Gu Hye Sun Posts Supposed Cheating Bathrobe Picture of Ahn Jae Hyun, Deletes After His Side Says Picture is From 2012 Before They Met

The trainwreck divorce proceedings between Gu Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun continues unabated, clearly she didn’t hear my pleading in my last post to stop airing her grievances in public. Gu Hye Sun posted a picture of a man in a bathrobe that she claimed to be evidence of estranged husband Ahn Jae Hyun cheating on her. His side responded that the picture is from 2012 long before he even met Gu Hye Sun. She then deleted the picture and announced that she will no longer share on SNS information related to Ahn Jae Hyun or the divorce. She admitted that she wanted to ruin him but will stop now. Goodness girl, please get some counseling ASAP and figure out how to equitably divide the marital assets and how to emotionally move on.


Gu Hye Sun Posts Supposed Cheating Bathrobe Picture of Ahn Jae Hyun, Deletes After His Side Says Picture is From 2012 Before They Met — 22 Comments

  1. She seems like a truly horrible person. Every move she did felt calculated and now she has finally admitted that she was trying to destroy him?! She hated him to that extend because he simply wanted a divorce and had been sprouting all kinds of lies and slanders for that purpose… Wow just wow. I read her IG post, saying she was so tired from doing housework that she didn’t pay enough attention to him and she thought it was a brutal thing he did by asking for divorce when she had been so patient with him all along? What kind of excuse is that? I can’t even… Talk about being totally entitled and only caring about herself, no wonder her soon to be ex husband couldn’t stand it anymore. What she’s furious about is the fact he dared to ask for a divorce in the first place and that he had been planning it for a while… which should mean things have been bad for quite some time and if she truly loved him and wanted things to work she could have focused on doing just that. Instead she venting her anger and all those dirty laundries online with a vengeance and with a clear purpose of ruining her husband which pushed him to finally submit divorce papers to the court. Good for him! But seriously there is a limit to venting your anger, there is no excuse for making all those lies and false accusations and slander of innocent people! She’s a total nutcase and she’s proven it herself, talking about making things worse for herself too. No one is going to believe a word she says in the future, you reap what you sow. People are not stupid, I hope she will retire from entertainment world like she said you would and keep her words at least once. She makes a horrendous public figure!

  2. Even before this divorce scandal I can’t warm up to her, mostly because of her terrible acting but also because somehow she always looks gloomy. Not to mention she ALWAYS wears circle lens—even in period drama. Her image in SK isn’t good prior to marriage and know the public think she needs mental help. I agree she seems unstable but even as an outsider she seems like tiring person to be with.

  3. Time to go gal, don’t waste time on another person. Life is about expecting good things. I was once in your similar situation and wanted to destroy my ex, messed up with me, refused to pay back money to me, etc etc, but then, I was the one being cruel to my own self whilst he is happily enjoying himself, I get nothing.. move on gal, there’s will always be a brighter future ahead

      • Yap. I can feel the pain she is going thru but the method she use to deal with the pain is unwise and self hurting.

  4. Girl, get help. The marriage obviously wasn’t good but honestly, a clean break is best, even the Song-Song couple were never messy like this.

  5. I feel bad for her, but I feel worse for the guy. From what I remember he stood by her when she was hospitalized and having a hard time. It has gone on long enough, get a clean break.

  6. From Soompi latest update… Yeah wait for his drama to drop and she’ll be back at it again.

    The following is Ku Hye Sun’s statement:

    It is very strange. People think I must have made him crazy, even when he wasn’t devoted to our marriage, let me find out about circumstances that made me suspect that he was having an affair, and committed violence against me while inebriated.

    To be honest, I was exhausted from doing housework, so I wasn’t able to pay much attention to him. It was the opposite of obsession. He was probably also patient with me, but asking for a divorce was a brutal thing to do to me, who had lived her life while being patient with him. I wanted to keep using social media to show the feelings of betrayal that a person feels after finding out that [her husband] has been preparing for divorce for a long time together with his agency.

    However, we did not always hate each other during the three years that we lived together. For a long time, we cherished each other and were happy. That’s what made it somewhat difficult for me to accept this situation.

