K-netizens Turn Against Gu Hye Sun After She Shares More Details About Beef with Agency and Divorce with Ahn Jae Hyun

I just want this whole ordeal to be over because the folks involved and now the public has morphed from having an opinion to knives out. K-actress Gu Hye Sun is in the middle of a high profile divorce with fellow actor and husband Ahn Jae Hyun. She laid down for about three weeks but on the same day that the script reading pictures came out for his upcoming drama People with Flaws costarring Oh Yeon Seo, Gu Hye Sun updated her SNS with more allegations against their joint agency HB and also implicating Ahn Jae Hyun.

She said the HB CEO wanted to terminate her contract so a divorcing couple doesn’t work under the same roof and she agreed but now is not getting any response, and also that more conversations were on Katalk and not on text so she submitted it to the court in the divorce proceedings and accusing the agency of selectively stitching together texts to make her look bad. K-netizens have gone from sympathetic to totally against her, calling her controlling and emotionally manipulative and feeling bad for Ahn Jae Hyun.


K-netizens Turn Against Gu Hye Sun After She Shares More Details About Beef with Agency and Divorce with Ahn Jae Hyun — 30 Comments

  1. GHS is Dopey as. Indecisive doesn’t know which side is up gosh she’s such a pariah, liar and a damn attention seeker. Take a ticket and shut up please you are severely a psycho! Gosh she makes my blood boil. I’m surprised she’s allowed to make insinuations and I can’t wait for her divorce to be finalised. She needs to focus on her art work, book publications and pets and to stop this nonsense. Earth calling koo koo come in koo koo.

    • Oh she definitely doesn’t have ANY friends at all. She’s a total loser Nora no mates. Obviously she suffers from narcissism to the highest degree. Friends would counsel, guide and care for her but see no one is around to offer support, love and concern. She is deprived even of close friends. Her bitterness and self centered attitude with ‘its all about me’ has driven them all far far away. You reap what you sow. Pathetic really.

  2. Koala’s website is not for vitriol and haters. Even if you dislike someone, there’s no way you can know their family or friends are not around them. Gu Hye Sun has always been a bit weird and she did make the mistake of airing her relationship woes in public, but it doesn’t warrant this outpouring of hate especially since you don’t personally know her or know any of her acquaintances.

    • Whatever @ji where have you been? KP allows you to tell it how it is. I haven’t used swear words so what’s the problem? I’m tame but check out Soompi and All kop if you want to know how she is truly hated. AJH was vilified on here in previous posts and no one bats an eyelid except for me. I was defending him to the hilt out of principle. Some GHS koo koo fans were having a field day dogging him and replying to me with their blind faith dumb as comments. You should have been there when I got shade and even told to suck on AJH tears or something to that effect. But then it all went south when Dispatch disclosed the text trail and she was caught out lying and you have the gall to tell me to not to express how much I hate her. Hate is such an emotive word that I try to avoid using but I say what I mean and she has drawn my horns, talons, fangs out to the point that if I was in the same room as her and could speak fluent Korean I would definitely make her feel my wrath and how much of a disappointment she is as a woman, daughter and human being. She lacks morals and character. And yes I’m glad that I don’t know her cos like I said she is an unlikeable person in and out. If her dogs could talk I’m sure they’ll say the same thing. Her actions warrant an outpouring of bitter attacks. Her poor parents having to live through her carelessness as she should be thinking of them instead of using IG as her defence mechanism.

    • I agree with you. We don’t know her personally to be able to judge who or what she is. These people are like the pot calling the kettle black. Here THEY are ranting and raving about how GHS is koo koo for being angry about HER failed marriage. The 5 stages of grief/divorce include denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. It may be easy for some to move on quickly but that doesn’t mean everyone else can.

      • Wanna bet? She made it public on IG so yeah open season she didn’t rant about her failed marriage oh my she did more then that. Please go read up on what she did I ain’t got time to school newbies in her sordid mess.

      • Ginger Crunch, I was talking about your rant. I said she is taking her anger out in public. But being the hypocrite that you are, you probably wouldn’t know about going online and posting stuff out of anger or hate because you are so tired of koo koos. Also, your trying to prove you are right by demeaning everyone who doesn’t agree with you makes you not at all like GHS.

  3. You should be careful of what you’re saying. The only people who knows the truth is GHS, AJH and party, the agency. Unless you have evidence to prove otherwise, stop blaming either of the parties.

