Jung Hae In and Chae Soo Bin Confirme for 2020 tvN Romance Drama Half of a Half

After working in two popular noona romances, Jung Hae In gets a younger leading lady next with Chae Soo Bin as the two are confirmed for tvN drama Half of a Half. That would be a quarter, LOL, but the punny title describes the romance between the male lead who is a successful head and programmer for an AI company and the female lead who is a professionally floundering classical music recording engineer. Joining the drama as second leads are Kim Sung Kyu and Lee Hana, with the drama helmed by the PD of Knowing Wife and the screenwriter of On the Way to the Airport and the movie Tune in for Love. The dram is scheduled for early 2020.


Jung Hae In and Chae Soo Bin Confirme for 2020 tvN Romance Drama Half of a Half — 29 Comments

  1. Why the hell is Lee Hana second lead? She’s the better actor by miles and is the better match. Have they lost their minds. Chae Soo Bin doesn’t deserve the lead role over her. How dumb.

  2. Maybe Lee Hana chose a second lead role if Voice 4 will happen. It could let her do the both but if she was a first lead, it will too complicated. Voice 3 didn’t really end on a clean ending.

    Chae So Bin is a good actress so I don’t think it’s about deserving, she always has a good chemistry with her co stars, I’m very excited to see her with Jung Hae In.

  3. CSB is literally the worst actress why do people give her any roles? LH should be the lead. Poor JHI going from SYJ and HJM to CSB is a complete downgrade.

    • “CSB is literally the worst actress”

      The nerve of anyone to say that when her performances in Sassy Go Go, Rebel, I’m Not a Robot and Strongest Deliveryman exist…..

      Also when actual crappy excuses for ‘actresses’ keep booking lead roles despite their best performances coming in on the lower end of mediocre while their fans repeat like broken records “improved”! ?

      • You talk as if she was actually good in any of those dramas. She was so mediocre and boring in all her roles. Literally her fans are the most delusional. Their standards for good acting is rock bottom.

    • Worst actress? Jin Se Yeon and Suzy say hello (and probably some others but those ones top my list of absolute worst)
      Chae Soo Bin is an acting genius compared to them (she at least knows how to convey emotions…she was pretty good in all the dramas I’ve watched of hers)

      I’m looking forward to this pairing.

      • You think the difference between Suzy and her is that big? She’s only marginally better which is not a compliment.

      • @candycane Because at least Suzy has star power and buzz whereas CSB is mediocre and unpopular.

      • @KD – I know that. So it’s not the acting skill to determine who gets lead role is my reply to @blackpanda. CSB has been lead for few dramas, this is not the first time, so why asking why now? Can’t believe all the hate she is getting while there are worst lead actresses out there.

  4. I like chae soo bin too. Shes very likable and unlike a lot of other actresses, she complements her leading men instead of compete. Also for a change its nice to see Jung Hae In paired with someone younger. Not a big fan of him since center-gate. But will watch for her instead

    • I like CSB too. Okay, she may not be the best actress but she is young and watching her play warms up my heart. I have seen actresses who are very good but their acting are leaving me cold like a dead fish. As long she gets into her character well and has good chemistry with her counterparts everything is fine. All the other is the job of the screenwriter and the director. Especially the last are scolded rarely even when they OK a rather bad scene or even make know good actors look like beginners.

  5. I understand that people have their own preference, but stating that she is the worst actress is hurtful at least for me. She started her career from bottom in a small company, she gained the recognition since she was just a mere guest role in Spy. She auditioned in a weekend drama and got acknowledged more in Sassy GoGo which lead her to win rookie award. She also got praised in MDBC and got her first leading role through rebel where she shone especially in ep.27/28. She didn’t get 2 excellence awards for nothing. The rebel’s PD even specifically mentioned her in award speech. The IANAR staffs called her dependable mascot. She successfully played 3 different characters in IANAR. Although her character in WSL got criticized, but I also saw many comments praised her acting. Shin Gu, a veteran actor, also praised her when they performed together in theater play. Now, she finally has a chance in better company, I hope she can learn and experience more roles.

  6. For me it’s a great match. Lee Hana’s matured look wont match JHI’s baby face. It will be difficult to watch is she were the female lead. Also CSB is A good actress. I think the casting is perfect.

  7. Wondering how CSB got so many haters?
    I watched her in IANAR and I think her acting is ok. She is not in the level to carry her own drama tho

  8. Oh what a downgrade omg. From son ye jin to han ji min to chae soo bin??? There are a whole lot of other better actresses within jung hae in’s age range so i see no point in casting her. Totally disappointed in her with WSL. hope she’s better now

    • Do you wish JHI to be paired up with an A lister again so he can continue to ride on Noona’s Star power? lol. It’s about time for him to carry a drama, don’t you think?

      • @candycane Both are mediocre so they’re a match lmao. It’ll be interesting to see how this does in ratings since neither have star power on their own (haven’t carried a drama) and the writer is not the best.

      • @KD – yes i agree, that’s exactly my point. Both are mediocre. I don’t see what’s the “downgrade” @Koko was referring to. JHI is just back to his expected level of pairing.

  9. I liked CSB in moonlight drawn by clouds that’s the only drama I’ve seen her in. But nope I’m not keen on the storyline it reads like zzzz.

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