Guns and Intense Stares All Around in Drama Poster for Vagabond with Suzy and Lee Seung Gi

If one didn’t know that upcoming tvN drama Vagabond was an action thriller then the visually loud drama posters will hammer that point home. There are guns, guns, and more guns, and also lots of angry and intense stares. Well, male lead Lee Seung Gi is delivering the intensity for sure with plenty of anger fueling his quest for truth and vengeance while leading lady Suzy is trying her best but I’m getting less intense and more merely engaged. It’s legions better than her tendency towards dead eyed acting and if there is plenty of romance in dangerous situations that’s enough to overcome less than stellar acting.


Guns and Intense Stares All Around in Drama Poster for Vagabond with Suzy and Lee Seung Gi — 8 Comments

  1. Lol at her so called intense stares. It’s empty. Luckily she’s cute and korean love her cuteness and innocent image, those will save her, as usual… What is she emoting actually? Shocked? Thrilled? Sad? Anger? I don’t get anything.. unlike LSG

  2. Oh god she gonna ruin another drama with her terrible acting. Such a terrible idol actress. Its so funny when suzy fans call her legendary actress along with yoona ( finally got a hit in years bcoz of script director and costar).
    She is just a cf model like yoona whose company got roles with top stars. The movie which became hit in 2012 was sold in han ga in name who was having great 2012 and the only movie suzy had to carry, floped badly. All her dramas have been with mega stars. And other 90s girls and good actresses had to start with smaller roles to reach main lead whereas her company got her roles in every potential good drama .. sigh!
    Another drama to miss i guess.. but future looks good with late 90s actresses comjng up who can actually act
    If u think this is legendary actress then u surely have no standards for acting

  3. I’m going to keep an open mind and support VBbut if there are intense stares happening as long as they don’t look constipated we’ll be all good. Fingers crossed for Suzy to get this right! I know she can do it…please.

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