Song Joong Ki Gets Food Truck Support on Final Day of Filming for Sci-fi Movie The Victory

Work is a great activity when one has personal life down periods and Song Joong Ki dove right into filming for upcoming mega budget K-movie The Victory(Spaceship Victory)at the start of his divorce proceedings earlier this summer. The divorce was a quickie pre-negotiated one that took about a month to be rubber stamped and since then he’s still filming the movie but that’s now ended. His agency sent a food truck to the set this week to support the staff on the last day of filming, so it was around 4 months to film this $17 million USD budget sci-fi movie about space exploration. The movie costars Kim Tae Ri, Yoo Hae Jin, and Jin Seon Kyu and is scheduled for a 2020 release and also will be the first sci-fi movie produced in Korea.


Song Joong Ki Gets Food Truck Support on Final Day of Filming for Sci-fi Movie The Victory — 17 Comments

    • Why does this has anything to do with PBG? Apparently, there’s no bad blood between SJK and his agency as how many speculated, just because he announced his divorce via his lawyer.

      Anyway, I don get the bitter tone here. SJK and SHK divorced without any drama like the AJH and KHS couple. None said anything about it. The divorce is done and that’s it. Why the need to sound snarky like this?

      It’s good that both of them already moved on with lives and obviously doing better now.

      • PBG filming a movie too, you know? and his agency did not send him anything. The fact that Blossom milking the money from his fanmeeting, cfs, album, etc, That’s why… poor park bogum.

    • sorry but it’s not from his agency but from Han Suk Won was the one head PD of dots(general pd of kbs) and now is the CEO of Contests Jieum (prod film companies)

  1. He has received tons of food truck on movie set. From his AC Co star, staff, writer, PD to many of his old friends and ceo of production house. That their way of saying their support him.

  2. This food truck was actually send by CEO of a production house who is also management head of kbs drama department, not by his agency.

  3. His image took a beating with news of his divorce, but I think it’s covering quite nicely. The fact that it was drama free in comparison to other public divorces certainly worked in his favor. He looks quite beat up and tired in his photos lately.

  4. Go SJK ❤️ When you’re ready can you do a nice cheesy rom com with either Kang So Ra or Moon Chae Won. I’ll be waiting…Thank you and you’re damn awesome in AC.

  5. I’m curious how this custom of sending food trucks to sets started in Korean entertainment. I really hope it’s not done because studios or networks generally do not provide food for the cast & crew who are filming all day…

    • This truck says coffee and waffle so it’s just snack as a treat. Hollywood movie production always provides lunch for all cast and crew when filming all day. Catering service is common practice in North America and in Europe. Not sure about in Asia.

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