Scorpio and he is a Leo.
    When I read the text messages reveled by Dispatch I felt uncomfortable for some reason other than these being way too private to be on the internet. I strongly believe in zodiac signs having a lot to do with one’s traits and both of them are no exception.
    From my own experience Scorpio women and Leo give that kind of relationship where the Leo would put the Scorpio on a pedestal and the Scorpio would abuse it because the Leo keeps on giving. The Leo also disengages abruptly which leaves the Scorpio falling apart and failing to find herself back in the reality of a breakup.
    I think she’s feeling paranoid and crazy because the devoted and full of live person who let her be her crazy and abusive self for so long now just doesn’t take the bullshit anymore, and leaves her assuming that it must be that he never even loved her in the first place.
    I just feel sad because for recognizing some of my worst instinct in her I can clearly say she loves him deeply but she doesn’t love herself. She thought she could count on him to love her for two but she has to learn. It’s now or never.

  6. She said she is not using Kakao talk which dispatch used , only Almighty God knows the truth.but I am just shocked at her statement concerning oh Yeon seo unni pls cool down may God be with u (Amen).

    • Dispatch used text messages, not kakao.
      The reason it took so long to compile was because it is a normal text messages and they search all her lies that need to he proven with the log and the deleted text

      I am shocked that so many people just trust her blindly and have not ounce of symphaty for AJH.

  7. I wasn’t going to comment. But really does she have someone she can talk to. Even her sick mum? To tell her to keep things within the parties concerned?

    Jeepers. I am not siding anyone here but it’s really airing dirty laundry here.

  8. She should stopped when public opinion on her side. But she is burning by her hate and greedy. Now after those messages released by dispatch, public opinion started to swayed againts her (which understanable, those messages showed her personality)
    His “husband” wont stay quiet anymore. He’ll fight her back

    • I agree with you. She should stop now period. She’s doing herself more harm than good. Is there no one who could make her understand that letting go is better than trying to destroy her ex?

  9. I pity AJH. From the text messages, he sounds like a decent guy, still respectful and accomodating to her wishes although the love is gone.

    Hope this is a lesson to him, and others, to really know what you are getting into, with marriage. I’m sure there are warning signs of her character, but probably think it’s cute when in love.

  10. She seems emotionally disturbed and unstable and has grown increasingly more pathetic. It’s quite sad. She seems to feel very entitled. I would like to reassure him that the concept of marriage she strived for is not normal. This is a tragic fairytale. Keep your dignity and walk away.

  11. Okay all gloves are off and GHS has become the ‘hunted’ in this Sorry saga. I really want her lawyers to step up and confiscate all her devices; mobile, laptop, iPad anything that will disable her ability to post. She’s not in a good frame of mind it’s self destructive behaviour and can a friend or two please intervene and help her. Yes we know she has issues but I want an intervention now. Someone anyone help her out now. This is beyond the he said she said. It’s obvious she is unwell do something positive to Assist her.

    • I have been questioning the professionalism of Gu Hyesun’s lawyers since she posted the explicit comment that Ahn Jaehyun allegedly made about her body. When I read about that, I was deeming that she is being too self-pitiful and immature. Playing the grieving spouse can get you some points but while doing so, have some dignity and don’t pull down people to make you look good.

  12. Dispatch is really scary. I wonder how they got the text. But i too read it lol.she seems bipolar to me. One day she’s ok and the next day she’s not and don’t want to divorce. No wonder ajh is having emotional stress. I would go cray2 if my partner is like that. It’s not healthy at all. It’s hurtful when the one you love no longer loves you.. But no point of holding on to that person anymore. Love yourself first and then others. That way you won’t feel empty even though nobody loves you.

    • Dispatch is a reputable news story, just their celebs news gets bad reps.

      Idk why people suddenly questioned the text or where people get it. It said in the news outlet that it’s compile from AJH phone that he send to forensic analyst to prove his side of her allegation.
      Ajh gave the the phone to Forensic, they find the file and make it readable then release it by dispatch .

  13. Public opinion have changed in his favour. In the original article from dispatch revealing the text. Top tweet supporting ajh has more than 48k likes. Her own insecurity exposed her. She is obviously obsessed with him and wants to destroy him at all cost. Hope her family helps her before she passed the point of no return.

  14. I love these two always a bit odd and quircky…She has always been outrageous so no real shocks its al part of her persona and its getting publicity. Better than any K Drama and she is ?

