Li Xiao Lu and Rapper PG ONE’s Cheating Scandal From Two Years Ago Revived With New Pictures of Snuggling Moments

Man, I have never seen a publicly more put upon husband than C-star Jia Nai Liang. His marriage is on the rocks again this weekend with the release of two videos showing his wife C-actress Li Xiao Lu with his former good friend rapper PG ONE, the two having been linked nearly two years ago in a cheating scandal complete with grainy sex pictures of a couple going at it inside an apartment. Jia Nai Liang and Li Xiao Lu never divorced so obviously he either forgave her or chose to remain clueless, but now the whole thing has erupted again with the release of two videos showing clearly Li Xiao Lu and PG ONE acting like a couple complete with kissing, hugging, and couple’s sweatshirts. Jia Nai Liang and Li Xiao Lu have been married for nearly ten years and have a daughter together so it’s up to him to decide how to proceed but goodness I’m embarrassed for his sake to have to go through a second round of publicly being cuckolded embarrasment.


Li Xiao Lu and Rapper PG ONE’s Cheating Scandal From Two Years Ago Revived With New Pictures of Snuggling Moments — 12 Comments

  1. I am really appalled at how inconsiderate the Chinese media is. I think a cheating scandal once is enough to destroy their marriage life, if not, it must’ve been a big blow for the husband. I believe he must be trying his best to move on, but to have this news again to sprinkle his wound, I’d have gone crazy if I were him. Not to mention, they still have a child who’d grow up one day and find out about this news. Imagine the trauma she’s gonna get then. I really extend my sympathy for the husband and the child. The first time this news was out, my scrutinity plainly lied for the actress and her cheating partner. But this time round, I am just so disgusted by those responsible for leaking this news out.

  2. She must be so hatred by someone to get these images published again. These are personal photos, who released them? I am very curious how anyone get access to them.

  3. Is divorce expensive in China? I mean, will she get half of his assets that’s why he doesn’t want to divorce her? Or, are they in an open marriage and he too has a few girlfriends on the side?

  4. He has confirmed that he’s divorced a year ago on the variety show. On the show I watched, he said back then he is single. Also reassuring his fans that he’s happy so no need to worry about him. Just his ex-wife never admitted to the sex scandal and was issuing statement saying she never cheated so will sue the people spreading the false news but never did sued anyone…

  5. 1)The video was released on purpose by someone
    2) The video was recorded last year in Match/April (confirmed by PG one)
    3) JNL’s sister released a statement on Weibo yesterday saying they didn’t strike back two years ago due to their daughter but since someone is accusing them of releasing the video they will see him in court.

  6. Her ex hubby is much more handsome than this new boy. But we’ve never known what happened behind the door. And he was much younger than her… heol. I wonder what happened to this woman’s career and that boy. But her ex hubby did well with his latest drama.

  7. Wouldn’t be surprised if they parted already but just didn’t talked about it. To be honest, they don’t need to make it public for us. So this couple would be totally okay. We don’t know the reason for her marriage to fail and since they seem to be a couple for a longer time, at least it is or was more than a fling.

    Many of my friends made it not over the 5 years hurdle even when dating for even longer. So why can’t that happen to celebs too, especially since they often have kind of long-distance relationships when they film or are on tour?

  8. The husband has nothing to be ashamed of. He didn’t do anything wrong. Also, it’s obvious that he’s doing everything possible to hold the family together for their daughter’s sake and possibly because he desperately love(d) her. As a parent, I understand why he would want to do this.

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