    The divorce suit is being processed, and I’ve been told that it takes a long time. Up until now, I hated him and wanted him to be destroyed. Now that I’ve sufficiently expressed my rage, he will no longer appear here [on my Instagram account]. Because I do not love him anymore.

    • GHS sounds so sick. She “wanted him to be destroyed”? She’d better pray that he is safe and healthy. Coz if anything bad happens to him, she will be the first suspect. Dumb girl. The more she talks, the more stupid she sounds. SMH. She is digging her own grave here.

  7. So some GHS fans have taken the liberty to comment on Sulli’s post above to stop using harsh words on GHS. I called out @Hibf to visit back here as it is inappropriate and disrespectful to genuine Sulli fans at a time of grieving. I’m the one that is being harsh in my postings of GHS. I admit yes I have because of the way she conducted herself on IG her followers hit up AJH IG on mass and told him to kill himself. Now am I gonna stop my crusade against GHS..probably not and not until she apologises first.

    Don’t use Sulli’s passing as an opportunity to to defend GHS considering she’s the prime instigator in her very public divorce.

    • Not anyone’s fan and just a pure silent reader.

      The hypocrisy in this post is just too strong. We are just strangers who don’t really know what happened to these people’s life and relationship. What they really feels inside. What makes what you did any different than those who wrote harsh comments on Sulli? You can’t justify what you did with the comment like ‘Sulli never hurt anyone but GSH is, so she deserves the hate’. what she did to you in the first place? You are just a stranger yet, you are hunting her down and demand her to apologize to you.. Err, for what exactly did she owe you? What makes this different than those nasty cyber warriors that witch hunt others? Let say, if she end up like Sulli, would that make you happy and satisfy? I believe it won’t. For me, even for those who have wronged me, I would feel really guilty and won’te be able to be at peace with myself if I’m taking part of their demise.

      I personally see nothing wrong with that person posts to asked others to treat other artists kindly for a reminder that what happened to Sulli can also happen to others and we may played part for the unfortunate events and become murders as words and witch hunts can also kill people.

      This world just simply needs more love and not hate. But these days, too much hate and nastiness we see around the social media.

      • @Marcia – Err what right did she have to dog her ex husband and have her loyal fan followers to go on to his OWN instagram to tell him to go kill himself? So answer that and I guess you’ll solve the equation as to why I’m vocal and dishing it back at her boots and all. If you don’t like it sorry just deal with it but to go on Sulli’s post and call us out that’s on another level. You’re being disrespectful by doing that. Practice what you preach. I’ve admitted to calling out GHS and so have hundreds of others. Not once have you mentioned AJH your concern is with GHS so there you go your bias is loud and clear. I know you waited for an opportunity to vent so to be it but be objective and look at both sides because I’m know I’m not.

      • And Sorry I never wrote the comment ‘Sulli never hurt anyone but GHS is…’ not me

      • @Ginger Crunch

        Did I mentioned and call you out in Sulli’s post? You are the one who feels it perhaps because it’s just too close to home? all I said is that we are no better than those haters whom we criticized and you take offends. If you never spreas hate than why did you take a reflection comment in negative way? Only you can answer that. I’m not following in details what GHS did but wrong treat it with wrong does not make it right. I close my case.

      • @Ginger Crunch

        You are projecting on me here. You automatically called others who asked people to treat others kindly and that includes GHS as her ‘fans’ (which I am clearly not). I did not mention AJH here because simply he was not the target in the comments here and I was responding to YOUR post above to justified what you did. I am neither or their fan but stand with what I said that we should treat others kindly and that includes the person you defends, AJH. Case close. Goodbye

      • @Marcia Oh you can close your case but I’m haven’t finished mine. At least I’m honest to call myself out because I have been very vocal about GHS and no I ain’t stopping so as long as that is loud and clear we’re all good. I don’t see KP as a bible study group forum when you have to tread with caution when putting out what may be read as malicious on a post quite the contrary. As long as you’re not using vulgar obscene language or threats then there shouldn’t be a problem. GHS deserves to be reminded of her past actions and I’m gonna keep delivering just that.

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