  15. When in conflict, anything cud shoot out! It could sound like that person is Unreasonable or deranged. But is the person really unsound minded ? Which one of us could still be so calm when in anger mode?

    Next question: how come dispatch be so unscrupulous as to privy into “text conversations”? Omg, nothing is safe now!

    Next question: the text could be fabricated!

    • If the text is fabricated, don’t you think either side will sue? The safest is don’t post, don’t text. People just don’t realize where the wind can blow the iCloud to.

    • Ajh gave the phone to forensic analyst because it is a normal text messages to search all of her text related to all the event she mentioned broke her heart.

      The bits of the text is his side of everythiny she said. His side isn’t revealing anything to attack her but ANSWER to what SHE STARTED

      Beside, she is the one who started with fabricated text messages about “not meeting her mum as the reason of her getting public with the divorce”

  16. I find people suddenly are so hard to say that it is karma for GHS and have strength to AJH because they eat her lies and doesn’t want to admit it. “Ooh they both are wrong”

    What did he do wrong?
    Not visiting her mother? He said he will and she ruined it!

    Not feeding the cat? He make food container for them

    Saying she isn’t sexy? She said that and project that into him

    Not loving her anymore? He said sorry several times, said that it’s her fault and begging her to leave him.

    Cheating? With whoms? No one can confirm that.

    All he did was trying to accomodate her and she bleds him dry. He should’ve tried bettee and firmer with her but why keep making the blame on him? Because he wants to leave and she didn’t?

    Look at her response,it’s me, me, me, my dad, my mum, my money, my house, pay me for the time I am at home, my pets, my cat and my reputation. It was never about him.
    He is no saint, no one is that clean but to pretend that this is because both of them minimised how dirty and manipulative she has been.

    Not just when they were married but how she wants to control the narrative of the divorce and get all his money. She has victim mentality and narcissistic core, it is need to be all about me but if there is anything wrong, I am just the victim.

    I trusted her so I didn’t really post anything but I can’t believe after all the text, other actresses got involved people are still thinking she is the poor victim, she started all this.

    • Edit:

      Not loving her anymore?
      He said sorry several times, said it’s HIS fault for not loving her, saying sorry and begging her to let him go

  17. I don’t know if he was a cheater or not but after dispatch reveal one thing is for sure that she is not mentally stable.. Too controlling and dominating. I wonder how AJH didn’t go crazy after being with her

  18. After reading the texts, list of things he cannot do, and lame excuse about who Anju should belong to…its fact that Goo needs help. In some ways I pity Ahn because he sounded loving at first then later on just wanted out but still he was polite about everything. The texts don’t support anything about an allege affair either. Her plan to destroy him backfired big time. Goo needs to understand she’s the controlling person here and let go because Ahn isn’t returning.

  19. mariellap906_865 DC12 • a day ago • edited
    He didn’t do it- his agency did. Meaning he is following their planning. Obviously the agency picked a side a long time ago and KHS was absolutely right about that. Koo is obviously unstable but I can attest that most divorces (especially the side that still loved but the other had a change of heart/affair) are unstable. Ahn’s team is strategically working behind the scene’s to destroy her and its working. It’s easy to edit texts and delete the ones that make Ahn look bad. Also, you don’t know what was said between them. It seems like a lot has happened before her “upset” texts to make her upset. I think she is irrational bc of her emotions and he was a very bad husband. Both have issues.

    • Yeah, The gaps in between text is telling.
      Also noticed that the text they provide is only what GHS responds/calls to. Like for example the July 11 text convo, they didn’t post his call. She gotta have to received his call for that convo to happen. They made it seem that she always initiate the conversation making her out to be naggy and controlling.
      Finally that CEO convo, She didn’t make them sit down together face to face to get to the bottom of the problem when GHS brought it to her attention. She even stated she wasn’t out to make a scandal out of it. CEO asked AJH for verification while GHS only get, “trust me”. She was just placating her with: they(AJH and mystery woman)only ate out once. I get why she said she thought the agency would side with her husband.

  20. Well…The one that released the text probably had a lot that wasn’t released…Especially when they have an image to protect with a big agency and their large resources $$$ to back them up with professional help such as PR, Lawyers, and the news people.
    I feel for GHS. She was right in that her soon to be ex husband and her agency will make her look bad and they will side with AJH. She should have never signed with her husband’s agency…However from the text and the timeline, it looks like everything was planned ..They didn’t think GHS would go public with all the dirt. They probably thought GHS would just roll over quietly and AJH would still be the lovey dovey husband but things didn’t work out and he would still get to keep all the CF and endorsements.
    I hope GHS lawyers cam help her and I hope all the evidence will come out. Hoping she can still come out strong. I am wondering if she is trying to hold on due to something else…..Well, if anything, she can write a script and make this into a drama. She is talented enough to have a bestseller.