    • @Stranger Is that a threat? I’m not being careful is it not obvious enough? Where have you been hiding these past few months? The woman is a delusional, lying, self absorbed koo koo nutcase. The damage she has created is ridiculous and outrageous. Funny you mention truth smh that’s my whole damn point she wouldn’t know truth if it hit her in the face! Maybe that might be a good thing as it might knock some common sense into her and align her koo koo ness back into equilibrium. The day she owns her problem, takes responsibility for the mess she created and apologises to all concerned for her behaviour is the day I stop slagging her on public forums. Then that will be fair and even.

    • Someone’s got her panties all in a bunch over other people’s business. I thought people go koo koo for coco puffs, not crispy crunch.

      • @Justanotherperson – But I don’t wear undies so I aint getting no nickers in a twist and dry comeback ‘people go koo koo for coco puffs not crispy crunch. Try again try hard. Nope I aint like your Koo Koo highness I wouldn’t dare go public posting lie after lie and then deny and go on like life is a bunch of roses. The lowest of all lows to accuse innocent people when you are going through the 5 stages of grief. Pleasssee she was going through the 5 stages of how to backstab- What a manipulative nutter. Yep hypocrite geez get it right I’m a hippocrip cuz!

  4. I agree with JL and Stranger On..lets all be respectful here in the comments and no need to use such flagrant language.

    • Boo hoo flagrant language no one said jack when AJH was being called beastly names now that the koo koo is being rubbished by me I should tone my p’s and A’s fat chance that gonna happen.You reap what you sow. And ahh I’m nice check out Soompi and All Kop they’re ruthless and hold nothing back.

  5. Gu Hye Sun must have lost her marbles! Yes, I called it!! I don’t care who is right or wrong in marriage, but what she has done has gone way too far for anyone with sense to continue to defend her. What right has she to drag both her ex and his co-stars through public mud-slinging potentially destroying their reputation and livelihood with unproven accusations? Why not be classy and resolve her disputes in private? Read my previous posts, I always said that if she wasn’t careful, the public that defended her would turn against her and that she should keep her relationship woes private. She kept posting publicly to the point that most of those who supported her did an about face when they realized she’s a habitual liar, control freak and manipulator. If she can dish it, she certainly should be able to take it. It’s clear that she’s jealous of her husband’s success and his attempts to move on with his life, why else would she break her three weeks’ silence on the day when news of his upcoming drama was released? Does she think that the public is blind or stupid?

  6. I am not surprised at this turn of event. To be honest I was neutral in the beginning, both are to blame for the failed marriage and it was a lot she said he said but having followed this from the beginning I have to say that she has come across as not genuine and rather calculating. It felt like she was using the sympathy and attention to her advantage when releasing her book, then she went to re-releasing that foreboding song that would make her fans worry about her health and safety… and the released messages from dispatch was pretty damning in itself so what if they are selectively selected? They told a lot about her personality and she doesn’t have right to complain since she also selectively posted parts of their conversation on Instagram for the whole world to see. So if she does it it’s ok but if someone else does it it’s a big no no? That in itself says a lot about her as a person. Tbh no one is making her look bad, she’s doing an amble job herself. She was totally on the wrong when she first aired those dirty laundries on her instagram, no matter how hurt and angry she was about the failed marriage. She was actively trying to hurt him and has been trying to do that ever since, even today she deliberately posted this just because there was news about his drama as not even about him personally… she slandered the female actress in the drama without proof and is creating so much trouble for unrelated ppl. What feels like the biggest lie of all is that she claims that she wants to save her marriage but everything she’s done since is the opposite. There is no sign she really means it, she can’t possible believe that what she’s done since is saving her relationship with her husband. I truly feel sorry for him, but I also think he should have called it quits long ago or at least stood up against her more… but it felt like he really gave up and well emotional abuse is a a hard thing to deal with and he doesn’t seem very strong mentally. But really he gave her the money she demanded without much fuss and yet she refused to give him the divorce she agreed and she kept doing a push and pull… she comes across as mean and controlling

    • I think he really loved her which was why he wasn’t willing to give up on their relationship until now. There’s a limit to someone’s patient when they realize that enough is enough. And, like you, I was also neutral at the beginning, and both were to blame, but GHS is…well you said it all.

