Lee Sung Kyung in Talks for Female Lead of Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2

The casting is underway for the SBS medical drama Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2 and another name thrown in the mix is Lee Sung Kyung for the female lead. If she accepts it will be her second time playing doctor (har har) after Doctors in 2016. Her role would be a second year heart surgeon who grew up as a student genius but once she gets into an OR she freezes. It’s through working with Doctor Kim that she learns to become a doctor in practice. Initially the role was in discussion with Jeon So Nee but it fell through so now Lee Sung Kyung gets a chance to put on her scrubs and white coat again. Romantic Doctor is scheduled for December 2019 airing.


Lee Sung Kyung in Talks for Female Lead of Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2 — 5 Comments

  1. I may be in the minority on this but I don’t think that Romantic Teacher Doctor Kim needs a second season. It ended on a glorious note. Anything that comes after that finale will be anticlimactic. Why bother? Surely Kdramas haven’t run out of original stories? That now kdramas have to waste their time on sequels and prequels, many of which don’t live up to the original production. There are a few notable exceptions like Deep Rooted Tree and Six Flying Dragons, but if kdramas are going the Hollywood route of remakes, prequels and sequels, maybe they should try this radical option – make less kdramas? Oh, the horror! Lol!!

    • @Adal,I thought i was the only one. Making a second season is unnecessary.
      Why not put that same energy in writing another script?
      Is it that script writers has ran out of creative ideas so they’re stuck in recycling the same old stories

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