Song Hye Kyo is an Elegant Bejeweled Princess at Chaumet Event

Now this is what I consider a perfect look for K-actress Song Hye Kyo. She recently attended a Chaumet event wearing a black evening gown with pleated sleeves, a square neck, ribbon cinched waist, flowing into a sleek A-line length. I think the black is what prevents this dress from being too prom princessy and adds a edgier element. Her makeup is flawless and the long hair looks so well styled none of that too old-fashioned bun or too messy attempt at being artfully messy. I’m glad she’s confidently continuing on her endorsement career, though there remains no word yet on what her potential next project will be.


Song Hye Kyo is an Elegant Bejeweled Princess at Chaumet Event — 22 Comments

      • Hope so because I really miss her on the screen. I hope she chooses a better script this time. I’m very glad to see her lighten up again like in her earlier days. Love her since AIMH and still is a fan to now. She has improved a lot so hoping for a better production.

  1. SHK is the epitome of visual perfection here. All grace, elegance and class. Seems ageless too. So glad to see her looking happier and healthier too. Fighting Queen Hye Kyo. May we see you in movie and dramaland soon.

    • So pretty…Everything is on point here..Most often I question her stylist but here is perfection.Such an elegant, classy and strong woman.Take your time and comeback to us with another amazing project whether be it in dramaland or movies..

  2. She is really gorgeous and elegant in this event. I like her serene and happy aura nowadays. I actually want her to finish her short art school course in new york this year before doing any projects. She has been in the industry for more than 20 years so exploring new skills and avenues other than acting gives her more perspective in life.

  3. Smoky eyeliners seem to be the new thing with SHK. Not that I’m complaining, she looks simply amazing. A timeless beauty. Wishing her the best. I’d like to see her in another drama, maybe as a detective or something.

  4. She never fails to amaze us. She is the epitome of elegance and serenity.she is always beautiful and gorgeous. We luv her fr. The Phil.

  5. So beautiful! When is she coming to the United States!… I’m so anxious to see her in her next piece. ” When you come back Song Hye Kyo, come back strong! We love you!”

    • Well when you’re being accused of doing things and when you have to deal with negative comments (Two of the malicious commenters have been forwarded to prosecution btw), it’s hard to look completely happy, isn’t it? But there were a few other photos of her smiling that day and I’d say she’s looking so much better and happier these days compared to the ones taken at her events earlier this year. I think she’s doing fine now. She gets to do what she wants..taking a short course in NY, collaborating with Suecomma Bonnie to help those in need, donating guidebooks and also attending some promo events for the brands she endorses. And according to a report, she’s considering a few movie and drama offers at the moment. It’s surely gonna take some time but she’s moved on gracefully so it’s just a matter of time before we get to see her looking as great as she was. 🙂

  6. That photo of her smiling is the best one ever as it’s rare to see her smiling teeth and all. Her eyes have this deep seated sadness. Almost like a longing. However I feel that her art course in NY was a good move emotionally and mentally. Her return to K ent will be for sole charge of a OCN drama that is my wish.

    • Her eyes have always had that look, it’s a big part of why she’s so well suited to melodramas/sad scenes. I’m glad she took the time out, it seems to have done her good.

  7. Classy and elegant. It’s okay to be sad, but please be strong, and always maintain nerve of steel in the world you are dealing with.

  8. So so pretty! Especially that photo of her smiling. She’s always had that timeless beauty and quiet elegance that sets her apart. I’m really loving her post-divorce style. It’s fresher and younger. Patiently waiting for her drama comeback. I hope she challenges herself and takes on something different this time.

    • Agree with you. Her beauty is timeless and what we have seen these past difficult months for her, she carried on with grace, and that is an admirable thing to witness. She is a fighter and I am rooting for her happiness and career.

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