  7. My grandparents and mom used to tell me that, “Quiet people does not mean they are nice nor does a vocal people are mean.Sometimes the quiet ones are those that we need to watch out”.
    In these case I do not know GHS and her soon to be ex and I do not read what kpop and soompi has to say, as journalist tend to exaggerating news…Whatever happen its between both of them, we as an outsider need to step back and stop picking up sides!!Bickering back and forth among us is no use as it called bias…Handle your own life fuirst befor make judgement on other people.

    • @Shryani75 – I am managing my life and I am passing judgement on GHS just like she did when she publicly posted her true life story and her koo koo followers followed suit. Go read up before you teach me how to suck egg please. And yeah silent waters run deep heard it all before but that differs to this situation because GHS and AJH are in the middle of a divorce and there apparently is a gag order which she totally ignores so do me a favour and ask your koo koo queen to abide by the rules cos obviously she doesn’t know how to play fair now does she?

      • A koo koo calling another person a koo koo. It takes one to know another!!I am not a fan of either one of them nor is anyone are my queen.You must be his fan to be trashing GHS this way. So what if she has a gag order, its her mouth and she can say whatever she want as it is freedom of speech…Weather it s right or wrong karma will always bite at the person..Stop being a ultracrepidarian person, don’t worry about what she doing, worry about why you are worried about what she doing!!Be just a fan not stalker.Life is much more easier when you don’t concern yourself with what everyone else.

      • @Shryani75 Oh really gotta hand it to you with the ultracrepidarian’ comment phew had to google that Miss Do gooder. I might be koo koo and a whole lot more but at least I keep it together unlike the snitch of a nutcase GHS and like I said I am bitter about her and her IG posts and I do worry about the effect she has and I am a stalker when her ugly name appears and what else can I call out oh I just became a fan of AJH out of principle and out of spite to Mz Koo Koo. And if you are such an oracle on what I can and can’t do…how many fingers am I holding up? Any other advice you wish to impart oh great thy art? How about you go and preach on Soompi and All K pop GHS articles if you are so keen on schooling on what is right and wrong.

  8. I read their text messages and she is psycho and Evil!!! I can only pray that I never encounter a person like her in my life. The world is truly filled with scary people

  9. It is very obvious that KHS is trying to inflict as much damage as possible on AJH by her posting at very key moments.
    Just look at how dignified the Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki breakup was with neither of them speaking badly of each other.
    She is putting her controlling and vindictive behaviour on display for the whole world to see, and for that we do not need any special personal knowledge of her.
    The damage and fallout from her own actions is already coming back upon her.

  10. Hopefully the divorce is granted fast and all the truth comes out. If any thing all the headline in the divorce gave AHS drama more free publicity than if this had not happen. Funny how the management company will not terminate the contract, and won’t help her but will help AHS go against his own wife. That in itself shows how awful GHS has been treated.

    • That is your interpretation of events. For all we know she may have done more unspeakable things in private that made the management company decline to represent her. If she is this vitriolic in public, then imagine how she is in private. The management company isn’t obligated to manage an employee who is out of control. If you can spin events to make it seem like she’s a victim, others can also spin their interpretation of events to make her the abuser. Turnabout is fair play after all.

  11. What I see is AJH hiding behind a agency that was supposed to protect both him and GHS. The agencywill not protect GHS nor will they terminate the contract, yet they signed her 3 months prior to AJH wanting divorce. We don’t know what goes on behind the scene and one can interpret their relationship however you want.

    I honestly think that when your husband and your agency whom you were supposed to trust betrayed you, then I can see why GHS is acting the way is.

    But, only time will tell and no one can really know what goes on between the two of them except for themselves.

    • @Passerby
      So you can see ‘why GHS has acted that way’ so by telling the world that AJH said she had an unsexy nipple or two oh but that was a lie because the texts proved he didn’t say that to insinuating that OYS and KSG were having an affair with her husband no evidence but she kept going to wanting to keep Anju the cat ah and AJH paid her out but she asked for more to wanting his apartment signed over which he did so yep in retaliation against the agency she made it very personal but that’s okay because she just destroyed people’s integrity and their livelihood in the process. No worries her IG followers were in full swing and support and endorsed her actions and blatant lies to the extent they were going on AJH IG and telling him to kill himself and harassing OYS.

      Then @Passerby GHS has every right to act out because it’s her entitlement to do so because of people like you clapping and cheering her on at her every move. She can keep spinning her deceit and lies cos of her koo koo cult following because I’ll keep digging her and her cult.

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