    • The only one who is making her look bad is herself! The agency or AJH don’t even need to say anything…I think by now people can all see what a mess she is and what a mess she is creating…THAT is all her fault, she is showing no class and no dignity, noone else did that but her…the divorce, their relationship etc. that takes two people and both of them could be in the wrong or the two of them together just didn’t work…that is up to them, it is their private life which should have stayed private but now is all over social media because of her, not him, not his agency. Put the blame where it belongs, instead of like her, trying to distort everything to fit your “reality” or point of view!

      • Nope, I am not distorting reality or point of view. AJH has been leeching off GHS. A married man should never have a need for a separate apartment. An apartment that GHS used her own money to furnish and renovate. Using the wedding money to donate, which was all of GHS’ money.

        So AJH basically didn’t really provide much to GHS, certainly not money, not time, and not affections, based on the text that dispatch revealed. Would you want a husband like this? For GHS to put up with him, she must have really loved him.
        GHS felt like she had to put her side out first, since the agency said they will put out an official statement about the divorce.

        If you found out the CEO was talking to your husband behind your back who is also your employer, then yes, I can see why she panicked and released her statement on IG. At the very least, GHS is battling this all alone, where as, AJH has an agency to protect him with a polished PR team and a big name lawyer…the very same agency that was also supposed to protect GHS.

        Regardless of whatever went down, the actions that AJH taken, having a separate apartment, not texting the wife, not giving her time, not going to her sick mom to apologize about the divorce already shows what kind of person he is.

      • @passerby It’s okay it’s called love. Keep going with your defence of GHS and justifying her actions which is mental and emotional abuse. Funny how her die hard supporters refuse to see the damage she has inflicted not just with AJH but OYS and KSG plus an entire production cast and crew currently working on a drama. Yes we get it she’s a real nutcracker and despot and your resistance to realising this is truely fascinating and entertaining. You really haven’t kept up with the play aye? She’s been lying all along but I guess you refuse to acknowledge that. Geez it’s a sad time when GHS can’t admit their unni is a psycho!

      • @passerby Obviously you know AJH very well to be able to stand by what you are saying about him. I’ve never met him in person so I can only tell by everything that’s been posted and told via interviews or on tv etc. From the text Dispatch released and all the previous GHS posts, it seems that the majority of people now are perceiving falsehood (and manipulation) in GHS’s narrative of the “facts”, if you can call her text outbursts facts. That’s his apartment he paid for before he was married, and that’s also his cat he owned before getting married that she feels should be hers as compensation or whatever she feels due to his wanting a divorce. But hey, love is blind and so are a lot of GHS’s fans and defenders…

  21. I don’t care about their private life .What i can’t understand is why AJH is still filming the drama when his divorce is damaging actresses and the production ? Some actors/ actresses had to step down from productions for less than that !Hope that they will treat actresses in the same way in the future .

    • Didn’t Park Han Byul continue to film her drama amidst the whole JJY and Seungri, Burning Sun fiasco? It is up to him and the production. Since it hasn’t aired anything could still happen and you might still get your wish. But why not let him focus on work and making money he obviously seems to need after GHS’ constant monetary demands? Life goes on, let him go on and let her let him go!

      • My wish ? sorry if you misunderstood my meaning @noname . I was stating the fact that amidst all this “chaotic divorce” he is able to continue filming the drama wich is all right for me and good for him . I just hope that in the future if it happens to an actress she will be treated the same way. Park han byul had less screen time, Go Jun Hee had to refuse the role in “Perfume”, …

    • For someone who is suffering from depression i don’t know how he is able to work with all this burden not mentioning that his Partner is suffering from colateral damages. He may get more depressive. I don’t know the reasons of GHS but she should have keep it private and write a book to vent her emotions after the divorce. There are always 2 sides of the story . ” The other side of the story ” by Marian Keyes .

  22. Airing her dirty laundry in public isn’t doing her and needed any good…now she’s dragging someone else in the picture. She needs help…big time. Toxic! tic tic tic ticking ??

