Lee Byung Hun in Talks for Next Noh Hee Kyung Drama Opposite Han Ji Min and Shin Mina

One big name leading man is passing but another one has thrown his name in the mix. Hit drama screenwriter Noh Hee Kyung‘s upcoming 2020 drama about people working for an overseas NGO initially had her reuniting with former male lead Jo In Sung after working together twice already with That Winter, the Wind Blows and It’s Okay, It’s Love. Unfortunately it won’t be a threepeat (yet) and Jo In Sung has passed on this next drama due to scheduling conflicts. Top movie actor Lee Byung Hun is now in serious talks for the role and if he accepts will work with confirmed leading ladies Han Ji Min and Shin Mina, and also young actor Nam Joo Hyuk. Both ladies worked with Lee Byung Hun as the start of their careers – Han Ji Min was the younger Song Hye Kyo in gambling drama All In while Shin Mina played Lee Byung Hun’s little sister in Beautiful Days. No matter what any Noh Hee Kyung written drama will get plenty of interest from viewers but this big name cast will certainly add to the excitement.


Lee Byung Hun in Talks for Next Noh Hee Kyung Drama Opposite Han Ji Min and Shin Mina — 31 Comments

  1. I like both female leads and NJH. Too bad the very tall JIS is traded in for the very short Lee Santa. Hope he will pass… Visually speaking, I would prefer another tall actor. Hmmm… how about Cha Seung Won? hee hee 🙂

    • Oooo, I like GY too. There is no shortage of tall actors in K-drama. I skipped Mr S too bcoz of LBH. Can’t stand this creep!

  2. Disappointing news, I will skip this drama if he accepts. I still can’t get over the image of what a bad guy he is due to how he treated his wife. That’s the primary reason why I never watched Mr. sunshine despite the positive reception. It makes me sad because I like the other actors.

    • Too bad, i will pass . The way he treated his wife is a private matter,even if i hate this kind of behavior. But i can’t stand the fact that some still working in big projects when others are outcasted for less important scandals. Especially women.

  3. Oh I’m happy to see LBH confirmed because I like him as an actor. I grew up watching a lot of his works and he’s an amazing actor. I hope he did great along with the other casting. Sign me on. I miss Han Ji Min already. Waiting for this drama and another movie of her with NJH.

    • Cos he is a bankable movie star, an A+ list actor in Chungmuro. Not to mention all his dramas from All In, IRIS to the recent Mr.Sunshine are all highest rated.

      I get that he is a huge star and a good actor (though he unfairly robbed Lee Seon Kyun the best actor award at Baeksang. Still bitter about it) but can we please get a fresh faced actor? Enough of LBH already. There are plenty of good looking talented actors out there who could play this role, they just didn’t have the chance to shine.

      Somehow, Noh Hee Kyung always collaborated with PD Kim Kyung Tae and this PD had worked with LBH in IRIS. I got a feeling he will accept this drama.

      • Noh hee kyung never goes for fresh faced actors. She has her set of faves and she sticks with them. If nam joo hyuk managed to get cast in this drama I’m willing to bet it was due to a very high recommendation from, jo in sung who her worked with in a movie, han ji min and maybe even jung yumi since he’s currently working with those to actresses and noh hee kyung adores both these actresses. He must also have been put through an audition.

  4. Finally, a drama to look forward to. LBH never dissappoints and I can always trust in his choices. The actress on the other hand *sigh not super excited about. Its been a while since ive seen Shin Min Ah so should come back with an impressive perfomance. Looking forward to It!!!!

    I remember when Gong Yoo turned down Mr. Sunshine and LBH signed up for the lead, everyone cried horror and it turned out to be one of the best dramas of the year. To each his own!

  5. Han Ji Min is the only Korean actor I like from the Korean Entertainment so I’m very excited to see her again on the small screen. Please let this drama be a good one.

  6. Sad that Jo In Sung declined that would have been a major factor for watching the drama but Noo Hee Kyung is one of my favourite writers so keen to see this played out and who gets paired up with who. I do like Shin Mina though and Han Ji Min as well.

  7. I like the writer and the cast is already confirmed. I love han ji min so i will definitely look forward to this. Powerful cast!

  8. I’m surprised JIS will decline.
    He shines in Noh Heekyung’s drama and his role is different everytime (unlike Lee Hye-ryun who always makes Lee Jong-suk play geeeenius roles).
    LBH is good acting but somehow I’m not excited about this :/

      • The project was offered to JIS first. Reason for declining the project is conflict of schedule. Many of you don’t seem to know that JIS is working on a Ryu Seung Wan( Veteran director) movie,tentatively titled, Escape. Even if he wants to work with NHK, he won’t be able to do so.

      • Oh thank you for the update on JIS that’s great news! Another movie in the making.

  9. Lee Byung Hun’s performance in Mr. Sunshine seemed very woodden to me (but then I dropped the drama mid-way as I found it boring. Who knows? he may have improved in the latter half of it). I’ve also seen him in a Hollywood western and to be honest, I’ve not been very impressed with his acting, so I wonder what everyone is raving about. My personal opinion is that JIS is a more engaging actor, but that is open to debate like everything else is.

    • i agree with u. i dislike LBH. i find him wooden too (maybe bcoz of botox?) and i dropped mr s very early on as well. there is no shortage of good actors in south korea, not sure what’s the big fuss about him… maybe bcoz he has been in hollywood movies?

      • Agree @candycane , I find him wooden too. And a lot of actors are better than him . But it seems that we are a minority to think that. He wins a lot of awards and critics seems to find him talented…

      • Maybe because we are not Koreans. All his awards are from Korea and Asia although he has participated in Hollywood movies. I just don’t know how to appreciate his acting with such wooden face.

    • Very trueee, I admit I never watch his drama, but I watched many of his hollywood movie like terminator and Je i jo and I dont think he is that good. He just have a good eye when picking his project.

    • Yes JIS is an Adonis ❤️ He is the ‘only’ actor alive that I would truly drop to my knees in a blubbering mess and cry my heart out but only from afar if I was to ever see him. Either that or I’ll blindly walk into a pole and knock myself out. Or if he was a few feet away just being in the same air space would cause me to hyperventilate and collapse wherever I was standing. Hopefully it will be a gracious fall like in the movies but knowing my luck it would be a massive thud.

  10. Wow I don’t know people hated LBH this much. To me their personal life is their business. I only focus on their profession as an actor and what they have to deliver to the table. LBH in my opinion is a great actor so I look forward to this drama. I love Han Ji Min very much so it’s a must watch for me.

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