  23. Now the tables have definitely turned and GHS has been cornered. What else can she do now? Even her lawyers are unsure as they are awaiting her instructions. AJH as now formalised divorce proceedings against her. To those of you who mocked my support of AJH and ridiculed him; slammed him as a jerk, a leech, douche bag here on related posts geez how does it feel to know that your evil manipulative abuser of a psycho played you? Sucks doesn’t it?

    • yes this sucks. one can never know a person well enough even being the spouse. we are just outsiders reading entertainment gossips. but i am sure he has “leeched” on her money so he won’t get any bit of my support regardless. he is still a bad actor. all i know is i have lost support of her, i don’t like controlling manipulative people both men and women. so now they are both losers in my book.

      • Except GHS is the biggest loser with a pending court case or two; publicly ridiculed and outed for being a despot. A true nutcase in the making whereas AJH maybe a bad actor in your opinion and leeched off his wife but the writing is on the wall GHS has done this to herself. Definitely a narcissistic ole GHS as well as being a Nora no mates. But hey look on the bright side she’s got her novels and pets to keep her going and a brilliant creative mind to rely on to create her fairytales. She’s got a lot of first hand experience to do so.

  24. Wow his company definitely planned this a long time ago and picked a side. It’s actually kind of sad because text messages only portray a small part of life. Nothing of daily interactions and and phone calls to cause the text reactions. It’s very smart but very sad.

    Either way the intent to make sure the images didn’t survive worked so the rest will probably be in a courtroom.

    • Yes definitely they took his side because GHS is nothing more then a neurotic control freak and if haven’t read the text messages then please acquaint yourself further. Everyone can see that she was an emotional and mental abuser and ran AJH into the ground. If you can see no wrong in her actions and are still supporting her then I’m sorry I can’t assist further with the delusional hold she has over you. And for the record she planned the whole Sorry saga to out and destroy AJH in her IG shaming posts to get the validation and support of her fans and then left them to their spiteful and bitter handiwork to post on also hitting up Oh Yeon Seo as well. Like zombies on World war Z they terrorised on GHS behalf but oops the tables have turned in AJH favour. Oh gosh she didn’t anticipate that happening? Oh deary me…my favourite pic was her lying in her hospital bed because of an operation..the glistening of a tear. Yeah that’s right she knew what she was doing and this was orchestrated from the time AJH said he wanted a divorce then she acted out worst case scenario. Ummm funny how now she’s gone quiet on that front? No more IG posts? Let me guess got slapped with the realisation that she’s in the wrong? Hardly…she’s most probably had her mobile confiscated and is under house arrest. I feel sorry for her parents for the shame SHE brought them during this debacle. Rest up GHS and reflect on the damage you have created and own it.

      • But if she planned the whole saga, why did she join his agency and then got dumped in such a short time? This does not make any sense.

      • Candycane, she joined the agency on her own accord and he wasn’t aware at the time. I stand to be corrected on this. However she planned in her mediocre calculating brain to publicly out him and the divorce on her IG posts. This is where her stage 1 planning scenario was instigated. She probably thought (imo and I’m creating this in my own words)

        ‘Oh what the hell he’s such a pussy pushover I’ll get him now! He won’t say boo I’m so loved and adored and my IG supporters will do the rest… I’ll let the world know I was wronged but hey I’m doing well look at me and my books being published and my successful art exhibition…I’m so lucky because I just am and he can suffer…’ Cue wicked witch laugh like from the Snow White Disney movie. She never thought of the repercussions and the damage she wield. She kept going casting doubt on Oh Yeon Seo and Kim Seul Gi. Oh lady GHS was on a roll. A personal vendetta against everyone associated with AJH the ugliness thrown at the MBC drama where innocent cast and crew were affected. Nope nothing was gonna stop her!

        Except she didn’t count on AJH handing over his phone to Dispatch and getting lawyered up to start divorce proceedings so yeah I guess her narcissism finally tripped her up. GHS is a pariah right now and Knetz have turned on her and for one I totally wholeheartedly agree with them. You reap what you sow! Again GHS needs to rest easy and face the wrath of those she has wronged and own it.

    • @Hypployta That is called context. By just posting snippets of conversations and putting texts together (like she did), yes, you do not have the whole context of the situation. Words/phrases can mean different things depending on the context. So in Dispatch only posting texts from AJH that are related to her allegations, yes we are still missing context but at least we can see that she said he said doesn’t give us the whole story and we can’t just blindly believe everything one party posts. It’s been pretty quiet, hopefully things are happening in private now as it should have been from the first.

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